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Loloyal Overview

What is Loloyal?

LoLoyal boosts customer retention rates and increases sales through a comprehensive loyalty and rewards system, encouraging repeat purchases and building a loyal customer base.

Welcome to Loloyal, your ultimate solution for building and managing a bespoke brand loyalty program. Whether you're aiming to foster long-term customer relationships, drive conversion rates, or increase customer lifetime value, Loloyal offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to seamlessly integrate and effectively enhance your loyalty initiatives.
With Loloyal, customization is effortless, allowing you to tailor your loyalty program to perfectly align with your brand's unique identity and objectives. Our platform encompasses all essential features, including points accumulation, reward redemption, referral programs, VIP tiers, and limited-time offers (Flash Sale), ensuring a holistic approach to nurturing customer loyalty.
Engage your shoppers by incentivizing them to earn points and unlock exclusive rewards, such as discounts, coupons, free shipping, giveaways, and store credits. By motivating customers to participate actively in your loyalty program, Loloyal helps drive repeat purchases and foster deeper engagement, including reviews and social sharing.
Seamless integration is key, which is why Loloyal supports data import from various other loyalty apps, including Smile.io, Loyaltylion, Rivo, Growave, Yotpo(Swell), Joy, and BON. Whether you're transitioning from another platform or consolidating multiple systems, Loloyal streamlines the process, ensuring continuity and efficiency.
Managing customer memberships is simplified with Loloyal, allowing you to effortlessly create and manage diverse VIP tiers. Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive perks and privileges, while simultaneously nurturing a sense of community around your brand.
Expand your customer base by incentivizing referrals through Loloyal's referral program. Encourage customers to refer friends and family via social media and other channels, amplifying your brand's reach and fostering organic growth.
Never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers, thanks to Loloyal's robust reminder system. Whether through pop-ups, emails, or expiration alerts, you can effortlessly stay connected and top-of-mind with your audience.
For businesses with both online and offline operations, Loloyal offers seamless POS integration, ensuring consistent data and analytics across all touchpoints. Plus, with support for multi-languages, you can cater to a diverse global audience effortlessly.
Loloyal offers a wide range of discount types, including coupons, discount codes, free shipping, limited-time offers, and rewards, providing flexibility in crafting your promotional strategies. Manage and track discounts with ease, utilizing features such as campaigns, custom codes, and discount stacking.
Program flexibility is paramount, which is why Loloyal supports various program types, including memberships, referrals, reward programs, and VIP tiers. Customize your loyalty initiatives to suit your business model and objectives seamlessly.
Reward your customers with a plethora of enticing incentives, including coupons, custom rewards, discounts, free products, free shipping, membership perks, POS rewards, and points. With Loloyal, the possibilities are endless.
In conclusion, Loloyal empowers businesses to build and manage robust loyalty programs that drive customer engagement, increase retention, and ultimately, boost revenue. With its intuitive customization options, seamless integration capabilities, and comprehensive feature set, Loloyal is the ideal partner for businesses looking to elevate their loyalty initiatives to new heights.

Loloyal Features

Discount types : Coupons, Discount codes, Free shipping, Limited time offers, Rewards

Managing discounts : Campaigns, Custom code, Discount stacking

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Loloyal Integrations

Shopify Flow
Shopify POS
Fera Reviews
Email Marketing & SMS
Live Chat & Helpdesk

Loloyal User Reviews

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User Reviews


Exotic Wings and Pet Things Inc

June 3, 2024

This app gets the job done, but it's not without its quirks. I'd give it 3 stars because there are a few things that really bug me. Firstly, if you merge customer accounts in Shopify, their points don't update in the app. So annoying! You have to manually track points from both accounts and adjust things yourself. Secondly, if an order gets edited and the to



June 2, 2024

Seriously, run away from this app! They're incredibly shady. They kept pushing for full access to my Shopify admin for even the smallest problems. I finally got their chatbot to admit they wanted to mess with the code of my store's theme! Like, what?! No other app has ever even thought about needing that level of access. My issue was just with how they we


East Meets West USA

June 2, 2024

Smile was costing us a fortune at $199 a month just for their rewards program! This app does everything Smile does, even lets you mess around with the CSS more, and it's only $29.99! Plus, their customer service is amazing - they get back to you super fast, like within 5 minutes!



June 2, 2024

This app is a breeze to use! I've already got it up and running on my other Shopify store. Setup is a piece of cake, finding my way around is super intuitive, and the analytics are easy to understand.


Enask Shop

June 2, 2024

This app is really something else! It's super unique and the support team is awesome - so helpful. Thanks guys!



June 2, 2024

This app is awesome! Mariadel was a huge help in getting me started. Highly recommend it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Lacuna Clothing

June 2, 2024

So I've been using this app for a bit now, totally free. Started with the basic plan but managed to bump it up to 80 orders a month from 50, which is sweet! Oh, and I contacted support to ditch the free plan branding - shoutout to Belle, she was super helpful and sorted it out in a flash!


Earthline Customs

June 2, 2024

The app's still a work in progress, but their customer support is already amazing! Just a heads-up, though, you might want to set up some test accounts before the official launch to iron out any glitches.



June 2, 2024

This app is a game-changer! Loloyal has seriously impressed me. Their customer service is top-notch - always there to help me out quickly and effectively. Plus, it's super easy to use and integrates perfectly with my Shopify store. They're constantly updating it with new features, which is awesome! If you're looking to boost your Shopify store and create a



June 2, 2024

This app is the BOMB for my Shopify store! Seriously, Loloyal is a game-changer. Setting up my loyalty program was so easy, and I love how much I can customize it. Being able to reward my customers for everything, like buying stuff and leaving reviews, is awesome!

Loloyal Pricing Plans


  • [Best free plan compared to other apps]
  • 50 monthly orders (Free unlock 80)
  • Points & Rewards
  • Referral Program
  • Custom CSS
  • Integration: Trustoo


  • [Early Bird Offer $16.9 Month]
  • 1000 monthly orders
  • Customizable Email & Pop up
  • Advanced analytics & Branding
  • POS
  • Integrations: Judge.me


  • [Early Bird Offer $49.9 month]
  • 2000 monthly orders (Flexible)
  • All Starter features
  • VIP Tiers
  • Points & Rewards expiry
  • Integrations: Klaviyo


  • [Early Bird Offer $99.9 month]
  • Unlimited monthly orders
  • Includes all features
  • Everything in priority
  • Prioritized features
  • Customer Success

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Loloyal

What types of discounts does Loloyal offer?

Loloyal offers a variety of discount types including Coupons, Discount codes, Free shipping, Limited time offers, and Rewards.

How can I manage discounts with Loloyal?

Loloyal provides tools for managing discounts through Campaigns, Custom codes, and Discount stacking.

What features are included in the Free plan?

The Free plan includes 50 monthly orders (with the option to unlock 80), Points & Rewards system, Referral Program, Custom CSS, and integration with Trustoo.

What are the benefits of the Starter plan?

The Starter plan offers 1000 monthly orders, Customizable Email & Pop ups, Advanced analytics & Branding, POS integration, and integration with Judge.me.

What additional features does the Growth plan provide?

The Growth plan includes all Starter features, plus VIP Tiers, Points & Rewards expiry, and integration with Klaviyo for 2000 monthly orders (with flexibility).

What is included in the Plus plan?

The Plus plan offers unlimited monthly orders, all features of Loloyal, priority support, and Customer Success management.

What languages does Loloyal support?

Loloyal supports a wide range of languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Turkish, and Portuguese (Brazil).

What other apps does Loloyal integrate with?

Loloyal integrates with various apps including Shopify Flow, Shopify POS, Judge.me, Trustoo, Fera Reviews, Pagefly, Klaviyo, Willdesk, and more.

What is the primary purpose of Loloyal?

Loloyal aims to boost customer retention and increase sales through a comprehensive loyalty and rewards system.


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