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Cartix Overview

What is Cartix?

This app boosts store conversion and average order value with a slide cart featuring in-cart upsell, cart discount code, and more, creating a seamless and persuasive shopping experience.

Welcome to Cartix, the ultimate solution for maximizing conversions and boosting average order value (AOV) with our fully customizable, conversion-optimized slide cart. Packed with powerful features for cart discounts, upsell rules, and a variety of discount options, Cartix empowers your store to become a powerhouse in cart upselling.
Our platform is designed to turbocharge your AOV and conversion rates, transforming your store into a formidable cart upsell brand. With features like priority processing, shipping insurance, and multi-currency support, you can enhance your store's AOV and provide added value to your customers.
Utilize progress bars within the upsell cart drawer to incentivize additional purchases and drive revenue growth. Target specific cart upsell rules with products and auto-recommendations to further increase AOV and maximize upsell opportunities. With the ability to customize in-cart upsell locations, you can fine-tune performance and optimize the user experience.
Enhance the visibility of cart discounts by adding progress bars to the slide cart or cart drawer, enticing customers to take advantage of special offers before checkout. By applying cart discount codes prior to checkout, you can streamline the purchasing process and increase conversions, ensuring a seamless and rewarding shopping experience for your customers.
Our platform offers full CSS customization, allowing you to perfectly match the design of your store's cart to your brand aesthetic. With Cartix, you have the flexibility to create a cohesive and visually appealing shopping experience that reflects the unique identity of your brand.
In conclusion, Cartix empowers e-commerce stores to unlock the full potential of their cart upselling strategies with a comprehensive suite of features and customization options. From increasing AOV to driving conversions, our platform provides the tools you need to elevate your store's performance and maximize revenue. Experience the power of Cartix and take your e-commerce business to new heights of success.

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Cartix Plan

  • Cart Upsells Widget
  • Discount Codes Applied in Cart
  • Reward Progress Bars Widget
  • Addons Widget
  • Fully Customisable Design
  • Premium Support

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Cartix

What is Cartix?

Cartix is a Shopify app designed to boost conversions and average order value through a customizable slide cart. It offers features like in-cart upsells, cart discount codes, and more, creating a seamless and persuasive shopping experience.

How does Cartix improve AOV and conversion rates?

Cartix provides tools like cart upsells, discount codes, progress bars, and customizable design to incentivize purchases, streamline checkout, and enhance the overall shopping experience, leading to increased AOV and conversions.

Can I customize the design of the slide cart?

Yes, Cartix offers full CSS customization, allowing you to match the design of your store's cart to your brand aesthetic for a cohesive and visually appealing experience.

What are some key features of Cartix?

Cartix includes features like cart upsells widget, discount code application in cart, reward progress bars widget, addons widget, fully customizable design, and premium support.

How much does Cartix cost?

Cartix offers a plan called "Cartix Plan" priced at $7.99 per month.


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