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Best Loyalty and Rewards Apps

What is Loyalty and Rewards software?

Appjunction currently boasts 23 tools within the Loyalty and Rewards category as of June 2024. Among these, some standout options renowned for their robust features and excellent value for money includes includes Loox , UpPromote , and Rivo . These software solutions offer comprehensive functionalities tailored to meet various Loyalty and Rewards needs, making them top choices for businesses seeking efficient and effective marketing solutions. Loyalty and rewards software is a tool designed to cultivate and maintain customer loyalty through incentivization. It operates by tracking customer behavior and offering rewards or benefits in return for repeat business or desired actions. This software is commonly used by businesses across various industries, from retail to hospitality, aiming to retain customers, increase sales, and gather valuable data for marketing strategies.

The core functionality of loyalty and rewards software includes customer registration, point accumulation, and redemption processes. Customers typically sign up for loyalty programs either online or in-store, receiving a unique identifier such as a card or mobile app. They then earn points or rewards for making purchases or engaging in specific behaviors, like referring friends or providing feedback.

Businesses can customize rewards based on customer preferences and spending habits, fostering a personalized experience. Additionally, the software often integrates with existing POS systems, enabling seamless transactions and data synchronization.

Overall, loyalty and rewards software empowers businesses to build lasting relationships with customers by offering incentives and personalized experiences, ultimately driving sales and enhancing brand loyalty.

15 Listings in Loyalty and Rewards Available





Loox is dedicated to helping brands grow by leveraging social proof through authentic customer reviews and photos, thereby enhancing credibility and attracting more customers.





Affiliate by Secomapp is a comprehensive referral and affiliate program app, trusted for revenue boosting by providing easy tools for affiliate marketing.





Rivo Loyalty powers loyalty and referral programs for brands like HexClad, Kitsch, & Pier1, enhancing customer loyalty and fostering long-term relationships.

Joy Reward

Joy Reward



Joy Loyalty Program charges no fees on orders and provides 24/7 technical support, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through a comprehensive rewards program.

Boost your sales with a comprehensive suite offering a Loyalty Rewards Program, Membership Benefits, Reviews, Email Marketing, and more.

Launch a comprehensive rewards program with this app to create deeper connections with customers through loyalty points, rewards, and referral benefits.





Growave replaces several apps by offering loyalty, referrals, rewards, gift cards, VIP tiers, reviews, and wishlist functionalities in one comprehensive platform.





Gameball lets you design a loyalty, rewards, and referrals program that converts new buyers into loyal customers, enhancing customer engagement.

The Referral Program app transforms loyal customers into powerful brand ambassadors through trusted referrals and tailored rewards, enhancing customer loyalty and driving brand advocacy.





GiftKart engages and retains customers with tiered CashBack offers on the customer's Cash Back Wallet, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases through rewarding experiences and incentives.

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June 2, 2024

Bon, j'ai essayé d'envoyer un mail test après avoir tout configuré en français. Le mail est arrivé dans les spams, et en plus, il était à moitié en anglais ! C'est vraiment dommage parce que l'appli est super facile à utiliser.


Retro Chip

June 2, 2024

It would be awesome if the app could pull in user names when sending emails. Also, can you add the ability to choose between different email addresses? I have several for my business. Thanks a bunch!


Akiba Fragrance & Wellness Studio

June 2, 2024

New to Omnisend, but gotta say, their customer support is really on point! Big shoutout to Baraath for being super helpful and quick to answer my questions about formatting and testing an email campaign.



June 2, 2024

Man, der Support von Omnisend geht mir so auf die Nerven! Ewig lange Wartezeiten, bis endlich mal jemand antwortet, und dann kommt da so ein Wischi-Waschi zurück, mit dem ich echt nichts anfangen kann. Bei den Preisen, die Omnisend aufruft, könnte man echt mehr erwarten. Total unzufrieden - kann ich im Moment echt nicht weiterempfehlen!


Deco Gear

June 2, 2024

This Kayque person is a lifesaver! Totally helped us out with this email verification thing that was driving us crazy. Super quick and smart responses, even though it was way after hours!



June 2, 2024

This app is awesome! Love that the basic stuff is free, and it's perfect for sellers like me. Their customer service is top-notch - always quick to respond and they really go above and beyond to help you out. Big shout out to Dilara from customer service, she's amazing!


SOL the label

June 2, 2024

Kayque was amazing! Super fast, straight to the point, and easy to understand. Helped me get exactly what I needed.


Just Bumm

June 2, 2024

Switching from WooCommerce to Shopify after transferring my domain was a bit of a headache! Ran into a bunch of questions and sync issues. Thankfully, the Omnisend team, especially Beran, were lifesavers! They were on top of everything, super responsive and got things sorted out within two days. Beran kept me in the loop the whole time and made sure every


The Greek Art Company

June 2, 2024

This app is awesome! And their support is top-notch too. I just got off the chat with Salma, who was super helpful, professional, and really nice. Definitely recommend checking it out!



June 2, 2024

Karine, you're a rockstar! Thanks for being so quick to respond to my emails and explaining everything so clearly. You're awesome! And Beran, you're a lifesaver! Thanks for helping me update our domain's DNS records. You were so helpful and friendly, and you got everything sorted out super fast!

More about Loyalty and Rewards Tools

Benefits of using Loyalty and Rewards Software

Loyalty and rewards apps offer numerous benefits for ecommerce or Shopify brands. Firstly, they enhance customer engagement by providing incentives for repeat purchases, referrals, and other desired actions. This helps foster a sense of loyalty and keeps customers coming back for more.

These apps also enable businesses to collect valuable data on customer behavior, preferences, and spending habits. This data can be used to personalize marketing campaigns, tailor product offerings, and improve overall customer experience.

Moreover, loyalty and rewards apps can help boost sales and revenue by encouraging customers to spend more in order to unlock rewards or reach higher loyalty tiers. This can have a significant impact on the bottom line, especially for businesses operating in competitive markets.
Additionally, these apps can serve as a marketing tool by incentivizing social sharing and word-of-mouth referrals. Customers are more likely to promote a brand to their friends and followers if they know they'll be rewarded for it.
Overall, loyalty and rewards apps are a valuable asset for ecommerce and Shopify brands, offering a way to build customer loyalty, increase sales, and drive business growth.

To better understand the benefits of using Loyalty and rewards tools, you may also read the general reviews provided by users of these platforms on Appjunction. Additionally, you can join communities and interact with peers using these tools. Furthermore, you may review the case studies provided by the aforementioned tools.

Typical Pricing of Loyalty and Rewards Apps

The cost of loyalty and rewards tools for Shopify or ecommerce brands can vary depending on factors such as the features offered, the size of the business, and the chosen pricing model. Typically, these tools are available on a subscription basis, with monthly or yearly fees.

Basic loyalty and rewards apps may start at around $20 to $50 per month for small businesses, offering essential features like point accrual and redemption. Now, if you want to get fancy with things like VIP levels, getting your customers to refer their friends, or syncing up with your other marketing stuff, you're looking at around 100 dollars or more each month. It's a bit more cash, but these features can really help grow your business.

For larger businesses with higher transaction volumes or specific customization needs, enterprise-level loyalty and rewards solutions may be available. These can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month, depending on the complexity of the requirements and level of support provided.

Some loyalty and rewards apps may also charge additional fees based on factors such as the number of customers enrolled in the program, the volume of transactions processed, or the use of premium features.
Ultimately, the cost of a loyalty and rewards tool for a Shopify or ecommerce brand will depend on the specific needs and budget of the business, with options available to accommodate a wide range of requirements.
Overall, the cost of Loyalty and Rewards tools would vary depending on your usage and the size of your brand. However, there are a lot of tools you may find on Appjunction that offer free trials to give you an idea of the features they offer. I'd highly suggest trying a few and selecting the ones that work for you. You can also sort them by pricing and use them according to your needs.

Loyalty and Rewards Software Features to look

When choosing a loyalty and rewards platform for an ecommerce brand, several key features can significantly impact its effectiveness:

Customizable Rewards: Look for platforms that allow you to tailor rewards to match your brand and appeal to your target audience. This could include discounts, free products, exclusive access, or VIP perks.

Points and Tiered Systems: Then, think about having a points system where folks can earn points when they buy stuff or do certain things. And if you can set up different levels, so your regulars can climb up the ranks and get even cooler stuff, that's a big plus.

Referral Programs: Don't forget about referral programs, either. They're a sweet deal because your current customers can get a little something extra for bringing their friends to your store. It's like getting your customers to help you spread the word.

Integration with Ecommerce Platform: Ensure the loyalty platform integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce platform, such as Shopify or WooCommerce, to automate reward tracking and redemption processes.

Automation and Personalization: Automation features for sending targeted messages, personalized offers, or rewards reminders based on customer behavior and preferences can enhance the effectiveness of your loyalty program.

Ease of Use for Customers: The platform should be intuitive and user-friendly for customers to enroll, earn, and redeem rewards without friction, enhancing overall satisfaction and participation.

To get a better overview of the various features offered by different tools, I would highly recommend browsing the feature section of each app and comparing them with others in the same industry. This will give you a better idea of the different features offered by apps in Loyalty and Rewards.

Who uses Loyalty and Rewards Software?

Loyalty and rewards software for ecommerce brands is utilized by a variety of stakeholders within the organization, including:

Marketing Teams: The marketing crew is all about getting customers hooked. They're the masterminds behind those points and perks that make you want to shop 'til you drop. They dig into the data, cook up cool promos, and keep tweaking things to make sure you're loving the loyalty life.

Ecommerce Managers: Then you've got the ecommerce managers. These are the people making sure everything on the website runs without a hitch. They're the ones plugging in the loyalty program to the website, keeping an eye on all the numbers, and making sure customers are happy and sticking around.

Customer Service Representatives: Customer service representatives may use the loyalty and rewards software to assist customers with inquiries related to their rewards, points balance, or program participation. They provide support and guidance to ensure a positive customer experience.

Business Owners/Executives: Business owners and executives utilize loyalty and rewards software to monitor the overall performance of the program, track key metrics such as customer retention and lifetime value, and make strategic decisions to optimize ROI.

IT/Technical Teams: IT or technical teams are responsible for the implementation, integration, and maintenance of the loyalty and rewards software. They ensure that the software functions correctly, troubleshoot any technical issues, and address security concerns.

Loyalty and Rewards software has been used by various teams across the organization. I would highly recommend you to go through reviews along with the designation of the reviewer to get a fair idea of the different teams that use these software. You can also dig deeper into each review and find out the use cases and problems they have faced.

Different kinds of Loyalty and Rewards Software

There are several types of loyalty and rewards software solutions available for ecommerce or direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, each offering different features and functionalities tailored to specific business needs:

All-in-One Loyalty Platforms: First up, you've got these all-in-one loyalty platforms. Think of them as the Swiss Army knife for customer loyalty – they've got everything! You can set up a points system, create different levels of rewards, get your customers to bring in their friends, and even shoot out special deals that feel personal. If you want to keep everything under one roof, this is your go-to.

Points-Based Systems: Then there are points-based systems. These are super popular and pretty straightforward – your customers do stuff like buy your products, and they rack up points. Later, they can trade those points for discounts, freebies, or other cool perks. It's a flexible option that lots of different online stores use, no matter their size.

Tiered Loyalty Programs: Moving on to tiered loyalty programs. These are like video game levels for shopping – the more your customers spend or engage, the higher they climb and the better the rewards. It's a great way to encourage folks to spend a bit more to get those extra-special treats.

Referral Marketing Platforms: Referral marketing platforms incentivize existing customers to refer new customers to the brand in exchange for rewards. These programs leverage word-of-mouth marketing to drive customer acquisition and can be integrated with loyalty programs for added incentives.

Customer Engagement Platforms: Customer engagement platforms focus on building relationships with customers through personalized interactions, including loyalty rewards, personalized offers, and targeted messaging. They aim to increase customer engagement and loyalty over time.

Gamification Platforms: Lastly, there are gamification platforms. These add a fun twist by turning loyalty into a game with challenges, badges, and leaderboards. It taps into that love for competition and can make being a loyal customer a whole lot more fun.

I would highly recommend that you go through the subcategories within each category on Appjunction to learn more about the different types of tools offered in Loyalty and Rewards. Select a subcategory for which you're searching for a tool and explore its features and pricing. You can also filter the reviews based on company size and industry to see how this tool works for businesses like yours.

Potential issues with Loyalty and Rewards Software

While loyalty and rewards apps offer numerous benefits for ecommerce and Shopify brands, there are potential issues that businesses may encounter:

High Implementation Costs: Integrating and customizing a loyalty and rewards app with existing ecommerce or Shopify platforms can incur significant upfront costs, especially for smaller businesses with limited budgets.

Complexity of Management: Managing a loyalty program, including setting up rules, rewards, and promotions, as well as analyzing data and monitoring performance, can be time-consuming and complex, requiring dedicated resources and expertise.

Technical Challenges: Technical issues such as software bugs, compatibility issues, or downtime can disrupt the functionality of the loyalty and rewards app, impacting the customer experience and potentially leading to frustration and dissatisfaction.

Customer Engagement and Participation: Convincing customers to enroll in the loyalty program and actively participate in earning and redeeming rewards can be challenging, especially if the rewards are perceived as insignificant or the program lacks clear communication and incentives.

Fraud and Abuse: Loyalty programs are susceptible to fraud and abuse, such as customers creating multiple accounts to accumulate rewards or exploiting loopholes in the program's rules. Implementing measures to prevent fraud and protect the integrity of the program is essential.

Over-reliance on Discounts: Offering discounts or rewards as part of the loyalty program may lead to over-reliance on promotions to drive sales, potentially eroding profit margins and devaluing the brand in the eyes of customers.

Lack of Differentiation: In a saturated market with numerous loyalty programs competing for customers' attention, standing out and offering unique value propositions can be challenging. Brands must differentiate their loyalty program to attract and retain customers effectively.

Getting onboarded with a new Loyalty and Rewards tool is a significant decision that you, as a manager, have to make. Do check out detailed reviews and, most importantly, their pros and cons because they'll give you a fair idea of potential challenges that you may face with these tools. I would also suggest that you filter out the negative reviews along with your industry to get a better idea of the whole picture.

Integration of Loyalty and Rewards Software

Ecommerce-focused loyalty and rewards software often integrate with a variety of other tools and platforms to enhance functionality and provide a seamless experience for both businesses and customers. Some common integrations include:

Mobile Apps: For loyalty programs with dedicated mobile apps, integration with app development platforms like Firebase or Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps businesses manage and optimize the app experience, including push notifications, in-app messaging, and user analytics.

Ecommerce Platforms: Then there's the online store itself. Most loyalty programs can link up directly with whatever you're using to sell your stuff, like Shopify or WooCommerce. This way, when someone buys something or earns a reward, it all updates automatically.

Payment Gateways: Payments are a big deal too. You want your customers to be able to pay easily and get their rewards without a hitch. So, linking your loyalty program with payment systems like PayPal or Stripe is a must.

Email Marketing Software: Emails are still a thing, believe it or not. So, your loyalty program should be able to talk to your email software. This lets you send out those "Hey, don't forget your points!" emails or special deals that make your customers feel special.

Social Media Platforms: Integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allows businesses to leverage social sharing and referral marketing as part of their loyalty program, rewarding customers for sharing content or referring friends.

Review and Feedback Tools: Integrating with review and feedback tools such as Yotpo, Trustpilot, or Bazaarvoice enables businesses to collect and incentivize customer reviews, feedback, and user-generated content as part of the loyalty program.

Appjunction can help you with a detailed list of tools integrated with each tool or app. Go to the app page, and you'll be able to find out those in detail. Additionally, you may compare different tools with respect to integrations offered by tools and what's suitable for your ecommerce brand.

Trends in Loyalty and Rewards Software

Several trends are shaping the landscape of loyalty and rewards tools in ecommerce:

Omni-channel Loyalty: With the rise of omni-channel retailing, customers expect seamless experiences across online and offline channels. Ecommerce brands are integrating their loyalty programs across multiple touchpoints, including websites, mobile apps, brick-and-mortar stores, social media, and more, to provide a cohesive and consistent experience regardless of the channel.

Gamification: Gamification elements such as challenges, badges, levels, and leaderboards are being incorporated into loyalty programs to make them more engaging and interactive. By adding elements of fun and competition, gamification encourages participation and motivates customers to actively engage with the program.

Social Sharing and Referral Programs: Also, stores are getting smart with how we use our social networks. They're giving us perks for telling our friends about their products or for bringing in new customers. It's like being rewarded for being social, and it helps the stores grow their crowd.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: People are really into supporting good causes and looking after the planet, and stores have caught on to that. They're giving us points for doing things like recycling or they're donating to charities whenever we shop. It feels good to know that buying stuff can actually help make a difference.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are being explored as potential solutions to enhance the security, transparency, and interoperability of loyalty programs. By leveraging blockchain, ecommerce brands can create secure and decentralized loyalty ecosystems, enabling seamless reward redemption and transferability across partners and platforms.

Instant Gratification: we all love getting things right away, right? So, stores are giving us instant rewards like discounts or cashback the moment we buy something. It's their way of saying thanks and making sure we keep coming back for that instant hit of happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Loyalty and Rewards

What exactly is loyalty and rewards software, and how does it work?

Loyalty and rewards software helps businesses build customer loyalty by tracking customer behavior and offering rewards like points or discounts for repeat purchases or desired actions. It's commonly used in various industries to retain customers, boost sales, and gather valuable data for marketing.

What are the main benefits of using loyalty and rewards apps for my online store?

These apps boost customer engagement, provide valuable customer data, increase sales and revenue, serve as a marketing tool by incentivizing referrals, and ultimately drive business growth.

How much do loyalty and rewards tools typically cost?

Costs vary depending on features, business size, and pricing model. Basic apps start around $20-$50 per month, while more advanced ones with VIP tiers and referral programs can be $100+ per month. Enterprise solutions for larger businesses can range from hundreds to thousands per month.

What key features should I look for when choosing a loyalty and rewards platform?

Look for customizable rewards, points and tiered systems, referral programs, seamless integration with your ecommerce platform, automation and personalization features, and ease of use for customers.

Who within my organization would typically use loyalty and rewards software?

Marketing teams, ecommerce managers, customer service representatives, business owners/executives, and IT/technical teams all utilize this software for various purposes.

What are the different types of loyalty and rewards software solutions available?

There are all-in-one platforms, points-based systems, tiered loyalty programs, referral marketing platforms, customer engagement platforms, and gamification platforms.


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