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ToastiBar Overview

What is ToastiBar?

Elevate sales with FOMO & Social Proof through dynamic pop-ups, add-to-cart, and visitor notifications, enhancing the shopping experience and encouraging purchases.

Unlock endless possibilities for your online store with our innovative ecommerce app. Seamlessly integrate powerful pop-up notifications to skyrocket your sales and instill a sense of urgency among your visitors. Our app is designed to elevate your store's credibility by showcasing recent sales, thus fostering trust and enhancing social proof.
By leveraging add-to-cart notifications, you can effortlessly nudge potential customers towards making a purchase, while our real-time display of online, recent, and product visitors creates a bustling atmosphere that further reinforces social proof. Boost your conversion rates and drive sales by simply installing our app, which provides you with invaluable real-time data insights.
With our app's geo-location and multi-lingual capabilities, you can tailor your pop-up notifications to resonate with audiences worldwide. Display pop-ups in over 75 languages, and personalize your sales proof by showcasing geo-targeted notifications, ensuring a personalized experience for every visitor.
Track the performance of your pop-ups with powerful analytical data, monitoring clicks, impressions, and click-through rates to optimize conversion rates effectively. Harness the potential of real-time data to maximize conversions by displaying live visitor counts, reviews, and sales, empowering you to make informed decisions to drive your business forward.
Our app offers a diverse range of pop-up types, including cart pop-ups, custom pop-ups, reviews pop-ups, and sales pop-ups, allowing you to tailor your notifications to suit your specific needs. Easily manage your pop-ups with features such as A/B testing, analytics, custom code integration, geo-location targeting, localization, templates, translation options, as well as triggers and rules customization.
Experience the difference our ecommerce app can make in transforming your online store into a sales powerhouse. With its intuitive interface and robust features, it's never been easier to engage your audience, boost conversions, and drive sales. Take your ecommerce business to new heights today with our game-changing app.

ToastiBar Features

Pop-up types : Cart pop-ups, Custom pop-ups, Reviews pop-up, Sales pop-ups, Warning pop-ups

Managing pop-ups : A/B testing, Analytics, Custom code, Geo location, Localization, Templates, Translation, Triggers and rules

ToastiBar Screenshots


ToastiBar Pricing Plans


  • Unlimited Orders/Notifications/Sessions/Visitors per month
  • NO usage based charge
  • NO boosted revenue limit
  • Sales Notifications
  • OS 2.0 Compat.


  • All Free Plan Features
  • Flat Price - NO Additional Charges
  • Cart, Visitors, & Summary Notifications
  • New Designs
  • Analytics
  • Priority Support


  • All Essential Plan Features
  • Flat Price - NO Additional Charges
  • Product Reviews Notification
  • Low Inventories Notification
  • And many more...

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To ToastiBar

What types of pop-ups does ToastiBar offer?

ToastiBar offers a variety of pop-up types including Cart pop-ups, Custom pop-ups, Reviews pop-up, Sales pop-ups, and Warning pop-ups.

How can I manage the pop-ups in ToastiBar?

ToastiBar provides several features for managing pop-ups such as A/B testing, Analytics, Custom code integration, Geo location targeting, Localization, Templates, Translation options, and Triggers and rules customization.

What are the pricing plans for ToastiBar?

ToastiBar offers three pricing plans: 100% FREE FOREVER (with basic features), Essential ($6.99/month with additional features like analytics and priority support), and Premium ($8.99/month with product reviews and low inventory notifications).

What is the main purpose of ToastiBar?

ToastiBar aims to elevate sales and build social proof through dynamic pop-up notifications, including add-to-cart and visitor notifications, enhancing the shopping experience and encouraging purchases.

Does ToastiBar offer any data insights?

Yes, ToastiBar provides real-time data insights on pop-up performance including clicks, impressions, and click-through rates to help optimize conversion rates.


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