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Tangent Overview

What is Tangent?

Tangent offers selfie-powered quizzes for skincare/haircare routines, foundation finder, and bundled product recommendations, personalizing the shopping experience based on customer preferences.

Introducing our innovative skin analysis app for Shopify, revolutionizing the way you engage with customers and drive sales. Powered by our proprietary Selfie Quiz(TM) Platform, our app effortlessly detects over 150 skin attributes with just a selfie, providing valuable insights to enhance the shopping experience.
From skincare and haircare quizzes to foundation finders and routine/bundle builders, our platform offers a range of interactive features to engage customers and collect valuable data. By leveraging this data, we create personalized landing pages and product recommendations tailored to each shopper's unique needs and preferences, driving upsells, increasing average order value (AOV), and boosting sales.
Our app enables seamless shopper segmentation, allowing you to target specific customer segments with personalized marketing campaigns. With our attribution analytics dashboard, you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and purchasing patterns.
Customize quizzes to collect new and existing shopper emails, capturing relevant zero-party data to fuel your marketing efforts. Utilize personalized landing pages to showcase recommended products based on captured data, guiding shoppers towards their ideal skincare and haircare solutions.
With our customizable email flows, you can engage shoppers with targeted messages, nudging them towards purchasing recommended products and maximizing conversion opportunities. By delivering relevant and timely communications, you can nurture customer relationships and drive repeat purchases.
In conclusion, our skin analysis app offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to elevate your Shopify store's performance and drive sales. From interactive quizzes to personalized product recommendations and customized email flows, our platform empowers you to deliver a tailored shopping experience that delights customers and drives results. Experience the power of data-driven marketing with our app and unlock the full potential of your e-commerce business.

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    Frequently Asked Questions Related To Tangent

    What kind of quizzes does Tangent offer?

    Tangent offers selfie-powered quizzes for skincare/haircare routines, foundation finder, and bundled product recommendations.

    How does Tangent personalize the shopping experience?

    Tangent personalizes the shopping experience based on customer preferences gathered through quizzes.

    What is the pricing for Tangent?

    Tangent is free to install.

    What languages does Tangent support?

    Tangent supports English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), and Spanish.

    What are the main features of Tangent?

    Tangent offers skin analysis with selfie quizzes, personalized product recommendations, shopper segmentation, attribution analytics, email capture, and customizable email flows.

    How does Tangent benefit Shopify stores?

    Tangent helps Shopify stores increase sales, average order value, and customer engagement through personalized shopping experiences and targeted marketing.

    What technology does Tangent use?

    Tangent uses a proprietary Selfie Quiz(TM) Platform that detects over 150 skin attributes from a selfie.

    How does Tangent use data?

    Tangent uses data from quizzes to create personalized landing pages, product recommendations, and email flows.

    What kind of results can I expect with Tangent?

    With Tangent, you can expect increased sales, average order value, customer engagement, and repeat purchases.


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