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Tangent Pricing Overview

Tangent offers a single pricing plan which is free to install. This plan includes access to features like selfie-powered quizzes, personalized product recommendations, shopper segmentation, and email capture to enhance the customer shopping experience.

Tangent Pricing Plans

Free to install

    Compare Tangent Pricing Against Competitors

    Product nameStarting PriceBilledPrice RangeFree planLearn more
    FreemonthlyFree - $69.99/month1Click Pricing
    Addly Bundles-logoAddly Bundles
    FreemonthlyFree - $24.99/monthAddly Bundles Pricing
    FreemonthlyFree - $29.99/monthAfterSell Pricing
    Alia Popup-logoAlia Popup
    $19monthly$19-$299Alia Popup Pricing
    $100/monthmonthly$100/month - $2,000/monthAmped Pricing

    Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Tangent

    How much does Tangent cost?

    Tangent is free to install.

    Does Tangent offer a free plan?

    Yes, Tangent is free to install.


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