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SSC Cross sell & Upsell Overview

What is SSC Cross sell & Upsell?

Cross-Sell drives sales by offering tailored cross-sell, upsell, and bundle opportunities across eight strategic locations within a store, enhancing the purchasing journey and increasing revenue.

Boost your sales and elevate your average order value (AOV) with our cutting-edge ecommerce app! We specialize in personalized Cross Sell, Upsell, and bundle recommendations, designed to enhance your customers' shopping journey and drive revenue growth.
With our app, you gain unprecedented control over your cross-selling strategy with 8 versatile locations to display cross sells. Whether you prefer manual selection or automated suggestions based on sales history, orders, and collections, our platform empowers you to curate tailored recommendations that resonate with your audience.
Improve your customers' shopping experience by offering enticing add-ons, bundles, "complete the look" items, and more. Our seamless integration ensures a 100% customizable experience, allowing you to align every recommendation with your brand's unique style and identity.
Deploy your personalized recommendations strategically across various touchpoints, including Product Pages and Cart Page. Leverage auto-generated smart suggestions for seamless Upsells and utilize Upsell Pop-ups to capture your customers' attention at critical moments.
Enhance convenience and accessibility with QuickView buttons and Quantity discounted Bundles integrated into your Cross Sells, enticing customers to explore additional products effortlessly.
Expand your cross-selling potential beyond conventional locations by upgrading to unlock additional placement options. From Post-purchase Page to Home Page, Collections Page, and even the Checkout Page, seize every opportunity to maximize revenue and enrich your customers' shopping experience.
Our app empowers you to take control of your cross-selling initiatives like never before, ensuring every recommendation is finely tuned to drive conversions and foster customer loyalty. Experience the power of personalized recommendations tailored to your brand's vision and objectives.
Elevate your ecommerce game with our comprehensive suite of cross-selling solutions. From boosting sales to enhancing customer satisfaction, our app is your ultimate partner in driving growth and maximizing revenue opportunities.
Join countless successful merchants who have already transformed their ecommerce strategy with our app. Start optimizing your cross-selling strategy today and unlock new levels of success for your online store. With our intuitive interface and robust features, achieving your sales goals has never been easier.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your ecommerce business. Invest in our app today and embark on a journey towards sustainable growth and unparalleled success. Experience the difference firsthand and watch as your sales soar to new heights!

SSC Cross sell & Upsell Screenshots

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SSC Cross sell & Upsell Integrations

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SSC Cross sell & Upsell Pricing Plans


  • Visible on Product, Cart pages & Upsell Pop-Ups.
  • 50 recommendation clicks a month
  • Cross Sell branding


  • Visible on Product, Cart pages & Upsell Pop-Ups.
  • 2500 recommendation clicks a month
  • Remove branding

Small Store

  • Visible on All Available Pages.
  • 5000 recommendation clicks a month
  • Remove branding

Medium Store

  • Visible on All Available Pages and Custom Pages.
  • 10000 recommendation clicks a month
  • Remove branding

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To SSC Cross sell & Upsell

What is the primary function of the SSC Cross-sell & Upsell app?

The SSC Cross-sell & Upsell app is designed to increase sales and average order value (AOV) by providing personalized cross-sell, upsell, and bundle recommendations to customers throughout their shopping journey.

Where can I display cross-sell recommendations using this app?

The app offers 8 versatile locations to display cross-sells, including Product Pages, Cart Page, Upsell Pop-ups, and more. Additional placement options like Post-purchase Page, Home Page, Collections Page, and Checkout Page are available with upgrades.

Can I customize the recommendations offered to customers?

Yes, the app provides both manual selection and automated suggestions based on sales history, orders, and collections, allowing you to curate recommendations that align with your brand and resonate with your audience.

What types of recommendations can I create with the app?

You can create various types of recommendations, such as add-ons, bundles, "complete the look" items, and more. The app also offers QuickView buttons and Quantity discounted Bundles for added convenience.

Does the app offer different pricing plans?

Yes, the app offers four pricing plans: Free, Startup ($29.99/month), Small Store ($49.99/month), and Medium Store ($59/month). Each plan provides different features and recommendation click limits.

Can I try the app before subscribing?

Yes, there is a demo available at https://demo-cross-sell.myshopify.com/products/adidas-classic-backpack-legend-ink-multicolour, allowing you to experience the app's functionality before committing to a subscription.


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