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Zopi Pricing Overview

Zopi offers a free plan with basic features like importing your first product, fulfilling on AliExpress, price change monitoring, and supplier discovery. For enhanced functionalities, paid plans including Starter ($9.90/month), Basic ($19.90/month), and Advanced ($49.90/month) provide higher product limits, order processing capabilities, trend analysis, AI tools, and more.

Zopi Pricing Plans


  • Easily import your first product
  • Fulfill on AliExpress easily
  • See product price's change
  • Find better suppliers for you


  • All from FREE plus:
  • Increased product limit
  • Increased orders process limit
  • Discover product's sale trend
  • Bulk editting capabilities


  • All from STARTER plus:
  • High product limit
  • High orders process limit
  • Access to A.I writing and image finder
  • Product image optimizer


  • All from BASIC plus:
  • Great product limit
  • Great orders process limit
  • High-volume order placing
  • Cashback support
  • Product source optimizer

Compare Zopi Pricing Against Competitors

Product nameStarting PriceBilledPrice RangeFree planLearn more
$9monthly$9 - $23917TRACK Pricing
AAA Apps-logoAAA Apps
FreeMonthlyFree - $19/monthAAA Apps Pricing
FreemonthlyFree - $120/monthAblestar Pricing
Address Validator Plus-logoAddress Validator Plus
FreeNot applicableFreeAddress Validator Plus Pricing
Freemonthly$9.99 - $29.99Adoric Pricing

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Zopi

How much does Zopi cost?

Zopi offers a range of pricing plans starting from a free plan to $49.90 per month.

Does Zopi offer a free plan?

Yes, Zopi offers a free plan with features like importing your first product, fulfilling on AliExpress, viewing product price changes, and finding better suppliers.

What are various pricing tiers offered by Zopi?

Zopi offers 4 pricing tiers: FREE, STARTER ($9.90/month), BASIC ($19.90/month), and ADVANCED ($49.90/month).

What's the features available in free plan of Zopi?

The free plan of Zopi lets you easily import your first product, fulfill on AliExpress, see product price changes, and find better suppliers.


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