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Loop Subscriptions Overview

What is Loop Subscriptions?

Loop Subscriptions is an app that drives subscription revenue through a comprehensive customer portal, bundle builder, flows, and box subscriptions, enhancing customer engagement and recurring revenue.

Introducing our cutting-edge ecommerce app, meticulously crafted based on invaluable insights gleaned from the vibrant DTC community and seamlessly integrated with the Polaris theme. With over 200 widget design styling options at your fingertips, our fully customizable subscriptions platform empowers you to embark on your subscription journey with unparalleled flexibility and finesse.
Embark on a gamified subscription experience unlike any other, where you can effortlessly automate and personalize discounts, rewards, trials, or gifts tailored to your Shopify subscriptions. Say goodbye to churn with the ability to seamlessly incorporate TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube videos alongside exit surveys, effectively mitigating cancellations and fostering customer loyalty.
Streamline your subscription inventory, operations, and preset bundles with intuitive simplicity, specifically tailored for D2C brands. Enjoy a seamless transition with our complimentary white-glove migration service, ensuring a hassle-free switch from other subscription apps.
Elevate your customer experience with our mobile-first, self-serve customer portal, meticulously designed to enhance subscription management with ease. Craft personalized subscriber journeys effortlessly with our intuitive no-code subscriber journey builder, offering a myriad of options to gamify and personalize subscriptions to perfection.
Effortlessly curate preset bundles and subscription boxes to cater to your audience's diverse needs using our intuitive bundle builder, simplifying the setup process with unprecedented ease.
Stay ahead of the curve with our comprehensive subscriptions retention tools, including exit surveys, discounts, and reactivation strategies, ensuring sustained growth and profitability.
Bid farewell to payment failures with our inbuilt smart dunning management solution, proactively preventing card payment mishaps and safeguarding your revenue stream.
Explore an array of subscription types, including access subscriptions, curated subscriptions, custom subscriptions, memberships, product bundles, replenishment subscriptions, services, and subscription boxes, tailored to suit your unique business model and audience preferences.
Dive into a world of pricing possibilities with options to set custom pricing, dynamic pricing, fixed pricing, freemium models, one-time payments, per-user pricing, recurring payments, subscribe-and-save offers, tiered pricing structures, trial periods, and usage-based pricing, empowering you to optimize revenue streams with precision and flexibility.
Unleash your creativity with diverse bundle types, including build-a-box, custom bundles, fixed bundles, gift boxes, mystery boxes, and subscription boxes, offering limitless possibilities to delight your audience and drive conversions.
From custom pricing and discounts to free shipping and tiered pricing structures, our platform offers unparalleled flexibility to cater to your unique business needs and customer preferences, ensuring maximum profitability and customer satisfaction.

Loop Subscriptions Features

Subscription types : Access subscriptions, Curated subscriptions, Custom subscriptions, Memberships, Product bundles, Replenishment subscriptions, Services, Subscription boxes

Pricing you can set : Custom pricing, Dynamic pricing, Fixed pricing, Freemium, One-time payment, Per-user pricing, Recurring payments, Subscribe and save, Tiered pricing, Trial periods, Usage-based pricing

Loop Subscriptions Screenshots

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Loop Subscriptions Integrations

35+ Apps- Marketing

Loop Subscriptions User Reviews

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User Reviews


The Modern Silo

June 2, 2024

Seriously, this app is a complete SCAM. Their idea of "customer service" is a joke - more like "no service" ever! They bombard you with these emails to "schedule a call", then they keep bumping it, and the only times they offer are like 2 in the morning! Makes me think all the good reviews are fake - probably wrote them themselves!



June 2, 2024

This app, Subscriptions by Loop, is a lifesaver! They really helped me get a handle on my subscriptions - I had a few specific questions and their support was amazing, super friendly and helpful. Definitely check them out!


Bears with Benefits

June 2, 2024

Been using Loop for a few weeks now and it's been great so far! Customer service is super helpful, and I can't wait to try out the new features they're coming out with!


Seven Miles Coffee Roasters

June 2, 2024

Honestly, switching from Recharge to Loop back in November was the best decision! Recharge's user experience and back-end were giving us headaches, but Loop made the whole migration process so smooth. Their customer service is what really sets them apart – we had Abel Leslie, a really helpful guy, who was always there to answer our questions. Plus, Loop's d


Graze & Gather

June 2, 2024

Just a heads up - be careful with the "free" trial! We installed it in our shop, and it wasn't a good fit so we deleted it after a day. Next thing we know, Shopify bills us $399 for this app! Shopify says they can't do anything because the billing is through the developer. So now we're stuck trying to get this charge removed, which is taking way longer t


Apex Alchemy

June 2, 2024

Loop's been great for our subscriptions so far! We got it set up and boom, almost instant sale. We did have a little hiccup when we switched to a new theme (IMPACT) - the subscription thing stopped working right. Took a bit of back and forth with their support, maybe like a week or so, but they got it all sorted out. Really happy with how it's running now


Henry's Coffee Company

June 2, 2024

This app is a lifesaver! It walked me through everything step by step. I'm all set up now and would totally recommend it to anyone! Thanks guys!



June 2, 2024

This app is the whole package! Their customer service is seriously amazing - so helpful. Can't recommend it enough!


Ferosom Forte

June 2, 2024

Seriously, this app is the BOMB for subscriptions! Their customer service is off the charts amazing - always there to answer questions super fast. The Loop team even hooked us up with custom features to make our customer portal top-notch. Switching to Loop was the best decision ever, can't recommend them enough for all your subscription stuff!


Catholic Productions

June 2, 2024

Loop has been awesome at making changes and improvements to fit our exact subscription needs. Having great support is so important for a long-term subscription, and these guys totally nail it!

Loop Subscriptions Pricing Plans

Free Forever

Free to install
  • Autoship, Gift, Trial & Prepaid
  • 50 active subscriptions
  • Mobile-friendly & fast-loading portal
  • Subscriptions growth & revenue analytics


  • Box subscriptions
  • Branded customer portal with upsell
  • Smart dunning feature
  • Interactive cancellation flows: Add videos/GIFs
  • Tiered discounts


  • Subscriber rewards system
  • Workflow automations & bulk actions
  • Location Based Inventory Tracking
  • Multi-lingual & theme portal
  • APIs & Webhooks

View Loop Subscriptions Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Loop Subscriptions

What types of subscriptions does Loop Subscriptions support?

Loop Subscriptions supports a wide range of subscription types, including access subscriptions, curated subscriptions, custom subscriptions, memberships, product bundles, replenishment subscriptions, services, and subscription boxes.

What pricing options are available with Loop Subscriptions?

Loop Subscriptions offers flexible pricing options such as custom pricing, dynamic pricing, fixed pricing, freemium models, one-time payments, per-user pricing, recurring payments, subscribe-and-save offers, tiered pricing structures, trial periods, and usage-based pricing.

Does Loop Subscriptions offer a free plan?

Yes, Loop Subscriptions has a "Free Forever" plan that includes features like autoship, gift, trial & prepaid options, support for 50 active subscriptions, a mobile-friendly customer portal, and subscription growth & revenue analytics.

What features are included in the "Growth" plan?

The "Growth" plan, priced at $99/month, offers additional features like box subscriptions, a branded customer portal with upsell capabilities, smart dunning, interactive cancellation flows with videos/GIFs, and tiered discounts.

What are the benefits of the "Enterprise" plan?

The "Enterprise" plan, at $399/month, provides advanced features including a subscriber rewards system, workflow automations & bulk actions, location-based inventory tracking, a multi-lingual & theme portal, and access to APIs & Webhooks.

Can I try Loop Subscriptions before subscribing?

Yes, Loop Subscriptions offers a demo at https://demo.loopwork.co/ where you can explore the app's functionalities.

What languages does Loop Subscriptions support?

Currently, Loop Subscriptions supports English.

What are the key benefits of using Loop Subscriptions?

Loop Subscriptions helps drive subscription revenue, enhance customer engagement, and increase recurring revenue through features like a comprehensive customer portal, bundle builder, customizable flows, and box subscriptions.

How does Loop Subscriptions help with customer retention?

Loop Subscriptions offers tools like exit surveys, discounts, and reactivation strategies to help businesses retain customers and reduce churn.

Can Loop Subscriptions prevent failed payments?

Yes, Loop Subscriptions has a built-in smart dunning management solution that proactively prevents card payment issues, protecting your revenue stream.


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