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Stay AI Overview

What is Stay AI?

Retextion supercharges customer loyalty and lifetime value (LTV) with a comprehensive subscription program, offering flexible and engaging subscription options for ecommerce businesses.

Introducing Stay Ai, the ultimate solution for optimizing your store's subscription model, driving new acquisitions, boosting customer lifetime value (LTV), and combating churn. Developed by a seasoned team with decades of collective experience in elevating recurring revenue for diverse consumer brands, Stay Ai offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to supercharge your subscription revenue.
Central to Stay Ai's functionality are our cutting-edge Experience and Retention Engines, revolutionizing how you approach subscriptions as a performance channel. Harness the power of robust A/B testing capabilities across the entire subscription lifecycle with our Experience Engine, enabling you to fine-tune and optimize every aspect of your subscription offerings.
Combat churn effectively with our advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, empowering you to identify and mitigate churn risk factors before they impact your bottom line. Stay Ai's lightning-fast portals streamline the subscription management process, saving both your customers and your team valuable time and resources.
Craft sleek and branded emails effortlessly with our intuitive drag-and-drop notification builder, reducing the time and effort required to engage with your subscriber base. Stay Ai's advanced native analytics and reporting tools provide unparalleled insights, facilitating data-driven decision-making and empowering you to make informed choices that drive growth and profitability.
Whether you're a burgeoning startup or an established enterprise, Stay Ai equips you with the tools and insights needed to unlock the full potential of your subscription business. Seamlessly integrate Stay Ai into your existing infrastructure and watch as your subscription revenue soars to new heights.
Experience the difference with Stay Ai and join countless other brands who have revolutionized their subscription models with our industry-leading platform. Empower your business to thrive in the competitive landscape of subscription-based commerce with Stay Ai by your side.

Stay AI Screenshots

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Stay AI Pricing Plans

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    Frequently Asked Questions Related To Stay AI

    What is Stay AI?

    Stay AI is a comprehensive subscription program designed to enhance customer loyalty and lifetime value (LTV) for ecommerce businesses. It offers flexible and engaging subscription options to boost recurring revenue.

    What are the key features of Stay AI?

    Stay AI boasts cutting-edge Experience and Retention Engines, enabling A/B testing across the subscription lifecycle, churn reduction through AI, efficient subscription management portals, a drag-and-drop notification builder, and advanced analytics.

    How does Stay AI combat churn?

    Stay AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to identify and mitigate churn risk factors before they impact your bottom line, helping you retain customers and maintain steady revenue.

    How much does Stay AI cost?

    Stay AI offers a Monthly Plan priced at $499/month.

    What other apps does Stay AI integrate with?

    Stay AI seamlessly integrates with Klaviyo, Gorgias, Peel, RetentionEngine, Churn Buster, and Wonderment, enhancing its functionality and compatibility with your existing tools.

    What languages does Stay AI support?

    Currently, Stay AI supports English.

    Where can I find reviews for Stay AI?

    You can find a total of 55 reviews for Stay AI on the Shopify App Store with the majority being 5-star ratings.

    Is Stay AI suitable for my business?

    Stay AI caters to both burgeoning startups and established enterprises looking to optimize their subscription models and unlock the full potential of their subscription business.


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