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In Cart Upsell Overview

What is In Cart Upsell?

Maximize your average order value with targeted cart upsell and cross-sell offers for a flat fee, offering unlimited orders and upsells to optimize revenue.

Elevate your ecommerce game with the In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell Shopify App—a powerhouse solution designed to supercharge your average cart value and drive revenue growth. Our app empowers you to craft highly tailored cart upsell and cross-sell offers, delivering a personalized shopping experience that resonates with your customers.
Unleash the full potential of your ecommerce store with customizable upsell and cross-sell offers, fueled by advanced conditional logic and triggers. Tailor your strategy to perfection with seamless A/B testing functionality, allowing you to fine-tune product upsells and cross-sells for optimal performance.
Gain invaluable insights into your conversion metrics through our intuitive dashboard, providing comprehensive analytics to track the effectiveness of your upsell campaigns. Unlike other upsell apps, we believe in transparency and simplicity—our pricing model features a fixed monthly fee, ensuring that you retain full control over your profits without any hidden costs or limitations on upsell orders.
Experience the ultimate flexibility in implementing upsells and cross-sells across your store, whether on the cart page, AJAX carts, or product pages. Set precise triggers and rules to efficiently target your cart upsell and cross-sell offers, maximizing the impact on your bottom line.
Drive additional revenue with seamlessly integrated features such as frequently bought together and related product offers, enticing customers with complementary items that enhance their shopping experience.
With our smart and easy-to-read analytics dashboard, you can effortlessly fine-tune your upsell cart strategies based on real-time data insights. And as your sales grow, rest assured that you won't be penalized with increased charges—our flat monthly fee ensures unlimited upsells, allowing you to scale your business without constraints.
Discover why we're acclaimed as the best Upsells & Cross Sells Shopify App, trusted by businesses worldwide to maximize average order value and unlock the full potential of their ecommerce stores. Join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs who have harnessed the power of strategic upselling to drive sustainable growth and long-term success. Elevate your ecommerce strategy today with the In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell Shopify App.

In Cart Upsell Screenshots

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In Cart Upsell Integrations

Product Customizer
Preorder Now
Trackify X

In Cart Upsell Pricing Plans

Free Plan

  • 1 upsell offer only
  • Includes "Powered by In Cart Upsell" watermark

Shopify BASIC Plan

  • Unlimited offers
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited revenue
  • Cart page, AJAX cart, & product pages
  • A/B testing, logic & triggers
  • AI auto-offers

SHOPIFY Plan Users

  • Unlimited offers
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited revenue
  • Cart page, AJAX cart, & product pages
  • A/B testing, logic & triggers
  • AI auto-offers


  • Unlimited offers
  • Unlimited orders
  • Unlimited revenue
  • Cart page, AJAX cart, & product pages
  • A/B testing, logic & triggers
  • AI auto-offers

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To In Cart Upsell

What is the main purpose of the In Cart Upsell app?

The In Cart Upsell app is designed to increase your average order value and boost revenue by offering targeted upsell and cross-sell opportunities to customers during their shopping journey.

What kind of pricing plans are available for the app?

The app offers a range of pricing plans, including a Free Plan with limited features, and paid plans (Shopify Basic, Shopify, and Shopify Advanced) with varying features and monthly fees.

Does the app offer a free trial?

While there doesn't appear to be a specific mention of a free trial, the app does offer a "Free Plan" which allows you to explore some of its basic functionalities.

Can I create unlimited upsell offers with the app?

Yes, the paid plans (Shopify Basic, Shopify, and Shopify Advanced) provide the ability to create unlimited upsell and cross-sell offers.

Where can I place upsell offers in my store?

The app allows you to strategically place upsell and cross-sell offers on various pages, including the cart page, AJAX carts, and product pages.

Does the app offer any analytics or reporting features?

Yes, the app includes an analytics dashboard that provides insights into the performance of your upsell campaigns, allowing you to track their effectiveness and make data-driven decisions.

Does the app integrate with other Shopify apps?

Yes, the In Cart Upsell app integrates with several other popular Shopify apps, including Product Customizer, Weglot, Preorder Now, Trackify X, Loox, and Pagefly.


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