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Chatra Overview

What is Chatra?

Chatra assists web visitors in reaching checkout faster with real-time support and product recommendations, enhancing the shopping journey and boosting conversion rates through effective customer engagement.

At Chatra, we empower you to initiate and nurture meaningful conversations that significantly boost your conversion rates. Our comprehensive suite of tools includes Live Chat, Chatbot, Cart Saver, and Shared Inbox functionalities, strategically designed to optimize your online engagement and drive sales.
With Chatra, you can seamlessly welcome visitors to your digital storefront and capitalize on every opportunity to cross-sell products, ultimately maximizing your average order value. Say goodbye to abandoned carts as Chatra enables you to proactively reach out to customers stuck at checkout, providing them with real-time assistance and guidance to complete their purchase.
Our platform offers targeted chat capabilities, allowing you to tailor your messages and provide personalized support round the clock. Say goodbye to tedious tasks with our automated chatbots, designed to handle routine inquiries and free up your valuable time for more strategic endeavors.
Managing conversations across multiple channels has never been easier with Chatra. Connect your social media and email channels to our platform and streamline all your communications into one centralized inbox. Our intuitive interface makes it effortless to integrate these tools seamlessly, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your team.
Whether you're on your desktop or mobile device, Chatra has you covered. Engage with your customers in real-time, answer messages from Facebook, Instagram, or email, and keep track of visitors browsing your website—all from one convenient app. Our platform is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, providing you with flexibility and accessibility wherever you go.
At Chatra, we understand the importance of fostering meaningful connections with your customers. That's why we've developed a comprehensive suite of tools to help you engage, support, and convert visitors into loyal customers. Join us today and revolutionize the way you interact with your online audience.

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Chatra User Reviews

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User Reviews


The Bath Bomb Outlet

June 2, 2024

This app looks great and was a breeze to install, but the notifications never worked for me! They were never in real time. Customer service did try to help and gave me some things to try, but nothing worked. (I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S9+).



June 2, 2024

Man, I spent ages searching for a decent chat app. Nothing seemed quite right, and some were crazy expensive for what they offered. I tried a bunch – Olark, Tidio, Messenger, even Drift – but ultimately landed on Chatra. Why? Well, Drift looked slick and had cool features, but the price was outrageous compared to Chatra. Plus, Chatra gave me way more feature


Steven Dockman

June 2, 2024

This app is so sluggish with letting me know about new customers! And the customer locations? Way off, like ridiculously inaccurate.



June 2, 2024

Your Shopify ad said $19 a month! ($15 if you pay for the year.) Now I install it and it's $15 per agent, every month? I have FIVE agents, all part-time, working from home. That's $75 a month! You've got to be kidding. Your app is NOT worth that kind of money. I'm so mad right now, your pricing was totally misleading! I wasted my time with this app. Shame o


Hot Dress Boutique

June 2, 2024

This app is a breeze to use! I love being able to see what my customers are up to in real-time. It's a must-have for new businesses, highly recommend it!


Let's Knit

June 2, 2024

This chat app is exactly what I was looking for! It's free, simple, and easy to use – Chatra really delivers. The free version is great, but the paid features are so good, I'm definitely upgrading after my trial. Can't recommend it enough!


The Healthy Desk

June 2, 2024

This app is great! It does everything the other chat apps do but without the crazy price tag. Plus, I can use it on my Shopify store AND my other online store - bonus!



June 2, 2024

This app is a game-changer! It's helped me connect with my customers on a whole new level and guide them smoothly through checkout. I've even seen a boost in sales because of it! Plus, the support team is awesome - they helped me sort out a problem super fast.


Peter Istvan Photography

June 2, 2024

Love this app! As a Parry Sound photographer, it's been amazing for connecting with people looking for headshots. It makes communicating with clients so easy, and it was a breeze to set up and start using. Thanks so much! - Peter Istvan Photography



June 2, 2024

This app is a lifesaver for my shop, someverygood.com! It's made talking to my customers so much easier. It's really powerful but still easy to use. If you're just starting out, you should definitely check this app out!

Chatra Pricing Plans

Free plan

  • Live chat
  • Offline contact form bot
  • Most features
  • Free forever

Essential plan

  • Live chat
  • Chatbots
  • Instagram DM
  • Facebook chat
  • Realtime visitor list
  • Visitor info
  • Chat automation
  • Typing insights
  • Saved replies
  • File transfer

Pro plan

  • All Essential plan features
  • Chat ratings & reports
  • Data export
  • Operating hours
  • Agent groups
  • Integrations
  • REST API & outgoing webhooks

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Chatra

What is Chatra and what does it do?

Chatra is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that helps businesses boost conversion rates through live chat, chatbots, cart saver, and shared inbox functionalities.

How does Chatra help with abandoned carts?

Chatra allows you to proactively reach out to customers who are stuck at checkout, providing real-time assistance and guidance to help them complete their purchase.

Can I automate conversations with Chatra?

Yes, Chatra offers automated chatbots designed to handle routine inquiries, freeing up your time for more strategic tasks.

What channels can I manage conversations on with Chatra?

Chatra allows you to connect and manage conversations from your website, social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), and email, all within a single centralized inbox.

Is Chatra accessible on different devices?

Yes, Chatra is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, allowing you to engage with customers and manage conversations on the go.

What are the available pricing plans for Chatra?

Chatra offers a Free plan, an Essential plan for $21/month, and a Pro plan for $29/month. Each plan comes with varying features and capabilities.

What features are included in the Free plan?

The Free plan includes live chat, an offline contact form bot, and access to most of Chatra's core features.

What additional features does the Essential plan offer?

The Essential plan includes all Free plan features plus chatbots, Instagram and Facebook chat integration, a real-time visitor list, visitor information, chat automation, typing insights, saved replies, and file transfer.

What are the benefits of the Pro plan?

The Pro plan includes all Essential plan features and adds chat ratings & reports, data export, operating hours, agent groups, integrations, REST API, and outgoing webhooks.


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