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InstaFeed Overview

What is InstaFeed?

InstaFeed integrates custom shoppable Instagram Feeds into online stores, leveraging the visual appeal of Instagram to convert store visitors into customers through seamless shopping experiences.

Welcome to Mintt - Instafeed, the ultimate solution for seamlessly integrating Instagram feeds into your ecommerce store. With Mintt - Instafeed, you have the power to customize your Instagram content exactly to your liking, all in under a minute.
Adding Instagram photos and Reels to your store not only enhances its visual appeal but also builds social proof, converting your store visitors into loyal customers and expanding your Instagram following. Mintt - Instafeed streamlines this process, empowering you to effortlessly showcase your Instagram content and leverage it to drive engagement and sales on your store.
Our app offers a range of customizable options to suit your preferences and branding. Choose from grid or slider layouts to display your Instagram posts in a visually appealing format, whether in squares or tiles. With both manual and auto-optimized layout options, you can ensure that your Instagram feed seamlessly integrates with your store's design and aesthetic.
Mintt - Instafeed also enables you to tailor the mobile experience by customizing the number of rows and columns for optimal viewing on smaller screens. This ensures that your Instagram content looks stunning and functions flawlessly across all devices, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.
Moreover, our app allows you to enhance the shopping experience by tagging multiple products directly on your Instagram posts, creating shoppable feeds that drive traffic and sales. By seamlessly integrating your Instagram content with your product offerings, you can inspire customers to make purchases directly from your feed.
In addition, Mintt - Instafeed offers advanced filtering options, allowing you to curate your Instagram feed based on specific hashtags. This enables you to showcase content that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your target audience, further enhancing the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing efforts.
Whether you're a seasoned ecommerce professional or just starting out, Mintt - Instafeed empowers you to harness the power of Instagram to grow your business. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, you can effortlessly showcase your Instagram content, engage your audience, and drive sales like never before.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your ecommerce store with Mintt - Instafeed. Start showcasing your Instagram content in style and watch as your engagement and sales metrics soar. Try Mintt - Instafeed today and unlock the full potential of your Instagram marketing strategy.

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InstaFeed Pricing Plans

  • Forever free
  • Grid or slider layout
  • Auto optimized layout
  • Open popup or link to Instagram
  • Available on all devices and themes

$6 / month
  • Tag products
  • Reels & Collabs
  • Videos autoplay
  • Profile photo, likes, followers
  • More layouts
  • Up to 3 different feeds
  • 3-day free trial

$19 / month
  • Tagged posts
  • Automatic product feeds
  • Upload files
  • Hide posts
  • Unlimited feeds
  • Filter your posts by hashtags
  • 3-day free trial

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To InstaFeed

What is InstaFeed?

InstaFeed is an app that seamlessly integrates custom shoppable Instagram Feeds into online stores, using the visual appeal of Instagram to convert visitors into customers.

What are the benefits of using InstaFeed?

InstaFeed enhances your store's visual appeal, builds social proof, converts visitors into loyal customers, expands your Instagram following, and drives engagement and sales.

How customizable is InstaFeed?

InstaFeed offers a range of customization options including grid or slider layouts, manual or auto-optimized layouts, mobile optimization, product tagging, and hashtag filtering.

Can I create shoppable Instagram feeds with InstaFeed?

Yes, InstaFeed allows you to tag multiple products directly on your Instagram posts, creating shoppable feeds that drive traffic and sales.

What pricing plans are available for InstaFeed?

InstaFeed offers a free plan, a $6/month plan, and a $19/month plan, each with varying features and capabilities.

Does InstaFeed offer a free trial?

Yes, the $6/month and $19/month plans both offer a 3-day free trial.


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