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Photo PRO Reviews Overview

What is Photo PRO Reviews?

Enormapps' Product Photo Reviews app attracts more customers by allowing the import and display of photo reviews, giving buyers confidence in their purchasing decisions with visual customer feedback.

Our eCommerce Reviews app serves as an indispensable tool to bolster your product credibility through authentic customer feedback. It meticulously gathers reviews, complete with accompanying photos, from your clientele, furnishing your platform with invaluable social proof. Automate the review solicitation process effortlessly with our convenient scheduling feature, ensuring a steady stream of user-generated content.
Tailor the appearance of your review page to seamlessly integrate with your website's aesthetic by tweaking color schemes and text elements to your preference. Craft a visually captivating homepage slider and designate a dedicated review page to showcase your products in the best light possible.
Our app offers a verified review feature, bolstering consumer confidence and enhancing your brand's reputation. Leveraging Google ratings further enhances your visibility and credibility within the digital marketplace. Importing reviews via CSV files streamlines the process, enabling you to seamlessly integrate existing feedback into your platform.
Each review is enriched with visual content, elevating its trustworthiness and resonance with potential customers. Streamline the review collection process by automating email requests for feedback upon order fulfillment. With the flexibility to install the app across various product pages, collections, and website sections, you can ensure a comprehensive and cohesive review experience for your audience.
In essence, our Reviews app empowers you to harness the persuasive power of user-generated content to drive conversions and foster trust in your brand. By providing a seamless and customizable platform for collecting and showcasing customer feedback, we enable you to cultivate a thriving eCommerce ecosystem that resonates with your target audience and bolsters your online presence.

Photo PRO Reviews Screenshots

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Photo PRO Reviews Pricing Plans

Free Plan

  • Unlimited Product Reviews.
  • Grid, List, Masonry & Slider layout.
  • Free setup.
  • Email+Chat support.
  • Branding.

Advance Plan

  • Photo upload.
  • Review request emails.
  • Coupon emails for upsell.
  • 4 Adv. templates.
  • Reply to feedback.
  • CSV Import
  • 10,000 email/mth
  • Lots more!!

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Photo PRO Reviews

What is the primary function of the Photo PRO Reviews app?

The Photo PRO Reviews app is designed to enhance product credibility by collecting and displaying photo reviews from customers, providing valuable social proof and boosting buyer confidence.

How does the app help in gathering customer reviews?

The app automates the review solicitation process through scheduled emails, ensuring a consistent flow of user-generated content.

Can I customize the appearance of the review section on my website?

Yes, the app allows you to tailor the review page's aesthetics by modifying color schemes and text elements to align with your website's design.

Does the app offer any features to enhance the trustworthiness of reviews?

Yes, the app includes a verified review feature to bolster consumer confidence and improve brand reputation. Additionally, it leverages Google ratings for increased visibility and credibility.

Is it possible to import existing reviews into the app?

Absolutely, the app facilitates the import of reviews via CSV files, enabling you to seamlessly integrate existing feedback into your platform.

How does the app benefit potential customers?

The app enriches reviews with visual content, making them more trustworthy and relatable to potential buyers. It also streamlines the review collection process through automated email requests.

Where can I install the Photo PRO Reviews app on my website?

The app offers flexibility in installation, allowing you to incorporate it on product pages, collections, and various website sections for a comprehensive review experience.


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