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Transcy Pricing Overview

Transcy offers a free plan with features such as unlimited auto AI translations for one language, one currency, SEO factors translation, Shopify Payment Integration, and basic switcher settings. In addition to the free plan, there are three paid plans: Basic for $11.90 per month, Growth for $29.90 per month, and Enterprise for $59.90 per month. Each plan offers progressively more features and language support.

Transcy Pricing Plans

Free to install
  • Unlimited Auto AI Translations
  • 1 Language & 1 Currency
  • Translate SEO factors
  • Shopify Payment integration
  • Basic Switcher settings

$11.90 / month
  • All in Free
  • Unlimited Advance AI Translations
  • 2 Languages & 168 Currencies
  • Edit translation for 1 language
  • Find and replace translation

$29.90 / month
  • All in Basic
  • 148 Languages
  • Edit translation for 5 languages
  • Glossary
  • Basic Auto-update translation & Replace image
  • Language redirection

$59.90 / month
  • All in Growth
  • Priority server
  • Edit translation for 20 languages
  • DeepL translate
  • Advanced Auto update translation
  • Customer success manager

Compare Transcy Pricing Against Competitors

Product nameStarting PriceBilledPrice RangeFree planLearn more
$9monthly$9 - $23917TRACK Pricing
AAA Apps-logoAAA Apps
FreeMonthlyFree - $19/monthAAA Apps Pricing
FreemonthlyFree - $120/monthAblestar Pricing
Address Validator Plus-logoAddress Validator Plus
FreeNot applicableFreeAddress Validator Plus Pricing
Freemonthly$9.99 - $29.99Adoric Pricing

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Transcy

How much does Transcy cost?

Transcy offers a variety of pricing plans, starting with a free plan. Paid plans begin at $11.90 per month and go up to $59.90 per month. Each plan offers a different set of features, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Does Transcy offer a free plan?

Yes, Transcy does offer a free plan! This plan includes features like unlimited auto AI translations, translation for one language and one currency, translation of SEO factors, Shopify payment integration, and basic switcher settings.

What are the various pricing tiers offered by Transcy?

Transcy offers four pricing tiers: - Free - Basic: $11.90/month - Growth: $29.90/month - Enterprise: $59.90/month

What's the features available in free plan of Transcy?

The free plan of Transcy is quite generous, offering: - Unlimited Auto AI Translations - Support for 1 Language & 1 Currency - Translation of SEO factors - Shopify Payment Integration - Basic Switcher settings


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