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Shopaw Overview

What is Shopaw?

Shopaw Product Builder introduces an unprecedented level of product customization, offering a myriad of variants and options to cater to every customer's unique preferences.

Transform your Shopify store with unparalleled customization options using Shopaw Product Options. Our variant option app empowers you to unleash endless possibilities by creating unlimited options and variant images for your products. Give your customers complete control over the appearance and features of their purchases, from color and image swatches to custom text designs and real-time image upload previews. With Shopaw Product Options, you have everything you need to take your online shop to new heights.
Upgrade to Shopaw Product Options today and experience the convenience of real-time previews, allowing customers to customize engraving or printing of text or images on demand. Our functional options include text boxes, image designs, image stacks, color swatches, and image swatches, ensuring that you can cater to a diverse range of product customization needs.
Enhance your product offerings with the ability to add extra prices to variants, providing flexibility in pricing and enabling you to maximize revenue opportunities. Our four-step easy setup process makes integration seamless: simply install the app on your theme, add products, customize options, and enable the functionality to start offering enhanced customization to your customers.
Enjoy thoughtful service with Shopaw Product Options, as we offer free configuration of up to three products to subscribers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free setup process. Manage your pages effortlessly with our comprehensive range of page types, including cart pages, custom pages, and product pages. Our content syncing feature and editor tool further streamline the management of your pages, ensuring consistency and efficiency across your entire store.
Join the ranks of successful ecommerce businesses that have leveraged Shopaw Product Options to revolutionize their product customization offerings. With our user-friendly interface, extensive feature set, and dedicated support, you can elevate your customer experience and drive sales like never before. Take your Shopify store to the next level with Shopaw Product Options.

Shopaw Features

Page types : Cart pages, Custom pages, Product pages

Managing pages : Content syncing, Editor tool

Shopaw Screenshots


Shopaw Pricing Plans


  • Configure 1 product
  • Unlimited options&templates
  • Conditional logic to show/hide options


  • Configure 100 products
  • 7 options & All templates
  • Price add-ons
  • Conditional logic
  • Theme UI compatibility within 72 hours
  • No logo exposure


  • Unlimited products
  • All options & All templates
  • Price add-ons
  • Conditional logic
  • Theme UI compatibility within 24 hrs
  • No logo exposure

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Shopaw

What types of pages can I manage with Shopaw?

Shopaw allows you to manage various page types, including cart pages, custom pages, and product pages.

How can I manage the content on my pages with Shopaw?

Shopaw provides content syncing and an editor tool to streamline the management of your page content, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

What are the available pricing plans for Shopaw?

Shopaw offers three pricing plans: Starter (Free), Standard ($9.99/month), and Advance ($24.99/month). Each plan comes with different features and product configuration limits.

What features are included in the Starter plan?

The Starter plan allows you to configure 1 product and provides unlimited options & templates. It also includes conditional logic to show/hide options.

What additional features does the Standard plan offer?

The Standard plan allows configuration of 100 products, includes 7 options & all templates, price add-ons, conditional logic, theme UI compatibility within 72 hours, and no logo exposure.

What are the benefits of the Advance plan?

The Advance plan offers unlimited product configurations, all options & templates, price add-ons, conditional logic, theme UI compatibility within 24 hours, and no logo exposure.

Does Shopaw offer a demo?

Yes, Shopaw provides a demo app that you can access to experience its functionalities.

What is the primary category of Shopaw app?

Shopaw falls under the category of landing page builders, emphasizing its ability to create customized product pages.

What is the core functionality of Shopaw?

Shopaw empowers you to create unlimited product options and variants, including color/image swatches, custom text, and real-time image previews.


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