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Rivyo Overview

What is Rivyo?

Rivyo Product Review allows the collection and showcase of product reviews and star ratings, adding testimonials to build trust and social proof for your brand.

Discover the seamless experience of managing and showcasing product reviews with Rivyo. Our platform simplifies the process of collecting, organizing, and presenting customer feedback, complete with compelling visuals. Easily gather reviews by automating email requests to your customers post-purchase. Importing reviews from major platforms like Amazon and AliExpress is effortless, bolstering trust among your audience.
With Rivyo, you can highlight these reviews across various sections of your store, from the homepage to individual product pages, utilizing eye-catching widgets. Integration with Google Shopping allows your star ratings to shine, attracting more traffic through review-rich snippets. Our app seamlessly adapts to all themes, ensuring a harmonious display of social proof that strengthens your brand's credibility.
Building trust is paramount in ecommerce, and Rivyo empowers you to showcase product reviews and testimonials prominently. Reimport valuable feedback from external sources like Amazon and AliExpress to enrich your store's content further. Utilize features like rating pop-up widgets on your homepage to foster customer loyalty.
The versatility of Rivyo extends beyond mere display options. Choose from a plethora of presentation styles, including carousels, grids, and photo reviews, to suit your brand's aesthetic. Enhance user experience with Q&A sections and review highlights, enriching your store with valuable content that resonates with your audience.
Increasing review collection is made effortless through automated, customized email requests tailored to your customers. Rivyo provides multiple avenues for review collection, including forms, promotions, and social media user-generated content (UGC), ensuring a steady influx of valuable feedback.
Rivyo's robust feature set includes:
Automations for streamlined review collection
Customized review request emails for personalized outreach
Flexible display options such as badges, tabs, and sidebars
Import and export functionality for seamless data management
Review syndication to leverage feedback across multiple channels
Push notifications to encourage timely engagement with your audience
By leveraging Rivyo, you not only enhance your store's credibility but also foster meaningful connections with your customers through authentic feedback. Join the ranks of successful ecommerce businesses that prioritize transparency and customer satisfaction with Rivyo.

Rivyo Features

Display options : All reviews page, Badges, Carousels, Filtering, Grid layout, Photo reviews, Product grouping, Q&A, Review highlights, Review summaries, Rich snippets, Star ratings, Tabs or sidebars, Testimonials, Top reviews

Ways to collect reviews : Automations, Custom requests, Email requests, Forms, Import and export, Promotions, Push notifications, Review migration, Review syndication, Social media UGC

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Rivyo Integrations

ReConvert post purchase upsell
Instant Search +
PageFly Landing Page Builder
GemPages Page Builder & Funnel
LayoutHub Easy Page Builder

Rivyo Pricing Plans

Free Forever

  • Unlimited Reviews
  • 50 monthly review emails
  • Import 500 reviews by CSV
  • Import 100 Reviews from AliExpress/Amazon
  • Google Rich Snippet


  • 500 monthly review emails
  • Import 1k reviews by CSV
  • Import 500 reviews from Amazon/Aliexpress
  • Unlimited Photo Review
  • Unlimited Q&A


  • Starter +
  • 1k monthly review emails
  • Import 2k reviews by CSV
  • Import 2k reviews from Amazon/Aliexpress
  • Google Shopping
  • Coupon Code


  • Business+
  • Unlimited review emails & Import reviews by CSV/Amazon/Aliexpress
  • Headless Support
  • Show reviews on Checkout (Plus store only)

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Rivyo

What is Rivyo Product Review?

Rivyo Product Review is a platform that simplifies the process of collecting, organizing, and showcasing customer reviews with compelling visuals.

How does Rivyo collect reviews?

Rivyo offers various ways to collect reviews, including automated email requests, custom requests, forms, import/export options, promotions, push notifications, review migration, review syndication, and social media UGC.

Can I import existing reviews from other platforms?

Yes, Rivyo allows effortless import of reviews from major platforms like Amazon and AliExpress.

Where can I display the reviews collected by Rivyo?

Rivyo offers flexible display options such as the homepage, product pages, badges, carousels, grids, photo reviews, Q&A sections, review highlights, review summaries, rich snippets, star ratings, tabs, sidebars, testimonials, and top reviews.

Does Rivyo integrate with Google Shopping?

Yes, Rivyo integrates with Google Shopping, allowing your star ratings to appear in search results, attracting more traffic.

What are the pricing options for Rivyo?

Rivyo offers a 'Free Forever' plan with basic features and paid plans (Starter, Business, Enterprise) with more advanced features and higher limits on review collection and import.

What are the key benefits of using Rivyo?

Rivyo helps build trust and credibility by showcasing product reviews and testimonials, enhances user experience with various display options and review features, increases review collection through automated requests and multiple collection methods, and fosters stronger customer relationships through authentic feedback.


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