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DSers Overview

What is DSers?

DSers serves as an AliExpress Dropshipping Solution, streamlining the order fulfillment process for ecommerce businesses by facilitating easy placement and fulfillment of orders directly from AliExpress.

DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping is a revolutionary tool that redefines the efficiency of managing a dropshipping business on Shopify. Designed to process hundreds of orders with unprecedented speed, DSers not only saves time but also significantly enhances the scalability of your operations. This platform stands as a testament to innovation in e-commerce, facilitating seamless integration with AliExpress that allows for the quick identification and importation of products directly into your Shopify store.
One of the standout features of DSers is its supplier optimization capability. It provides a robust mechanism for finding alternative suppliers who offer the same products at more competitive prices or better quality, ensuring that your business can maintain high margins and customer satisfaction. Moreover, DSers' advanced product management tools enable store owners to meticulously manage their inventory by tracking stock levels and price changes in real time, ensuring that your store’s offerings are always up-to-date and competitively priced. Bulk ordering is another area where DSers excels. The platform allows you to place hundreds of orders to AliExpress with just one click, drastically reducing the time and effort required to process large volumes of orders. This feature is particularly beneficial during high sales periods, enabling you to fulfill customer orders swiftly and efficiently. Automation extends to order and package tracking, offering peace of mind to both you and your customers by providing real-time updates on the status of deliveries. For entrepreneurs who manage multiple Shopify stores, DSers offers a centralized platform to control all operations under a single account, streamlining the management process and eliminating the need to switch between different systems. This multi-store management capability is a game-changer for those looking to expand their e-commerce empire without the added complexity of using separate tools for each store. In summary, DSers-AliExpress Dropshipping is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution designed to empower Shopify store owners. By automating the most time-consuming aspects of dropshipping, from order placement to supplier management, DSers allows you to focus on what truly matters - growing your business. With DSers, you're equipped to navigate the challenges of dropshipping with ease, making it an indispensable ally in your e-commerce journey.

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User Reviews



May 11, 2024

This app is a joke! Their servers are constantly crashing - now I'm getting some mapping error and can't fulfill any of my 500 orders! How am I supposed to get anything done when their app is always broken?!



May 11, 2024

Esse app Dsers não me parece confiável não, vive dando problema na minha loja Shopify, toda hora é uma dor de cabeça diferente.


The Monaco Republic

May 8, 2024

This app is a total disaster! Placing orders is a constant struggle, with issues popping up left and right. The API tacks on bogus shipping fees, and customer service, while friendly, is usually clueless about what's going wrong. Submitting a ticket feels like tossing it into a black hole – no response, no resolution. Phone numbers never sync correctly, and



May 11, 2024

Just found a huge security issue! You can still log in with an old password on a different device, even after changing it. That's scary! I've been using DSers for a year, and the latest update is a disaster. It looks nice, but it's a nightmare to use. Oberlo took me an hour to place orders, now with DSers it takes 6 hours! 40% of the time, the variants a


Pro Tackle World

May 11, 2024

This thing started out great, 5 stars even! Then it all went downhill. Store owners beware, if you love wasting hours remapping products, DSERS is your dream come true! I'm paying a ridiculous monthly fee for inventory updates that don't even work! AliExpress has thousands of pieces, but DSERS tells my store I have zero stock. Lost sales, anyone? DSERS,


Giftology London

May 11, 2024

Two months in and I'm already jumping ship! They promised that the advanced plan would keep my stock synced between Dsers and Shopify, but it's a total mess. Every time I tweak a product or variant, the mapping goes haywire, and my stock numbers are all over the place. Sold out items on my site are showing as available in Dsers! Upgrading was a total waste


7 Realms Bliss

May 11, 2024

This app and website are incredibly unprofessional. I really wanted to make this work, but it's been nothing but problems with zero support. I have to be honest, this is one of the most disorganized and broken platforms I've ever used. The products I tried to add to my store never showed up, and there's absolutely no customer service to help. The videos th



May 11, 2024

¡Pura trampa! Te hacen pagar por una membresía y encima es super limitada. Me dieron 14 días de prueba, pero casi no hay productos disponibles. Si quieres más, ¡a soltar más plata! Ni hablar, no me gustó nada.



May 11, 2024

This app's not working for me, so I uninstalled it a while back. But it's still charging me! Can you please stop the billing? Thanks!


Hadaway’s Solutions

May 11, 2024

Ripped off! Cancelled and deleted the app but they're still hitting me with charges. And the shipping costs are insane. Just don't even bother.

DSers Pricing Plans


Free to install
  • Bulk order
  • Basic mapping
  • Manage 3 stores & 3k products
  • Automated order status sync
  • Automated Tracking NO. sync
  • Sync Tracking NO. to PayPal


  • All features in Basic Plan
  • Manage 10 stores & 20k products
  • Advanced&Bundle mapping
  • AliExpress Affiliate


  • All features in Advanced Plan
  • Manage 25 stores & 75k products
  • Manage multi-platform in one account

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To DSers

What is DSers?

DSers is an AliExpress Dropshipping Solution designed to simplify order fulfillment for ecommerce businesses using Shopify. It allows for easy placement and fulfillment of orders directly from AliExpress.

What are the key features of DSers?

DSers offers features such as bulk ordering, supplier optimization, advanced product management, automated order/tracking sync, and multi-store management.

Can DSers help me find better suppliers?

Yes, DSers provides a supplier optimization feature that helps you find alternative suppliers offering the same products at better prices or quality.

Does DSers offer a free plan?

Yes, DSers offers a Basic plan which is free to install and includes features like bulk order, basic mapping, management of 3 stores & 3k products, and automated order/tracking sync.

Can I manage multiple stores with DSers?

Yes, the Pro plan allows you to manage up to 25 stores and 75k products, and control all operations under a single account.

What languages does DSers support?

DSers supports English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese (Brazil).


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