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Ablestar Overview

What is Ablestar?

Bulk Product Editor allows for automated bulk editing of products, metafields, and Google Shopping data. It includes features like undo functionality and custom spreadsheet integration, streamlining product management.

Streamline your product management tasks with Ablestar, the reliable solution designed to enhance efficiency and accuracy. Whether you're managing thousands of products, collections, prices, metafields, or Google shopping data, Ablestar empowers you to make bulk edits with ease.
Gain full control over the editing process with comprehensive previews and progress monitoring features. With Ablestar, you can confidently make changes knowing you have the ability to revert back with the click of an undo button, even after sales events have concluded.
Our Bulk Product Editor simplifies the editing process by allowing for one-off edits, spreadsheet uploads, or customizable automations, ensuring you save valuable time while maintaining precision.
Inventory Sync functionality enables seamless updating of supplier data, ensuring your product information remains accurate and up-to-date.
With Ablestar, there's no need for tedious reformatting when using your own spreadsheets. Simply import your data in CSV, Excel, or Matrixify/Excelify formats and let Ablestar handle the rest.
Effortlessly export unlimited products, further enhancing your workflow and productivity. Whether you need to export to CSV, Excel, or Matrixify/Excelify formats, Ablestar has you covered.
Utilize the Inventory Sync feature to effortlessly keep your products updated from Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, or URLs, ensuring seamless integration with your preferred data sources.
Maximize your sales potential with automated bulk price changes, complete with scheduled start and end dates. With Ablestar, you can streamline the process of implementing sales events, allowing you to focus on driving revenue and growing your business.
Experience the convenience and reliability of Ablestar for yourself. Simplify your product management tasks, increase efficiency, and take your ecommerce operations to new heights. With Ablestar, managing product data has never been easier.

Ablestar Screenshots


Ablestar Integrations

Google Shopping
Google Drive
Google Sheets

Ablestar Pricing Plans


  • 10 Product Limit for Edits, Exports & Imports
  • Unlimited Edits
  • Scheduled Edits
  • Undo Edits with a Click
  • Edit multiple fields at once


  • Unlimited Products per Task
  • 60-Day Bulk Edit History
  • 1 Inventory Sync Job
  • Scheduled Edits
  • Edit multiple fields at once


  • 5 Recurring Edits
  • 90-day Bulk Edit History
  • 5 Inventory Sync Jobs
  • 5 Scheduled Exports
  • 5 Automatic Product Rules
  • Code snippets


  • 20 Recurring Edits
  • 180-Day Bulk Edit History
  • 10 Inventory Sync Jobs
  • 20 Scheduled Exports
  • 20 Automatic Product Rules
  • Code Snippets

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Ablestar

What is Ablestar?

Ablestar is a reliable solution designed to streamline product management tasks, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. It empowers you to make bulk edits to products, collections, prices, metafields, and Google Shopping data with ease.

What are the key features of Ablestar?

Ablestar offers features like bulk editing, undo functionality, custom spreadsheet integration, inventory sync, scheduled edits and exports, automatic product rules, and code snippets.

How does Ablestar ensure control over the editing process?

Ablestar provides comprehensive previews and progress monitoring features, allowing you to confidently make changes and revert back with the undo button if needed.

Can I use my own spreadsheets with Ablestar?

Yes, Ablestar allows you to import data from your own spreadsheets in CSV, Excel, or Matrixify/Excelify formats without reformatting.

How does Ablestar help with inventory management?

The Inventory Sync functionality enables seamless updating of supplier data from Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, or URLs, keeping your product information accurate and up-to-date.

Can Ablestar help with sales and promotions?

Yes, Ablestar allows you to automate bulk price changes with scheduled start and end dates, streamlining the process of implementing sales events.

What are the pricing plans for Ablestar?

Ablestar offers a Starter plan (Free), Basic plan ($30/month), Advanced plan ($60/month), and Professional plan ($120/month) with varying features and capabilities.

What integrations does Ablestar offer?

Ablestar integrates with Google Shopping, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, Dropbox, and Google Sheets.


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