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Chatra Pricing Overview

Chatra offers a free plan with features like live chat and an offline contact form bot. For more advanced features, they have the Essential plan at $21/month, including chatbots and social media integrations. Their Pro plan, at $29/month, provides additional features such as data export and API access.

Chatra Pricing Plans

Free plan

  • Live chat
  • Offline contact form bot
  • Most features
  • Free forever

Essential plan

  • Live chat
  • Chatbots
  • Instagram DM
  • Facebook chat
  • Realtime visitor list
  • Visitor info
  • Chat automation
  • Typing insights
  • Saved replies
  • File transfer

Pro plan

  • All Essential plan features
  • Chat ratings & reports
  • Data export
  • Operating hours
  • Agent groups
  • Integrations
  • REST API & outgoing webhooks

Chatra Pricing Reviews

Overall Rating


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User Reviews



June 2, 2024

Man, I spent ages searching for a decent chat app. Nothing seemed quite right, and some were crazy expensive for what they offered. I tried a bunch – Olark, Tidio, Messenger, even Drift – but ultimately landed on Chatra. Why? Well, Drift looked slick and had cool features, but the price was outrageous compared to Chatra. Plus, Chatra gave me way more feature



June 2, 2024

Your Shopify ad said $19 a month! ($15 if you pay for the year.) Now I install it and it's $15 per agent, every month? I have FIVE agents, all part-time, working from home. That's $75 a month! You've got to be kidding. Your app is NOT worth that kind of money. I'm so mad right now, your pricing was totally misleading! I wasted my time with this app. Shame o


The Sweetest Delivery

May 6, 2024

Love it! Super easy and looks great. Sad the trial is ending soon, gonna miss some stuff. Price is a bit steep for me though, with all my other expenses. But definitely recommend it - it's been awesome for our site. Oh, and the iPhone app is sweet too! Really appreciate that.



May 6, 2024

This app is the bomb! Seriously, the best one I've found for my Shopify store. It's like having a superpower for chatting with customers. Love that it pings me with a pop-up and sound when someone messages, way better than using WhatsApp!



May 6, 2024

This app is the bomb! Support is amazing. Shopify users, you need to try this. Same day set up with website messaging and now my customers get answers to their emails and questions right away!

Compare Chatra Pricing Against Competitors

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FreemonthlyFree - $800/monthAmplified Email Pricing
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FreemonthlyFree - $7.99/monthBeSure Pricing
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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Chatra

How much does Chatra cost?

Chatra offers a free plan along with two paid plans: Essential at $21/month and Pro at $29/month.

Does Chatra offer a free plan?

Yes, Chatra has a free plan available forever.

What are various pricing tiers offered by Chatra?

Chatra offers three pricing tiers: a Free plan, an Essential plan at $21/month, and a Pro plan priced at $29/month.

What's the features available in free plan of Chatra?

Chatra's free plan includes live chat, an offline contact form bot, and most core features.


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