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Shogun Pricing Overview

Shogun offers three pricing plans: Build at $39/month, Grow at $249/month, and Advanced at $499/month. Each plan includes a different number of monthly tracked users (MTUs) and features. Shogun does not offer a free plan.

Shogun Pricing Plans


  • 2,000 MTUs
  • A/B Testing
  • Targeted Experiences
  • SEO Tools
  • AI Copywriting
  • Page Analytics
  • Access All Page Templates
  • Reusable Content Sections


  • Build plus:
  • 10,000 MTUs
  • SEO & Performance Insights
  • Content Scheduling
  • Bulk Publishing
  • Global Content Sections


  • Grow plus:
  • 50,000 MTUs
  • Content Syncing Between Stores
  • Custom CMS Collections
  • Custom Code Elements with AI Copilot
  • User Permissions

Shogun Pricing Reviews

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User Reviews


Hire Yourself Academy

June 2, 2024

Wow, this thing costs more than my actual Shopify subscription, can you believe it? It's definitely easier to use than Pagefly, but I haven't tried Gem Pages, so no clue how they compare. Look, it's cheaper than those big-shot apps like Unbounce and Instapages, and it's the same price as LeadPages, but honestly? You're better off just using a different dr


Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry

June 2, 2024

This page builder is AMAZING! The support is top-notch - I was about to jump ship over a problem I had, but Andre swooped in and saved the day! The old plan I'm on is perfect for my budget and what I need it for. Hopefully, they don't make me switch to the new one, it'd cost me five times as much with all the pages I have! I'd have to find a new app if tha


Rocket Powered Sound

May 11, 2024

Shogun is my go-to for building shop pages, been using it for a while now. It's really easy to use and packs a punch! Plus, their support team is awesome. Sure, there are some little glitches here and there, and sometimes it lags, but overall it's a great tool, totally recommend it. One thing though, they really need a pricing plan between $49 and $149. Tha


Dick Johnson

May 10, 2024

Ugh, doesn't work with ReCharge or Ajax carts. Costs an arm and a leg, like Shopify's 299€ plan. Only good thing is it's alright for basic pages, like FAQs.


Scent Fill

May 10, 2024

This app totally sucks! They don't even give you analytics with the first two paid plans - like, what the heck?! We already built our pages and then found out. This is such a sneaky move by the developers, hiding this important info and making us upgrade after we've already done all the work. So frustrating!


VY Beauty Store

May 10, 2024

Their headless solution was on our radar, but their page builder is a deal-breaker. Blocks vanish into thin air, forcing you to rebuild. Previews are a mess (and they're supposedly fixing it?). Forget about exporting and importing pages unless you're ready to shell out hundreds – Pagefly does it for free! The lack of block templates and generic page template


The Crothers Way

May 10, 2024

This app is a rip-off! Before you even think about downloading, get a lawyer to decipher the Terms of Service. You'll be stuck paying a monthly fee forever, even after you've built your website. Don't even think about building your site and then ditching the app – your pages are held hostage! Use your site for 4 years? That's 4 years of fees you're on the ho



May 10, 2024

The free plan is a total waste of time! You can make tons of pages, but you can't even use them for anything real. It's like one of those games that doesn't do anything. They just want you to spend hours setting things up, and then BAM! You have to pay to actually use it. This isn't cool for small businesses at all. Get rid of the free plan, guys!


Schreib Und Stil

May 6, 2024

Seriously? Can't edit my pages after the pricing plan change? This is beyond ridiculous...



May 6, 2024

This app is awful, avoid at all costs! Shogun is super slow and clunky - updating pages is a nightmare, one by one...ugh! Making even tiny changes is a pain, forget about doing it across multiple pages. And get this, they doubled their prices! Way too expensive, especially if you're trying to grow your business. Seriously, don't waste your money. Hire

Compare Shogun Pricing Against Competitors

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$9monthly$9 - $23917TRACK Pricing
AAA Apps-logoAAA Apps
FreeMonthlyFree - $19/monthAAA Apps Pricing
FreemonthlyFree - $120/monthAblestar Pricing
Addly Bundles-logoAddly Bundles
FreemonthlyFree - $24.99/monthAddly Bundles Pricing
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FreeNot applicableFreeAddress Validator Plus Pricing

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Shogun

How much does Shogun cost?

Shogun offers three pricing tiers: Build at $39/month, Grow at $249/month, and Advanced at $499/month.

Does Shogun offer a free plan?

No, Shogun does not currently offer a free plan.

What are various pricing tiers offered by Shogun?

Shogun has three pricing tiers: Build, Grow, and Advanced. These tiers cater to different needs and budgets, offering varying levels of features and capabilities.

Is there a trial plan available for Shogun?

The provided information doesn't mention any trial plan. You might want to check their website or reach out to their sales team for more details.


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