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Shopney Overview

What is Shopney?

Shopney turns your Shopify store into iOS & Android mobile apps, aiming to generate more sales and decrease marketing ad spend through mobile optimization.

Discover the seamless transition from your mobile website to a world-class mobile app in just a few hours with our ecommerce app. Elevate your shopping experience and witness a surge in sales as you embrace the convenience and efficiency of our mobile platform. With enhanced features tailored to optimize mobile conversion rates, your business is poised for exponential growth.
Harness the power of push notifications, the ultimate marketing tool, to engage with your audience effortlessly. Benefit from unlimited and automated notifications, strategically crafted to drive sales and maximize ROI. By eliminating hefty marketing ad spend, our platform empowers you to channel resources into further enhancing your business performance.
But that's not all. Our platform offers a plethora of features designed to propel your store to new heights. From perfect product merchandising to personalized shopping experiences, we prioritize your customers' needs every step of the way. Engage in real-time connections through in-app live chat, fostering meaningful interactions that translate into loyal clientele.
Experience seamless integration with top Shopify apps, allowing you to bring along your essential tools and streamline operations. Our dedicated customer support team is committed to your success, providing unparalleled assistance from day one. Collaborate with individuals who share your vision for growth, and embark on a journey towards ecommerce excellence.
Unlock a treasure trove of smart tools, insights, and tactics aimed at driving app installs and enhancing visibility. With a deep understanding of the dynamics of app development, we equip you with the resources needed to navigate the competitive landscape effectively. Trust in our expertise to guide you towards sustainable growth and success.
Join the ranks of thriving businesses that have leveraged our platform to revolutionize their mobile presence. From novice entrepreneurs to seasoned industry veterans, our ecommerce app caters to businesses of all sizes, ensuring equal opportunities for success. Embrace innovation, elevate your brand, and embark on a journey towards unparalleled prosperity with Shopney.

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Shopney Integrations

Judge.me - Zakeke
Klaviyo-Kiwi Sizing
Apple Pay - Weglot

Shopney Pricing Plans

Silver Plan

  • Flexible Design with 7 elements
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Back In Stock Notifications
  • Theme Options
  • In-App Live Chat
  • Google, FB Ad Integ.

Gold Plan

  • Design with 20 elements
  • Scheduled Push Notif.
  • Abandoned Cart Notif.
  • Multi Language & Currency
  • Product Reviews Integ.
  • Advanced Search Integ.

Platinum Plan

  • Unlimited Design Elements
  • Scheduled App Design
  • Loyalty-Reward Integ.
  • Klaviyo, Gorgias Integ.
  • Aug. Reality, Barcode Scanner
  • Exclusive Support

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Shopney

What type of app is Shopney?

Shopney is an ecommerce app that helps you transition your Shopify store into a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

What are the benefits of using Shopney?

Shopney can help you increase sales, decrease marketing ad spend, and improve customer engagement through mobile optimization features like push notifications, in-app live chat, and personalized shopping experiences.

How quickly can I create a mobile app with Shopney?

Shopney allows you to create a mobile app from your Shopify store in just a few hours.

Does Shopney offer different pricing plans?

Yes, Shopney offers three pricing plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each plan includes different features and levels of support.

What features are included in the Silver Plan?

The Silver Plan includes flexible design options, unlimited push notifications, back-in-stock notifications, theme options, in-app live chat, and Google and Facebook ad integrations.

What features are included in the Gold Plan?

The Gold Plan includes all Silver Plan features, plus design with 20 elements, scheduled push notifications, abandoned cart notifications, multi-language and currency support, product reviews integration, and advanced search integration.

What features are included in the Platinum Plan?

The Platinum Plan includes all Gold Plan features, plus unlimited design elements, scheduled app design changes, loyalty and reward program integration, Klaviyo and Gorgias integration, augmented reality and barcode scanner features, and exclusive customer support.

What languages does Shopney support?

Shopney supports English, Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese (Brazil).

Does Shopney integrate with other Shopify apps?

Yes, Shopney integrates with various popular Shopify apps, including Growave, Stamped.io, Whatsapp, Gorgias, LoyaltyLion, Smile.io, Judge.me, Zakeke, Klaviyo, Kiwi Sizing, Apple Pay, and Weglot.

Who is Shopney suitable for?

Shopney is suitable for Shopify store owners of all sizes who want to improve their mobile presence and increase sales.


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