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iUbenda Overview

What is iUbenda?

Quickly align your shop with GDPR requirements using iubenda's solution to earn user trust and avoid legal complications.

Create a bespoke cookie banner that seamlessly aligns with your store's aesthetic while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Our platform empowers you to block trackers until user consent is obtained, safeguarding user privacy and enhancing trust. Additionally, leverage the power of Google Consent Mode's AI-driven conversion modeling to optimize your marketing data and drive results.
Exciting news for 2024: The GDPR Legal Cookie plugin has integrated into the iubenda toolbox under a new name. Rest assured, current users will experience a seamless transition with enhanced benefits and improved support. Explore further details here: https://iubenda.link/gdpr-legal-cookie
Our solution is compatible with your existing cookies and tracking scripts, ensuring a smooth integration process without disruption to your current operations. Achieve hassle-free compliance with GDPR and DSGVO regulations, streamlining your legal obligations and minimizing risk.
Customization is key, and our platform offers fast and easy customization options to tailor your cookie banner to suit your unique requirements. Whether you need to add third-party cookies or adjust settings, our intuitive interface makes it a breeze.
Designed with support for Google Consent Mode, our platform enables you to optimize your marketing efforts while maintaining compliance with data protection laws. Choose from various pop-up types and manage pop-ups efficiently with customizable triggers and rules, giving you full control over your consent management strategy.
In summary, our platform empowers you to design a customized cookie banner that not only enhances your store's visual appeal but also ensures compliance with data protection regulations. With seamless integration, hassle-free customization, and support for Google Consent Mode, we provide the tools you need to protect user privacy while optimizing your marketing efforts. Elevate your consent management strategy with our comprehensive solution today.

iUbenda Features

Pop-up types : Consent pop-ups

Managing pop-ups : Triggers and rules

iUbenda Screenshots


iUbenda Integrations

Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Google Analytics 4

iUbenda Pricing Plans

Development Stores

  • All functions unlocked
  • Try the plugin absolutely free
  • No charge until you upgrade to a paid Shopify plan

Shopify Basic

  • Unlimited requests
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Fully customizable
  • Google Consent Mode support
  • Designed for Basic Shopify users

Shopify & Advanced

  • All the same great features
  • Designed for Shopify Advanced plans

Shopify Plus

  • All the same great features
  • Designed for Shopify Plus users

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To iUbenda

What are the main features of iUbenda?

iUbenda offers features like creating custom cookie banners, blocking trackers until user consent, and supporting Google Consent Mode for optimizing marketing data.

What happens to existing GDPR Legal Cookie users in 2024?

Existing users will experience a smooth transition to the iubenda toolbox with enhanced benefits and improved support.

Is iUbenda compatible with existing cookies and tracking scripts?

Yes, iUbenda is compatible with your existing cookies and tracking scripts for a seamless integration process.

Can I customize the cookie banner with iUbenda?

Absolutely! iUbenda offers fast and easy customization options for tailoring your cookie banner to your specific needs.

How does iUbenda help with marketing efforts while maintaining compliance?

iUbenda supports Google Consent Mode, allowing you to optimize marketing efforts while adhering to data protection laws.

What type of pop-up options and management tools does iUbenda provide?

iUbenda offers various pop-up types and allows you to manage them efficiently using customizable triggers and rules for complete control over your consent management strategy.


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