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DropInBlog Overview

What is DropInBlog?

DropInBlog replaces your built-in blog with an SEO-friendly alternative that helps you rank better on search engines and drive more sales through embedded products and optimized content.

Introducing DropInBlog, the ultimate solution for transforming your Shopify blog into a powerful, feature-rich platform. With our seamless integration, you can elevate your blogging experience and unlock a host of advanced features to enhance your online presence.
Experience the difference with our innovative SEO analyzer, which provides instant feedback and guidance on optimizing every blog post for search engine success. Say goodbye to guesswork – with DropInBlog, it's like having an in-house SEO expert at your fingertips, scoring and guiding your content creation process every step of the way.
Take control of your blog with customizable user permissions, empowering your team to contribute without compromising the security of your store. With DropInBlog, you can create users with tailored permissions, ensuring that each team member has the access they need without risking unauthorized changes to your store.
Boost sales and engagement with live product listings embedded directly into your blog posts. With DropInBlog, you can seamlessly integrate shoppable elements into your content, allowing customers to browse and purchase products without ever leaving your blog.
Transitioning to DropInBlog is effortless – we offer seamless import functionality for your existing posts and enable URL redirects to ensure a smooth transition for your readers. Plus, our as-you-type SEO analyzer provides immediate feedback on optimization efforts, helping you refine your content for maximum impact.
Our mobile-friendly design ensures that your blog looks great and functions flawlessly across all devices. With intuitive category navigation, search functionality, and related blog post suggestions, your readers can easily discover and explore your content.
Experience the power of a high-converting post layout that has been rigorously SEO-tested to help you climb the search engine rankings. With DropInBlog, you can rest assured that your content is optimized for success, driving traffic and engagement to your site.
At DropInBlog, we prioritize customer support – our team is dedicated to providing assistance and guidance whenever you need it. Whether you have questions, need technical support, or want advice on optimizing your blog, we're here to help every step of the way.
Maximize your blog's potential with our suite of SEO tools, including ALT text optimization, backlink management, bulk editing capabilities, content optimization guidance, duplicate content detection, image optimization features, metadata optimization, mobile responsiveness, schema markup, sitemap generation, speed optimization tools, and URL optimization options.
Monitor and analyze your blog's performance with comprehensive analytics, content analysis tools, actionable insights, SEO scoring, and website traffic tracking. With DropInBlog, you have everything you need to take your Shopify blog to new heights.

DropInBlog Features

SEO tools : ALT text, Backlinks, Bulk editing, Content optimization, Duplicate content, File naming, Image compression, Image optimization, Image resizing, Lazy loading, Meta tags, Metadata optimization, Mobile responsive, Schemas, Sitemaps, Speed optimization, URL optimization

Monitoring performance : Analytics, Content analysis, Insights and tips, SEO score, Website traffic

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DropInBlog Integrations

Klevu Search
Link Whisper

DropInBlog Pricing Plans


  • Unlimited Categories & Posts
  • Embed Products into Posts
  • SEO Post Analyzer
  • Pin Posts
  • Recent Posts on Homepage
  • Comments
  • Highlight to Share


  • Everything in Lite +
  • Post Authors
  • User Levels
  • Scheduled Posts
  • Related Blog Posts
  • Blog Search
  • Priority Support

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To DropInBlog

What are the key features of DropInBlog?

DropInBlog offers a variety of features, including SEO tools (ALT text, backlinks, bulk editing, content optimization, etc.), performance monitoring (analytics, content analysis, SEO score, etc.), unlimited categories & posts, product embedding, post scheduling, user levels, and more.

How does DropInBlog improve SEO?

DropInBlog provides an SEO analyzer that gives instant feedback and guidance on optimizing blog posts for search engines. It also offers tools for ALT text, backlinks, meta tags, sitemaps, and more.

Can I embed products in my blog posts?

Yes, DropInBlog allows you to seamlessly embed live product listings directly into your blog posts, making it easy for customers to purchase products without leaving your blog.

What are the available pricing plans for DropInBlog?

DropInBlog offers two pricing plans: Lite ($24/month) and Standard ($49/month). The Lite plan includes basic features such as unlimited categories & posts, SEO post analyzer, and comments. The Standard plan includes everything in Lite plus additional features like post authors, user levels, scheduled posts, and priority support.

Does DropInBlog offer a demo?

Yes, DropInBlog offers a demo showcasing its features and functionality. You can access the demo through the provided URL.

How does DropInBlog handle existing blog posts when migrating?

DropInBlog provides seamless import functionality for your existing posts and enables URL redirects to ensure a smooth transition for your readers.

Is DropInBlog mobile-friendly?

Yes, DropInBlog features a mobile-friendly design that ensures your blog looks and functions well on all devices.

What type of customer support does DropInBlog offer?

DropInBlog prioritizes customer support and offers assistance with questions, technical support, and optimization advice.


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