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Printify Pricing Overview

Printify offers two pricing plans: a Free plan and a Premium plan. The Free plan allows you to connect up to 5 stores, create unlimited product designs, and provides access to mockup generator, manual order creation and 24/7 merchant support. The Premium plan, priced at $29/month, includes all the features of the Free plan along with support for 10 stores, self-service help desk, up to 20% discount on products, and an additional 14% discount on yearly plans.

Printify Pricing Plans


Free to install
  • 5 online stores
  • Unlimited number of product designs
  • Mockup generator
  • Manual order creation
  • 24/7 merchant support


  • ALL Free plan features
  • 10 online stores
  • Self-serve help desk
  • Up to 20% DISCOUNT on all products
  • Additional 14% off with a yearly plan

Printify Pricing Reviews

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User Reviews


Happy Bulge Swim Co.

June 2, 2024

This app is a complete waste of time! Their website is a joke – I can't even log in because it won't recognize my store email, even when I copy and paste it directly from Shopify. Twitter support is nonexistent; I've been tweeting for almost 24 hours with zero response. We have a customer who has been waiting two days for an update on his order, and we hav



May 11, 2024

Love Printify! Great platform for creating and selling custom products. Lots of product options, easy to customize designs, and integrates with all the major e-commerce platforms. Just one suggestion to make it even better - would love to have more control over profit margins. Right now, we're stuck with fixed margin options. Makes it hard to price compe


Pandatheist Emporium

May 11, 2024

Totally useless app, can't even get my products on Shopify, like seriously?! Support ghosted me for a week, just crickets. Black Friday's coming and I'm making zilch thanks to them. Avoid Printify like the plague! Still can't publish, it's Black Friday, and guess what? My sales are ZERO! They actually wanted me to list all 500 of my products manually, a


MacArthur's Merch .com

May 11, 2024

Rip off! Double charged me for months, used both my cards! Excuses were pathetic! Said I had 2 accounts - lies! They messed up & wouldn't fix it. Cut me off after taking payment. Total scam, avoid like the plague! 9 months work & 300+ products down the drain, thanks to them & their useless partners. Starting a business is hard enough without these crooks!


Why Be Cool When You Could Be AwkwaRd!

May 11, 2024

Super easy to use, even for non-techies like me! The products are awesome and there's so much variety. Printify even helps with pricing, it's like having your own little pop-up shop. All I have to do is design, which is what I love! This app is literally everything you need.


The Tiki Yard

May 8, 2024

One star is too good for this app! My shipping costs just jumped from $8 to $18 overnight - what a joke! Looks like a glitch, but it's making my business look terrible. Stay away from Printify, they'll leave you hanging! This app is a total nightmare for managing both online and physical stores. Customer service is clueless too. Trying to track inventory ac


Live Your Own Story

May 8, 2024

Super easy to use, pricing is good. Needs more options for where to put the design on the shirt, like on the front or back, and inside for the label.



May 8, 2024

Okay, here's my take on it: Love the idea, but making money is tough! Costs add up fast – supplies, shipping, everyone gets a cut. Finding that sweet spot between competitive pricing and actually making a profit is tricky. Take shirts or blankets, for example. There are tons of similar options out there for way cheaper. Hard to convince people to pay more j



May 8, 2024

Easy to use, but shipping costs are a rip-off. Makes me want to check out other apps.


Holy Designs

May 8, 2024

Totally changed my biz, so easy to use, tons of stuff to sell, works great with Shopify. Orders just go, prices are awesome, making bank. Support team is the best. New sellers, you need this!

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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Printify

How much does Printify cost?

Printify offers a free plan and a premium plan for $29 per month. You can also save 14% with an annual subscription to the premium plan.

Does Printify offer a free plan?

Yes, Printify offers a free plan!

What are various pricing tiers offered by Printify?

Printify has two pricing tiers: a free plan and a premium plan.

What's the features available in free plan of Printify?

The free plan lets you connect to 5 online stores, create unlimited product designs, access the mockup generator, manually create orders and have access to 24/7 merchant support.


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