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Smartrr Pricing Overview

Smartrr offers 3 pricing plans: Launch at $99/month, Grow at $299/month, and Excel starting at $499/month. It does not have a free plan but all plans provide various subscription features for growing brands, including branded checkout, automated notifications, and dedicated shipping profiles. Higher-tier plans offer advanced features like a customer success manager, advanced analytics, loyalty programs, and more.

Smartrr Pricing Plans


  • Branded Shopify checkout & member portal
  • Automated customer SMS & email notifications
  • Dedicated subscription shipping profiles
  • Chat support


  • all Launch features +
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Advanced subscription setup including sequential & prepaid
  • Integrations
  • Advanced Analytics

Excel Starting At:

  • all Grow features +
  • Loyalty rewards, referrals, & memberships
  • Digital subscriptions & tiered pricing
  • Smart retention
  • Custom built reporting

Smartrr Pricing Reviews

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User Reviews


Love Sweat Fitness

June 2, 2024

This Smartrr migration has been a NIGHTMARE. Seriously, I thought ReCharge was bad, but this takes the cake. They've messed up our subscriptions so badly, we're losing hundreds of dollars every single day. First, they migrated our customers' programs wrong – think everyone on a 4-month cycle! Then, they went and created a bunch of extra subscription option


Wild Planet Foods

May 11, 2024

Stumbled upon Smartrr last year during some webinars. Their subscriber portal and back-end stuff really caught my eye. Our old subscription platform was a nightmare for our customers, tons of glitches and headaches. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical because Smartrr seemed pretty new. We had just moved our shop to Shopify and were trying to build a really solid

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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Smartrr

How much does Smartrr cost?

Smartrr offers three pricing tiers: Launch for $99/month, Grow for $299/month, and Excel starting at $499/month.

Does Smartrr offer a free plan?

No, Smartrr does not offer a free plan.

What are the various pricing tiers offered by Smartrr?

Smartrr has three pricing tiers: - **Launch ($99/month):** Branded Shopify checkout & member portal, automated customer SMS & email notifications, dedicated subscription shipping profiles, and chat support. - **Grow ($299/month):** All Launch features plus a customer success manager, advanced subscription setup including sequential & prepaid, integrations, and advanced analytics. - **Excel (Starting at $499/month):** All Grow features plus loyalty rewards, referrals, & memberships, digital subscriptions & tiered pricing, smart retention, and custom built reporting.

Is there a trial plan available for Smartrr?

The provided information does not mention a trial plan.


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