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DSers Pricing Overview

DSers offers a free Basic plan that includes bulk ordering, basic mapping, the ability to manage 3 stores and 3,000 products, automated order status sync, automated tracking number sync, and syncing of tracking numbers to PayPal. For more features, such as managing more stores and products, advanced mapping, and AliExpress Affiliate, they offer the Advanced plan for $19.90 per month. The Pro plan is their most comprehensive, providing all the features of the Advanced plan plus the ability to manage 25 stores and 75,000 products, as well as multi-platform management for $49.90 per month.

DSers Pricing Plans


Free to install
  • Bulk order
  • Basic mapping
  • Manage 3 stores & 3k products
  • Automated order status sync
  • Automated Tracking NO. sync
  • Sync Tracking NO. to PayPal


  • All features in Basic Plan
  • Manage 10 stores & 20k products
  • Advanced&Bundle mapping
  • AliExpress Affiliate


  • All features in Advanced Plan
  • Manage 25 stores & 75k products
  • Manage multi-platform in one account

DSers Pricing Reviews

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User Reviews


Simba's Hub

June 2, 2024

This app is awesome! Huge selection of fantastic products. My only gripe is it could be a bit more user-friendly, kinda like Zendrop. It'd be amazing to see shipping costs upfront and maybe have an option to include the highest shipping rate in the product price (hidden from customers, of course!). Would make calculating profits way easier!



May 11, 2024

This app is okay, I guess. It's pretty good at importing products to my store, but the checkout process is completely broken! Apparently, it doesn't import shipping costs from AliExpress. Support told me I have to add shipping costs manually for every single product and every single country I ship to. Seriously? Who has time for that?! Their brilliant sol



May 11, 2024

This app is a joke! The supplier optimizer, which is the main reason I got it, is ALWAYS down for maintenance. Like seriously, 5 times a day?! And when it's not in maintenance, it just throws errors. Searching for products is a nightmare too - whether I use a picture, a link, or the app's own search, nothing works! And don't even get me started on the prod



May 11, 2024

¡Pura trampa! Te hacen pagar por una membresía y encima es super limitada. Me dieron 14 días de prueba, pero casi no hay productos disponibles. Si quieres más, ¡a soltar más plata! Ni hablar, no me gustó nada.



May 11, 2024

Man, I was so excited to use DSers for my dropshipping business. They made it sound so easy and efficient! But honestly, it's been a total nightmare. First off, the positive reviews seem super fake – like they wrote them themselves. That's just shady. Then, their pricing is a joke. As my sales grew, their fees went through the roof without any warning. T



May 10, 2024

So, I was wondering about shipping costs, like if I send a bunch of stuff to the same person, you know? And the DSers person totally helped me out, it was awesome!


The Monaco Republic

May 8, 2024

This app is a total disaster! Placing orders is a constant struggle, with issues popping up left and right. The API tacks on bogus shipping fees, and customer service, while friendly, is usually clueless about what's going wrong. Submitting a ticket feels like tossing it into a black hole – no response, no resolution. Phone numbers never sync correctly, and

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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To DSers

How much does DSers cost?

DSers offers a free plan and two paid plans: Advanced at $19.90/month and Pro at $49.90/month.

Does DSers offer a free plan?

Yes, DSers has a free plan called 'Basic'.

What are various pricing tiers offered by DSers?

DSers has three pricing tiers: - Basic: Free to install - Advanced: $19.90/month - Pro: $49.90/month

What's the features available in free plan of DSers?

The DSers Basic plan offers features like bulk ordering, basic mapping, managing 3 stores & 3k products, automated order status sync, automated tracking number sync, and syncing tracking number to PayPal.


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