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ShopAgain Pricing Overview

ShopAgain offers a free plan called "SMS" which allows you to pay per message with the cheapest SMS rates for US and Canada. It also offers two paid plans: "Scale" at $15/month and "Autopilot" at $99/month, each with varying features and benefits.

ShopAgain Pricing Plans


Free to install
  • Pay per message
  • Cheapest SMS rates for US and Canada. $0.01/SMS and $0.03/MMS
  • SMS available for 150+ countries
  • 15 pre-built segments


  • Email, SMS & WhatsApp Flows
  • Best in-class email and flow builder
  • 12 pre-built segments
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Popups and Forms


  • 10+ high performing email flows
  • Managed email deliverability
  • Popups and Forms
  • AI recommendations addon
  • SMS and WhatsApp addon

ShopAgain Pricing Reviews

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User Reviews


LD Bags Online

May 11, 2024

This company is AMAZING! I was desperate for a decent email service that actually had support, especially on weekends when I'm usually working. This app is a lifesaver! I actually enjoy creating flows and sending emails again, not like with that other company, ugh. The support is out of this world! And they keep making the app better and better every day w

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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To ShopAgain

How much does ShopAgain cost?

ShopAgain offers a range of pricing options to fit your needs. The 'SMS' plan is free to install, with pay-per-message rates. The 'Scale' plan is $15 per month, and the 'Autopilot' plan is $99 per month.

Does ShopAgain offer a free plan?

Yes! ShopAgain offers a 'SMS' plan that's free to install. You'll only pay for the messages you send.

What are various pricing tiers offered by ShopAgain?

ShopAgain has three pricing tiers: - **SMS:** Free to install, pay-per-message. - **Scale:** $15/month. - **Autopilot:** $99/month.

What's the features available in free plan of ShopAgain?

The free 'SMS' plan includes: - Pay-per-message SMS - Cheapest SMS rates for US and Canada ($0.01/SMS and $0.03/MMS) - SMS available for 150+ countries - 15 pre-built segments


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