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Smartviewer Overview

What is Smartviewer?

Quick View reduces shopping comparison time and increases conversion rates with a one-click purchase feature, streamlining the shopping process for customers.

Introducing Quick View, the ultimate solution for your ecommerce store! With Quick View, your customers can now effortlessly access product previews with just a single click, eliminating the need to reload the entire site. This innovative app not only streamlines the shopping experience but also enhances convenience for shoppers, allowing them to swiftly view product details without navigating away from the catalog.

Imagine browsing through your favorite products and being able to instantly preview their details without any hassle. Quick View makes this a reality by significantly reducing browsing time and ultimately boosting conversion rates. With the ability to add products to the cart directly from the Product Quick View pop-up, your customers can seamlessly transition from previewing to purchasing with ease.

At Quick View, we understand the importance of enhancing the shopping journey for your customers. That's why our app is designed to be user-friendly and requires no coding knowledge to implement. With just one click, you can activate Quick View and start providing your customers with a smoother, more efficient shopping experience.

Key Features of Quick View:
Instant Product Previews: Allow customers to quickly preview product details without leaving the catalog navigation.
Seamless Shopping Experience: Reduce browsing time and increase conversion rates by streamlining the purchasing process.
Add to Cart Functionality: Enable customers to add products to their cart directly from the Quick View pop-up.
Easy Implementation: No coding required – simply activate the app with a single click.

With Quick View, you can stay ahead of the competition by offering a superior shopping experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Whether you're a small business owner or a large enterprise, Quick View is the perfect solution to enhance your ecommerce store and delight your customers.

Don't let cumbersome navigation and lengthy browsing processes deter your customers from making purchases. Implement Quick View today and revolutionize the way your customers shop online. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and increased conversion rates that Quick View has to offer – your customers will thank you for it!

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Smartviewer Integrations

Free gifts
Product label
Currency switcher

Smartviewer Pricing Plans


  • Basic customization
  • 1 button template
  • Zoom function
  • Translation
  • Limited thumbnail images, product description

Pro (recommended)

  • All features in Free Plan
  • Unlimited customization
  • Upsell features
  • Quick Add To Cart
  • 1 click to checkout


  • All features in Pro Plan
  • Free designed templates
  • Free integration with any app
  • Highest prioritized support

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Smartviewer

What are the key features of Smartviewer?

Smartviewer offers instant product previews, a seamless shopping experience, add-to-cart functionality, and easy implementation with just one click.

How does Smartviewer benefit customers?

Smartviewer allows customers to quickly preview product details without leaving the catalog, reducing browsing time and streamlining the purchasing process.

What problem does Smartviewer solve?

Smartviewer addresses the issue of cumbersome navigation and lengthy browsing processes that can deter customers from making purchases.

How does Smartviewer impact conversion rates?

By offering a superior shopping experience with quick product previews and easy add-to-cart functionality, Smartviewer helps boost conversion rates.

Does Smartviewer require coding knowledge to implement?

No, Smartviewer is designed to be user-friendly and can be activated with a single click, requiring no coding knowledge.

What are the available pricing plans for Smartviewer?

Smartviewer offers three pricing plans: Free, Pro (recommended at $3.99/month), and Unlimited ($9.99/month), each with varying features.

What features are included in the Free plan?

The Free plan includes basic customization, 1 button template, zoom function, translation, and limited thumbnail images and product descriptions.

What additional features are offered in the Pro plan?

The Pro plan includes all features of the Free plan plus unlimited customization, upsell features, quick add-to-cart, and 1-click checkout.

What are the benefits of the Unlimited plan?

The Unlimited plan provides all features of the Pro plan along with free designed templates, free integration with any app, and the highest prioritized support.


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