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Sky Pilot Overview

What is Sky Pilot?

Sky Pilot facilitates the sale and distribution of digital products like e-books and music within online stores, offering automated download functionality to customers upon purchase, ensuring a seamless and efficient delivery process for digital goods.

Welcome to our ecommerce app designed to revolutionize your digital product sales strategy. With our platform, you can expand your audience and boost revenue by offering a diverse range of digital items online, from music and ebooks to PDFs and videos.
Our app seamlessly integrates digital downloads into your store, providing customers with an on-brand and hassle-free experience. Whether you're selling standalone digital products or bundling them with physical items, our platform ensures a smooth transaction process and enhances customer satisfaction.
Unlock the potential for recurring revenue by leveraging our app's compatibility with subscription services. By offering digital products on a subscription basis, you can create a steady stream of income and foster long-term customer relationships.
Personalization is key to driving sales, which is why our platform offers robust product tagging capabilities. With the ability to tag digital products based on customer preferences and behavior, you can tailor your offerings to meet individual needs and interests.
Security is paramount when it comes to digital downloads, and our platform prioritizes top-tier security measures to protect your files and your customers' data. From login authentication and IP alerts to PDF stamping and limited downloads, we ensure that your digital assets are safeguarded at every step.
Setting up and managing your digital sales is simple and straightforward with our app. From direct digital content delivery in your store to offering high-quality streaming and downloads, our platform provides the tools you need to succeed. Organize your files into folders, customize delivery emails to match your store's branding, and deliver a seamless purchasing experience to your customers.
Moreover, our platform extends beyond your online store, allowing you to sell digital products through your own native app. With features for streaming, downloads, and secure file storage, you can provide customers with access to your digital products anytime, anywhere.
At our app, we're committed to helping you transform your digital sales strategy and achieve success in the competitive ecommerce landscape. Experience the power of our platform today and take your digital product sales to new heights.

Sky Pilot Screenshots

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Sky Pilot Pricing Plans

  • 100MB files Storage
  • 2GB monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited products
  • Unlimited orders
  • Direct email delivery

$9 / month
  • 10GB files Storage
  • 15GB monthly bandwidth

$19 / month
  • 20GB files Storage
  • 50GB monthly bandwidth
  • White Label email integration - contact your customers with your own email

$49 / month
  • Unlimited file Storage
  • 200GB monthly bandwidth
  • Unlimited License keys
  • Native Streaming Video
  • Klaviyo & Subscription integration
  • PDF stamping

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Sky Pilot

What type of products can I sell with Sky Pilot?

Sky Pilot facilitates the sale and distribution of various digital products, including e-books, music, PDFs, and videos within your online store.

How does Sky Pilot handle product delivery?

Sky Pilot offers automated download functionality, ensuring customers receive their digital products directly after purchase for a seamless experience.

What are the pricing options for Sky Pilot?

Sky Pilot offers a range of pricing plans, including a Free plan with 100MB storage and 2GB bandwidth, as well as paid plans with increased storage, bandwidth, and features like white-label email integration, subscription services, and PDF stamping.

Can I try Sky Pilot before committing to a plan?

Yes, Sky Pilot provides a demo app where you can explore its features and functionality before making a decision.

What languages does Sky Pilot support?

Sky Pilot supports a wide array of languages, including English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Finnish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Danish, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), and Portuguese (Portugal).

Is Sky Pilot secure for selling digital products?

Yes, Sky Pilot prioritizes security with measures like login authentication, IP alerts, PDF stamping, and limited downloads to protect your files and customer data.

Can I integrate Sky Pilot with subscription services?

Yes, Sky Pilot is compatible with subscription services, allowing you to offer digital products on a recurring basis for sustained revenue.

Can I customize the delivery emails for my digital products?

Absolutely, Sky Pilot allows you to personalize delivery emails to align with your store's branding and create a consistent customer experience.


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