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Tydal Overview

What is Tydal?

Rivo Email Popups help in building your email list and offering discounts through attractive popups, converting visitors into customers.

Expand your customer base effortlessly with Rivo Popups, the ultimate tool to enhance your ecommerce marketing strategy. With our intuitive platform, you can seamlessly encourage visitors and customers to subscribe to your marketing list, driving engagement and boosting sales.
Tailor your popups to perfection with our easy-to-use design style editor, allowing you to customize the discount and appearance to suit your brand aesthetic. Whether you prefer a sleek minimalist design or a vibrant, attention-grabbing layout, our editor empowers you to bring your vision to life.
Take full control over when and where your popups appear on your store with our customizable form display rules settings. Whether it's triggering the popup based on time spent on a page, exit intent, or specific user actions, you can fine-tune the display to maximize conversions.
Once a customer submits their email, rest assured that their opt-in is seamlessly added to your Shopify customer list, streamlining your email marketing efforts. Capture unlimited emails and build a robust customer base with our simple yet effective popup form.
Crafting your popup form is a breeze with our user-friendly style editor, allowing you to design a form that perfectly aligns with your brand identity. From font selection to color schemes, every aspect is customizable to ensure a cohesive and professional appearance.
Want to create a sense of urgency? Set specific popup timing to display your offer at the perfect moment, enticing visitors to take action. Additionally, you can opt for a persistent sticky coupon bar that remains visible as visitors browse your store, serving as a gentle reminder to utilize their promotion.
Inject your own personality into your popups with custom CSS code, enabling you to add unique flourishes and enhance the overall look and feel. Whether it's custom animations or bespoke design elements, the possibilities are endless with Rivo Popups.
Choose from a variety of discount types, including pop-ups, to suit your promotional strategy. With features such as discount stacking and targeting, you have the flexibility to create compelling offers that resonate with your audience.
Our platform offers a range of popup types, including custom pop-ups, each designed to cater to your specific marketing objectives. Dive into detailed analytics, leverage pre-designed templates, track performance metrics, translate content for global reach, and set triggers and rules to automate the process.
In conclusion, Rivo Popups empowers ecommerce businesses to elevate their marketing efforts, expand their reach, and drive conversions with ease. Join countless satisfied merchants who have unlocked the full potential of their online store with our innovative popup solution.

Tydal Features

Discount types : Pop-ups

Managing discounts : Discount stacking, Targeting

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Tydal User Reviews

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User Reviews


Sauce Warehouse

United States

April 22, 2024

Arianne from customer support was an absolute lifesaver! So helpful and kind. πŸ™Œ



United States

April 22, 2024

Ugh, this app was a nightmare! The popup totally messed things up, covering my product images and descriptions. It got so bad that Google actually suspended my account! And get this, even after I uninstalled the app, it left behind a bunch of junk code in my theme. Now my site is showing a 404 error. Seriously, avoid this app at all costs!


Remedy Legal Services

United States

April 22, 2024

Well, haven't gotten around to using the app just yet, so can't really say if it's good or bad. Guess I'll need to give it a whirl first before I can rate it fairly. Gotta give a shout-out to their customer service though – they were super helpful and friendly! πŸ‘


Jill's Art Studio


April 22, 2024

Ugh, this app is like a bad guest - it just won't leave! Even after I kicked it out of my phone, there's still traces of it hanging around. I opened up the console thing and saw some message about "Developer friendly loyalty - powered by Rivo." Whatever that means! It's like, get out of my phone already! So annoying!


Good's Vintage

United States

April 22, 2024

Totally bogus 5-star rating! Can you believe this app still doesn't have double opt-in? It's been like 2 years since people started asking for it on their dev board. C'mon, devs, get it together!




April 22, 2024

I gotta say, setting up this app was a breeze, super easy! But, I'm having some trouble with it accepting email addresses. I was just testing it out with my own email, you know, just to see how it works, and it keeps saying it's invalid. Like, what the heck? I've triple-checked it, and it's definitely right. Hopefully, they can fix this bug soon because


Tha Hair Box

United States

April 22, 2024

This app has been amazing so far! I'll definitely come back and leave a proper review in a couple of months. Abbie has been super helpful and communicative, and has really helped me out with a bunch of stuff.


Bathla Home


April 22, 2024

The support team, especially Trish and Mary, were amazing! They were super helpful and friendly. I wish there were more options to customize the email templates - like different themes or layouts. Also, it would be great to have better filters for finding customer emails, especially those who interacted with pop-up forms.




April 22, 2024

This app is super helpful, it's really come in handy for me. Shout out to Jel from user support, they were awesome and really helped me out. Great service, always there when I needed them!




April 22, 2024

So, I was just browsing around my Shopify store, and boom! I found this app called Rivo Popups. Let me tell you, it's seriously awesome. I'm not exactly a tech whiz, but even I could set it up super easily. The best part is, the popups are like, totally personalized. They know what I'm interested in and show me stuff that actually matters. Plus, it works per

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Tydal

What are the main features of Rivo Popups?

Rivo Popups helps build email lists and offers discounts through popups, converting visitors into customers. It provides customizable design, discount management, and targeted display rules.

What types of discounts can I offer with Rivo Popups?

Rivo Popups supports various discount types, including pop-up discounts. It also allows for discount stacking and targeting to tailor offers to specific audiences.

How can I customize the appearance of my popups?

Rivo Popups offers an easy-to-use design style editor that allows you to customize the discount and appearance of your popups to match your brand.

Can I control when and where my popups appear?

Yes, Rivo Popups provides customizable form display rules settings, allowing you to trigger popups based on time spent on a page, exit intent, or specific user actions.

What happens after a customer submits their email?

When a customer submits their email, their opt-in is automatically added to your Shopify customer list, streamlining your email marketing efforts.

Can I create a sense of urgency with my popups?

Absolutely! Rivo Popups allows you to set specific popup timing to display your offer at the perfect moment and even offers a persistent sticky coupon bar for added visibility.

Is there any way to further personalize my popups?

Yes, you can inject your own personality into your popups using custom CSS code, allowing for unique flourishes and design elements.

What other features does Rivo Popups offer?

Rivo Popups provides a range of features including detailed analytics, pre-designed templates, performance metrics tracking, content translation, and automation triggers and rules.


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