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Automizely Overview

What is Automizely?

Automizely Messages is an all-in-one marketing platform empowering brands to drive leads, customer engagement, and sales through integrated communication strategies.

Discover a comprehensive suite of sales and marketing solutions seamlessly integrated into one user-friendly platform. AfterShip Marketing offers an array of cutting-edge tools, including email and SMS marketing, alongside advanced features like AI-driven product recommendations, countdown timers, and promotional bars. These dynamic tools are designed to enhance customer engagement and drive sales effectively. What sets AfterShip Marketing apart is its accessibility; merchants can harness the power of these tools with minimal effort and without requiring technical expertise or support.
Empower your marketing strategy with personalized, automated email campaigns tailored to customer shopping behavior. Our platform provides pre-built templates for emails and SMS, as well as conversion popups such as spin wheels, ensuring hassle-free customization and deployment. With easy-to-use A/B testing capabilities and comprehensive performance monitoring all conveniently accessible through a single dashboard, optimizing your marketing efforts has never been more straightforward.
Gain invaluable insights into your customer base with our built-in CRM functionality, enabling you to create targeted and meaningful customer segments effortlessly. AfterShip Marketing consolidates the functionality of multiple marketing apps into one cohesive, no-code platform, streamlining your operations and maximizing efficiency.
Whether you're a seasoned marketer or new to e-commerce, AfterShip Marketing offers a seamless and intuitive solution to elevate your sales and marketing efforts. With a focus on simplicity, accessibility, and effectiveness, our platform empowers merchants of all levels to create engaging and impactful marketing campaigns that drive results.
Experience the power of AfterShip Marketing and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business. From email and SMS marketing to advanced features like AI-driven recommendations, our platform provides everything you need to succeed in today's competitive online marketplace. Discover how AfterShip Marketing can transform your business and elevate your brand to new heights.

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Automizely User Reviews

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User Reviews


Tuxedo Action

May 5, 2024

So, I've been using this app, Automizely Email Marketing and SMS, for like a year now. At first, everything was great, like their instructions were super clear and easy to follow. But then, earlier this year, I noticed something fishy. I was going through my invoices, and boom, they charged me twice in one month! And guess what? It wasn't just a one-tim



May 5, 2024

Totally ripped off! Deleted the app during the free trial and they still charged me. Don't bother, seriously.


Universe of Grace

May 5, 2024

This app is a nightmare for privacy! We got bombarded with 3,000 spam emails and had to manually delete each one. Automizely Email's support was useless, claiming we were "disconnected" despite a clear breach. The worst part? We're still getting spammed through their pop-up. Avoid this app like the plague!



May 5, 2024

Ugh, this app totally ripped me off! They tricked me into upgrading my plan by promising a specific feature. Guess what? The feature wasn't even there! And to top it all off, they wouldn't give me a refund. 😠 I'm so frustrated! And don't even get me started on how complicated the AfterShip apps are. It's like they're designed to be confusing. And the


Natura Siberica Jordan

May 8, 2024

OMG... like seriously!! I actually thought nothing could be as bad as [app name], but this, this is just something else. Total scammers, every single one of them.



May 5, 2024

This app was a total disaster! I gave it a shot for three whole months, hoping things would improve, but it was nothing but trouble. Honestly, I've never encountered this many problems with any app in the past nine years! It's a complete waste of time, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


Dhahabu Essence

May 5, 2024

Shoutout to Karan from customer service, seriously a lifesaver! I was totally lost trying to fix this issue with the app, and Karan walked me through it step-by-step with so much patience. Honestly, wouldn't have figured it out without them. The app itself, though... kinda clunky on mobile. Feels like it's made for a computer, you know?


Eden Farmers Organics

May 5, 2024

This app is like having a brainy friend who always gets back to me super fast. I'm still figuring things out, but it's been a breeze so far. Loving it!



May 8, 2024

¡Kumar es el mejor! Me ayudó un montón, no como los demás que me hicieron dar vueltas sin resolver nada. ¡Un crack!



May 8, 2024

Super simple, super easy. Broke and clueless? Perfect! Give it a shot!

Automizely Pricing Plans


Free to install
  • Free for up to 300 contacts
  • All popup features
  • All conversion tools
  • Campaign analytics
  • Web push notifications
  • Coupons


  • All popup features
  • All conversion tools
  • Campaign analytics
  • Web push notifications
  • Coupons


  • Everything in Essentials plan, plus;
  • Upsell popups
  • Unique coupon campaigns
  • Product recommendations
  • Countdown timer


  • Everything in Pro, plus;
  • Customer segmentation
  • AI-powered & on-site recommendations
  • Birthday emails
  • Price-drop & back-in-stock emails

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Automizely

What is Automizely Messages?

Automizely Messages is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to help brands generate leads, enhance customer engagement, and boost sales through integrated communication strategies.

What types of marketing tools are available within Automizely Messages?

Automizely Messages offers a diverse range of tools, including email and SMS marketing, AI-powered product recommendations, countdown timers, and promotional bars.

Is Automizely Messages suitable for individuals who are new to e-commerce?

Absolutely! Automizely Messages is built with user-friendliness in mind, making it accessible for both seasoned marketers and those who are just starting their e-commerce journey.

Can I personalize my marketing campaigns using Automizely Messages?

Yes, definitely! The platform empowers you to create personalized, automated email campaigns tailored to individual customer shopping behaviors and preferences.

Does Automizely Messages provide pre-designed templates?

Yes, Automizely Messages offers a selection of pre-built templates for emails, SMS messages, and conversion popups such as spin wheels, streamlining the customization and launch of your campaigns.

Is it possible to track the performance of my marketing campaigns?

Absolutely! Automizely Messages provides easy-to-use A/B testing functionality and comprehensive performance monitoring tools, all conveniently accessible through a single dashboard.

Does Automizely Messages include CRM features?

Yes, the platform incorporates built-in CRM capabilities that enable you to effectively segment your customer base and create highly targeted campaigns.

What are the pricing options available for Automizely Messages?

Automizely Messages offers a range of pricing plans to suit different needs, including a free plan, the Essentials plan for $11/month, the Pro plan for $119/month, and the Premium plan for $179/month. Each plan comes with varying features and capabilities.

What are the key features included in the Free plan?

The Free plan provides access to all popup features, conversion tools, campaign analytics, web push notifications, and coupons for up to 300 contacts.

What additional features do the paid plans offer?

The Essentials plan offers all the features of the Free plan but with no limit on the number of contacts. The Pro plan expands upon this by adding upsell popups, unique coupon campaigns, product recommendations, and a countdown timer. The Premium plan further enhances these features with customer segmentation, AI-powered recommendations, birthday emails, and price-drop & back-in-stock email notifications.


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