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SC Product Options Overview

What is SC Product Options?

SC Product Options offers a versatile solution for businesses to provide a wide array of product variants and customization options, enabling customers to personalize products according to their preferences like never before.

Welcome to SC Product Options, the premier app for enhancing your ecommerce store's product customization capabilities. With SC Product Options, you can elevate your Shopify store to new heights by offering your customers a seamless and intuitive way to personalize their purchases.
Our app empowers you to effortlessly add an array of customizable options and variant images to your product pages, enabling your customers to tailor products to their exact preferences. Whether it's selecting from a range of color swatches, inputting personalized text, or uploading files, SC Product Options has you covered with limitless possibilities.
One of the standout features of SC Product Options is its ability to create unlimited product options fields, complete with advanced conditional logic. This means you can tailor the customization experience to suit your specific product offerings, providing a truly tailored experience for your customers.
Furthermore, our app is designed to help you maximize your revenue potential by upselling custom products and increasing your Average Order Value. With the ability to showcase variant images and color swatches, your customers can visualize their customizations, making the purchasing process even more enticing.
In addition to text boxes and file upload fields for collecting customer-provided details, SC Product Options also helps you reduce returns and enhance customer retention through its comprehensive product personalization features. By allowing customers to create products that are uniquely theirs, you'll foster a sense of ownership and connection that encourages repeat purchases and long-term loyalty.
At SC Product Options, we understand the importance of providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for both merchants and customers alike. That's why our app is designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring that you can effortlessly integrate customizable options into your store without any technical hassle.
Whether you're looking to enhance the functionality of your existing product pages or create entirely new custom products, SC Product Options is the ultimate solution for unlocking the full potential of your Shopify store. Elevate your ecommerce experience today with SC Product Options and start delighting your customers with personalized products like never before.

SC Product Options Screenshots

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SC Product Options Integrations


SC Product Options Pricing Plans

Free to install
  • Install and configure on dev store before going live
  • Free install and configuration
  • Free for paying merchants during trial period

$14.99 / month
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Free Install & Consultation
  • Unlimited Options
  • Custom Fields
  • File Uploads (images, logos)
  • + Many More Field Types

$39.99 / month
  • Everything from Basic
  • Charge for Extras (upsells)
  • Conditional Logic (show/hide fields)
  • Edit Options On Cart Page
  • Image and Color Swatches

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To SC Product Options

What are the key features of the SC Product Options app?

SC Product Options empowers you to add customizable options and variant images, create unlimited product options fields with conditional logic, showcase variant images and color swatches, collect customer details, and reduce returns through product personalization.

How does SC Product Options benefit my business?

The app helps you increase average order value by upselling custom products, enhances customer retention through personalization, and provides a seamless user experience for both merchants and customers.

What types of product customization options are available?

You can offer options like color swatches, personalized text input, file uploads (images, logos), and many more field types.

Can I try SC Product Options before committing to a paid plan?

Yes, the app is free to install and configure on your development store, and it's also free for paying merchants during their trial period.

What are the pricing options for SC Product Options?

There's a free plan with basic features, a $14.99/month plan with additional features like live chat support and unlimited options, and a $39.99/month plan that includes everything from the basic plan plus features like charging for extras, conditional logic, and image/color swatches.

In what languages is SC Product Options available?

The app supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), German, Italian, and Japanese.


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