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Slide Cart Drawer by AMP Overview

What is Slide Cart Drawer by AMP?

Enhance the shopping experience and boost your store's average order value (AOV) with Slide Cart's cart upsell and cross-sell options, plus design customizations for a unique shopping cart interface.

Upgrade your shopping experience with our revolutionary shopping cart app. Say goodbye to the mundane default store cart and hello to the dynamic features of our sticky cart Shopify. Our cart drawer Shopify brings excitement to your shopping journey by offering exclusive deals and seamless order management.
Forget about the ordinary shopping carts. Our Cart X takes it up a notch with its consistent performance, enhanced functionality, and user-friendly mini cart. Gone are the days of sluggish cart pop-ups – experience lightning-fast transactions with Bulk Cart, streamlining your ordering process like never before.
Enhance your Add to Cart Shopify experience with our suite of Cart Apps. Say farewell to traditional cart methods and explore a world of possibilities with features such as personalized Cart Messages, dynamic Cart Goals, and Cart Rules designed to skyrocket your sales.
Looking for alternatives to the same old cart options? Look no further. Our app offers a compelling alternative to Uplinky Sticky Cart, UpCart Cart Drawer, and other conventional choices. Elevate your Shopify cart experience with innovative features like Shopify cart upsell and Shopify cart abandonment solutions.
Unlock the full potential of your cart with features like discount carts, In Cart Upsell Shopify options, Drawer Cart Notes Shopify integration, and the ability to Share a Cart with ease. Harness the power of the Scarcity Timer Cart to instill a sense of urgency in your customers, encouraging swift decision-making and boosting conversions.
Seamless shopping is our mantra, and we deliver on that promise with features like Slide a Cart and Cross Cart. Navigate through your shopping journey effortlessly, with smooth transitions and intuitive design that keeps your customers engaged and satisfied every step of the way.
Don't settle for mediocrity – elevate your online store with our cutting-edge shopping cart app. Join the ranks of satisfied merchants who have witnessed remarkable growth and increased customer satisfaction with our innovative features and unparalleled support.
Experience the future of online shopping today with our revolutionary shopping cart app. Unlock new levels of efficiency, engagement, and profitability for your online store. Try it now and see the difference for yourself.

Slide Cart Drawer by AMP Screenshots

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Slide Cart Drawer by AMP Integrations

Bold Subscriptions
BEST Currency Converter

Slide Cart Drawer by AMP User Reviews

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User Reviews


Ocemida Water

June 2, 2024

So, this app is free... and now I know why. Their privacy policy is insane! They want to collect EVERYTHING - name, address, phone number, even my location and device IDs. And the worst part? They share this data with other companies. Sure, they say it's not for marketing, but who are these "unaffiliated companies" and "trusted third-party service provider


Restore Patch

June 2, 2024

It'd be really helpful if the product description in the cart showed whether I was getting the regular product or the Recharge subscription.


Mint Apparel

June 2, 2024

This Slide Cart Drawer app for my Shopify store is a game-changer! Super easy to install and set up, and my conversions have gone way up! I love that I could make it match my store's look perfectly - it blends right in. Being able to show related products right there in the cart is genius - my customers are adding more to their orders now! Plus, their cust



June 2, 2024

Wow, the support team is amazing! They really took care of me and understood exactly what I needed. I'm excited to see what else they can do!



June 2, 2024

This app is a lifesaver! It's so easy to use and it's helped me out so much. Plus, their support team is super responsive. Oh, and their upsell totally got me – but I don't even mind because the app is that good! Seriously, 10/10 would recommend.



June 2, 2024

This app is a breeze to use and set up! Their customer support is top-notch - super helpful and friendly. Fingers crossed it gives my AOV a boost!



June 2, 2024

Wow, what a great app! The team is super helpful and the app itself is flawless. Seriously, everyone needs to try this cart drawer - it's the best one out there!



June 2, 2024

So far, so good! Checking it out and will definitely update in a few days. Loving the features and everything!



June 2, 2024

¡El soporte es genial! Siempre me ayudan con mis preguntas, y responden súper rápido. ¡Muy eficientes!



June 2, 2024

Die App ist echt klasse! Meine Umsätze sind deutlich gestiegen. Und der Kundenservice? Super hilfreich und total freundlich!

Slide Cart Drawer by AMP Pricing Plans


  • Unlimited Orders
  • Basic Cart Functionality


  • Unlimited Orders
  • All Free Features
  • Announcements
  • Discount Code Box
  • Sticky Cart
  • T&C Checkbox
  • Shipping Protection Upsell
  • Custom HTML


  • Unlimited Orders
  • All Starter Features
  • Basic Upsell
  • Advanced Upsell (Rule Based Upsells)
  • Multi-Tier Progress Bar (Free Shipping & Discounts)


  • Unlimited Orders
  • All Growth Features
  • Free Gift in Cart
  • Buy X Get Y (BOGO, B2G1 and so on)
  • Spend X Get Y (Free Gift with Progress Bar)

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Slide Cart Drawer by AMP

What are the key features of Slide Cart?

Slide Cart offers cart upsell and cross-sell options, design customization for a unique shopping cart interface, sticky cart functionality, announcements, discount code box, T&C checkbox, shipping protection upsell, and custom HTML.

What pricing plans are available for Slide Cart?

Slide Cart offers four pricing plans: Free, Starter ($19.99/month), Growth ($39.99/month), and Pro ($49.99/month). Each plan offers varying features and functionalities.

Does Slide Cart offer a free plan?

Yes, Slide Cart offers a free plan with basic cart functionality and unlimited orders.

Can I customize the design of my shopping cart with Slide Cart?

Yes, Slide Cart allows you to customize the design of your shopping cart interface for a unique shopping experience.

Does Slide Cart offer upsell and cross-sell features?

Yes, Slide Cart provides various upsell and cross-sell options, including basic and advanced upsells, free gifts, buy X get Y deals, and spend X get Y offers, to boost your store's average order value.

What integrations does Slide Cart support?

Slide Cart integrates with PageFly, Shogun, ReCharge, GemPages, Bold Subscriptions, and BEST Currency Converter.

How does Slide Cart compare to other shopping cart apps?

Slide Cart offers a compelling alternative to Uplinky Sticky Cart, UpCart Cart Drawer, and other conventional shopping cart apps, providing innovative features such as Shopify cart upsell, cart abandonment solutions, discount carts, in-cart upsells, drawer cart notes, cart sharing, and scarcity timer.


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