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Opinew Overview

What is Opinew?

Photo Reviews is a comprehensive review app that automates the process of importing, requesting, and displaying product reviews. Its advanced automation features streamline review management, enhancing product credibility and trust.

Discover Opinew, your ultimate solution for effortlessly gathering and showcasing product reviews. With Opinew, you can seamlessly request reviews from both current and previous orders, leveraging multiple channels such as emails, SMS, and QR codes. Importing reviews from major platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, and eBay is made easy with just a single click, streamlining your review collection process.
Boost your conversions by harnessing the power of user-generated content, including compelling photo and video reviews. Our highly customizable review widgets seamlessly integrate with your website's theme, ensuring a consistent user experience across all devices. Plus, our dedicated 24/7 support team is here to assist you every step of the way, helping you harness the potential of user-generated content and social proof.
Effortlessly import, request, and display reviews instantaneously on your store. With Opinew, importing reviews from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress takes mere minutes, thanks to our automatic synchronization feature. Take full control of how reviews are showcased on your site with our selection of eight highly customizable widgets, allowing you to manage and display reviews and Q&A in a way that suits your brand.
Drive engagement and incentivize review submissions with automated email and SMS requests, complete with the option to include coupons. Maximize conversions by automatically showcasing your top reviews with our Smart Reviews feature. Integration with popular platforms such as Google Shopping, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Smile, LoyaltyLion, and Rebuy further enhances your store's functionality and reach.
Opinew offers a plethora of display options to suit your needs, including an All Reviews page, Carousels, Filtering, Photo Reviews, Product Grouping, Q&A, Review Highlights, Rich Snippets, Star Ratings, Tabs or Sidebars, Top Reviews, and Video Reviews. With Opinew, the possibilities are endless when it comes to showcasing your customers' feedback in a visually appealing and informative manner.
Explore various methods to collect reviews, including Automations, Custom Requests, Email Requests, Forms, Import and Export, QR Codes, Review Migration, Review Syndication, and SMS Requests. Opinew provides you with the tools you need to gather valuable insights from your customers, helping you improve your products and services while building trust and credibility with potential buyers.
Join the thousands of businesses already benefiting from Opinew's powerful review management platform. With Opinew, harnessing the power of customer feedback has never been easier. Start your journey towards increased conversions and customer satisfaction today with Opinew.

Opinew Features

Display options : All reviews page, Carousels, Filtering, Photo reviews, Product grouping, Q&A, Review highlights, Rich snippets, Star ratings, Tabs or sidebars, Top reviews, Video reviews

Ways to collect reviews : Automations, Custom requests, Email requests, Forms, Import and export, QR codes, Review migration, Review syndication, SMS requests

Opinew Screenshots


Opinew Integrations

Shopify Flow
Google Shopping

Opinew Pricing Plans


  • 50 email review requests
  • 100 imports from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress
  • Reviews & Rating widgets
  • SEO Rich Snippets
  • Page builder integrations


  • Photo & video reviews
  • 500 imports / 100 requests
  • Unlimited AliExpress imports
  • Automated review collection
  • Coupon incentives
  • Carousel widget


  • Advanced review collection + SMS
  • Google Shopping, Aftership
  • All Widgets
  • Questions & Answers
  • Optimized images
  • Smart Reviews available


  • Klaviyo, Omnisend, Gorgias, Loyaltylion
  • Auto-sync of imports
  • Headless support
  • Success Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Opinew

What are the display options available for reviews with Opinew?

Opinew offers a variety of display options for reviews, including: All Reviews page, Carousels, Filtering options, Photo and Video Reviews, Product Grouping, Q&A sections, Review Highlights, Rich Snippets for SEO, Star Ratings, Tabs or Sidebars for organization, Top Reviews showcasing, and even Video Reviews.

How can I collect reviews using Opinew?

Opinew provides multiple methods for collecting reviews: Automated requests, Custom requests tailored to your needs, Email requests sent to customers, Forms for direct feedback, Import and Export functionality, QR codes for easy access, Review Migration from other platforms, Review Syndication across platforms, and SMS requests for broader reach.

What features are included in the Free plan?

The Free plan offered by Opinew includes: 50 email review requests to get you started, 100 imports from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress, Basic Reviews & Rating widgets for display, SEO Rich Snippets for improved search visibility, and Page builder integrations for easy embedding.

What are the benefits of upgrading to the Starter plan?

Upgrading to the Starter plan unlocks features like: Photo & video reviews for more engaging content, 500 imports and 100 requests per month, Unlimited AliExpress imports, Automated review collection for efficiency, Coupon incentives to encourage reviews, and the Carousel widget for dynamic display.

What additional features does the Growth plan offer?

The Growth plan expands on previous features with: Advanced review collection including SMS, Integration with Google Shopping and Aftership, Access to All Widgets for customization, Questions & Answers functionality, Optimized images for better presentation, and availability of Smart Reviews for automated showcasing.

What is included in the Advanced plan?

The Advanced plan is the most comprehensive and includes: Integration with Klaviyo, Omnisend, Gorgias, and Loyaltylion, Auto-sync of imports for seamless updates, Headless support for advanced development, and a dedicated Success Manager for personalized guidance.

In what languages is Opinew available?

Opinew is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), and French, catering to a global audience.


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