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Tracktor Overview

What is Tracktor?

Tracktor adds real-time order tracking, custom statuses, and package lookup to your store, enhancing customer satisfaction by keeping them informed about their order's journey.

Transforming first-time purchasers into loyal repeat customers is effortless with Tracktor, revolutionizing customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. Seamlessly integrated with over 1,500 major carriers and continuously expanding, Tracktor offers unparalleled package status and order tracking capabilities, providing both you and your customers with comprehensive visibility into the whereabouts and status of every shipment.
Tailor your tracking experience to suit your brand with Tracktor's fully customizable features, allowing you to craft unique and engaging tracking experiences that delight your customers at every step of their journey. From personalized tracking pages to branded email and SMS notifications, Tracktor empowers you to create memorable interactions that leave a lasting impression.
With Tracktor, your customers are empowered to help themselves, minimizing "Where is My Order" (WISMO) inquiries and freeing up valuable resources. Trigger automated notifications to keep customers informed when their package is out for delivery or has arrived, enhancing their overall experience and fostering trust in your brand.
Effortlessly manage customer interactions and customize their tracking experience through your branded tracking page, ensuring consistency with your brand identity across all touchpoints. Gain valuable insights into your shipping operations with Tracktor's interactive 3D map, providing real-time tracking data and enabling you to optimize your logistics for peak efficiency.
Experience seamless global order tracking with Tracktor's extensive network of integrated carriers, ensuring reliable tracking capabilities regardless of your customers' location. With Tracktor, you can stay ahead of the curve and exceed customer expectations with unparalleled tracking visibility and control.
Elevate your ecommerce experience with Tracktor and unlock the full potential of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Join the ranks of successful merchants who have harnessed the power of Tracktor to streamline their shipping operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive repeat purchases. Embrace the future of order tracking with Tracktor and watch your business thrive.

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Tracktor Integrations

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Tracktor Pricing Plans


  • 1,500+ Carrier Integrations
  • Real-time Tracking Page on Your Domain
  • Shopify Email & SMS Integration
  • Your first 25 orders each month are free


  • Checkpoint Translation
  • Dropship Location Substitution
  • Estimated Delivery Date
  • Remove Tracktor Branding
  • Includes 100 orders per month
  • +more!


  • Custom Order Statuses
  • Product Recommendations
  • Export Order & Fulfillment CSV's
  • Customize HTML & CSS
  • Includes 1,000 orders per month
  • +more!


  • Delivery & Exception Analysis Reports
  • Tracking API with Webhooks
  • Premium Data Sources
  • Shopify Flow
  • Includes 5,000 orders per month

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Tracktor

What are the key benefits of using Tracktor?

Tracktor boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing real-time order tracking, reducing support costs, and offering customizable tracking experiences. It minimizes "Where is My Order" inquiries, automates notifications, and provides insights into shipping operations for improved efficiency.

How many carriers does Tracktor integrate with?

Tracktor seamlessly integrates with over 1,500 major carriers, ensuring comprehensive tracking capabilities regardless of your customers' location.

Can I customize the tracking experience for my customers?

Absolutely! Tracktor offers extensive customization features, allowing you to create personalized tracking pages, branded email and SMS notifications, and a branded tracking page that aligns with your brand identity.

What pricing plans does Tracktor offer?

Tracktor has a range of plans to suit different needs, including a Free plan with basic features, Starter plan for growing businesses, Essential plan for scaling operations, and Advanced plan for high-volume stores with advanced analytics and automation.

How does Tracktor help reduce support costs?

By empowering customers with self-service tracking and automated notifications, Tracktor minimizes the need for manual support inquiries, freeing up your team's time and resources.


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