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Judge.me Overview

What is Judge.me?

Judge.me is a comprehensive solution for collecting and displaying product reviews and star ratings on ecommerce platforms, enhancing customer trust and boosting sales through authentic user feedback.

Judge.me Product Reviews serves as an essential tool for Shopify store owners looking to harness the power of customer feedback to drive sales, enhance brand credibility, and optimize their store’s SEO performance. At its core, Judge.me facilitates the collection of customer reviews through a streamlined, automated process. By scheduling automatic email requests for reviews following order fulfillment or delivery, the app ensures a continuous influx of fresh, authentic content directly from your customer base. This feature is crucial for stores aiming to build a robust catalog of user-generated content without imposing on the customer’s post-purchase experience.
Recognizing the global nature of e-commerce, Judge.me supports up to 38 languages, making it an invaluable asset for stores with an international customer base. This multilingual support extends the reach of your review collection efforts, ensuring that language barriers do not impede your ability to gather feedback from a diverse audience. Moreover, Judge.me allows the importation of reviews from other platforms, offering a seamless transition for stores migrating to or looking to consolidate their review management efforts under a single, efficient tool. Customization lies at the heart of Judge.me’s offering. The app provides extensive options to tailor the appearance of review widgets to match your store’s theme and brand aesthetics. From adjusting widget colors and texts to selecting from various themes, Judge.me ensures that the display of reviews on your storefront aligns with your visual identity. This level of customization is complemented by the app’s versatile display options, which include review carousels, all reviews page, media galleries, and more, providing numerous ways to showcase customer feedback attractively and engagingly.
Beyond merely collecting and displaying reviews, Judge.me enhances your store’s marketing and SEO efforts. The app facilitates the sharing of positive reviews on social media platforms, extending the reach of your customer feedback and leveraging it as social proof to attract new customers. For SEO, Judge.me generates rich snippets and integrates with Google Shopping, improving your store’s search engine visibility and driving organic traffic. The inclusion of SEO tools like backlinks, JSON-LD for structured data, and meta tags optimization further bolsters your site’s ranking on search engines. With a commitment to accessibility and ease of use, Judge.me offers unlimited email review requests and boasts a 24/7 support team ready to assist with setup and customization. The app’s analytics and performance monitoring tools provide valuable insights into your review collection efforts, enabling data-driven decision-making to continually refine your strategy. In essence, Judge.me Product Reviews is not just a tool for collecting customer feedback; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to elevate your store’s credibility, enhance customer engagement, and drive sales through the strategic use of reviews.

Judge.me Features

Display options : All reviews page, Badges, Carousels, Filtering, Grid layout, Media galleries, Photo reviews, Product grouping, Q&A, Rich snippets, Star ratings, Tabs or sidebars, Testimonials, Top reviews, Video reviews

Ways to collect reviews : Automations, Custom requests, Email requests, Forms, Import and export, Promotions, Push notifications, Referrals, Review migration, Review syndication, SMS requests, Social media UGC, Surveys

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Judge.me Integrations

Loyalty Points VIP Referral Programs by Smile.io
PushOwl - Web Push Notifications
Tracking & Delivery Updates by AfterShip
Google Shopping Feed
LoyaltyLion - Loyalty rewards and referrals

Judge.me User Reviews

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User Reviews


My Happy Flo

May 8, 2024

Ugh, still having the same issue with comments vanishing from our product page every few days! And it always happens at the worst possible time - like when we're getting tons of traffic from our TikToks going viral. I've asked them to put a note on our account so whoever gets our ticket knows the fix, but seriously, this is making us think about switching


Flavorful Brews

May 8, 2024

Yeah, figuring it out at first was a bit of a pain, but their customer service people are super quick and helpful. Really enjoying it now!



May 8, 2024

This app is a lifesaver! Got stuck and a real person helped me out through chat. Didn't have to wait forever and they actually knew their stuff. 💯 Would recommend!


Powrbox Boxing

May 8, 2024

Customer service is awesome! Ron helped me install widgets and even made my stuff look nicer. Totally recommend it so far.


Chorus Supernatural

May 8, 2024

Support team is awesome, especially Brian! He helped me move all my reviews from an old Shopify app super fast and easy. He even showed me how to do it myself next time. Best customer service ever! Reviews look great on the new app!



May 8, 2024

Had some issues, but they fixed 'em ASAP! Super happy, gonna tell my friends. Thanks again!


Perry Blue

May 8, 2024

Achei super fácil de instalar e o app funciona muito bem. O suporte ao cliente é top, em poucos minutos arrumaram umas coisinhas pra mim e ficou show! 👌



May 8, 2024

Totally loving Judge.me! Switching from our old review app was so easy, it's been amazing. Super happy with everything about this app.\n\nMoving our old reviews was a piece of cake with Judge.me's help. We were a bit worried about losing reviews, but their tools took care of everything perfectly. All our reviews came over without a hitch, which kept our



May 8, 2024

This app is amazing, even the free version does exactly what it says it will. I love that I can customize the emails that get sent to customers to ask for reviews. The blocks to add reviews to my store look great, and I can use them on any page I want. Best part is the support, they are super helpful and get back to you right away!


Cure8ted Candle Co

May 8, 2024

Customer service is awesome! Everyone's been super helpful, especially the last person I talked to. Big thumbs up for that!

Judge.me Pricing Plans

Forever Free

  • Unlimited review requests
  • Photos & videos
  • Carousel themes
  • In-email reviews
  • Curate reviews
  • Shop syndication
  • SEO snippets
  • Manual social push


  • Site reviews
  • All Reviews Page
  • Q&A
  • Custom forms
  • Coupons
  • Product groups
  • Cross-shop syndication
  • Meta syndication
  • Google Shopping
  • No branding

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Judge.me

What is Judge.me?

Judge.me is a comprehensive solution for collecting and displaying product reviews and star ratings, enhancing customer trust and boosting sales through authentic user feedback.

How does Judge.me help collect reviews?

Judge.me automates review collection with scheduled email requests after order fulfillment or delivery, ensuring a continuous flow of fresh customer feedback.

Can Judge.me handle reviews in multiple languages?

Yes, Judge.me supports up to 38 languages, catering to stores with an international customer base and diverse audience.

Can I import existing reviews from other platforms?

Absolutely! Judge.me allows importing reviews from other platforms, making it easy to consolidate your review management.

Can I customize how reviews are displayed on my store?

Yes, Judge.me provides extensive customization options for review widgets, allowing you to match your store's theme and brand aesthetics.

What are the different ways to display reviews using Judge.me?

Judge.me offers various display options such as review carousels, a dedicated all reviews page, media galleries, and more, providing flexibility in showcasing customer feedback.

Does Judge.me help with marketing and SEO?

Yes, Judge.me facilitates sharing positive reviews on social media and generates rich snippets for SEO, improving your store's visibility and organic traffic.

What are the available pricing plans for Judge.me?

Judge.me offers a "Forever Free" plan with unlimited review requests and basic features, and an "Awesome" plan for $15/month with advanced features like site reviews, Q&A, and Google Shopping integration.

Does Judge.me offer any support?

Yes, Judge.me provides a 24/7 support team to assist with setup, customization, and any other inquiries you may have.


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