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Helpful Pricing Overview

HelpfulCrowd offers a free plan called "Launchpad 150" with features like automated review requests, photo and video reviews, Google SEO, and more. For enhanced features like Q&A, Google Shopping integration, and premium widgets, you can upgrade to the "Ascent 500" plan for $10/month. The "Altitude Unlimited" plan for $20/month offers ChatGPT integration for AI-powered review replies, business review requests, and review imports from platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Trustpilot.

Helpful Pricing Plans

Launchpad 150

Free to install
  • Automatic review requests
  • Video & Photo verified reviews
  • Moderation
  • Google SEO
  • Basic loyalty coupons
  • Core widgets
  • 30+ languages
  • ..much more

Ascent 500

  • Q&A
  • Google Shopping
  • Product groups
  • Advanced loyalty coupons
  • Aliexpress|Amazon import
  • Premium widgets
  • Remove branding/dates
  • ..much more

Altitude Unlimited

  • ChatGPT review reply
  • Business review requests
  • Google review import
  • Facebook review import
  • Yelp | Trustpilot review import

Compare Helpful Pricing Against Competitors

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FreeFreeFreeAir Reviews Pricing
Ali Reviews-logoAli Reviews
FreeMonthlyFree - $49.90/monthAli Reviews Pricing
FreeMonthlyFree - $12.99/monthAreviews Pricing
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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions Related To Helpful

How much does Helpful cost?

Helpful has various pricing tiers, including a free plan. The paid plans are $10/month and $20/month.

Does Helpful offer a free plan?

Yes, Helpful offers a free plan called Launchpad 150.

What are various pricing tiers offered by Helpful?

Helpful offers three pricing tiers: Launchpad 150 (free), Ascent 500 ($10/month), and Altitude Unlimited ($20/month).

What's the features available in free plan of Helpful?

The free Launchpad 150 plan includes features like automatic review requests, video & photo verified reviews, moderation, Google SEO, basic loyalty coupons, core widgets, over 30 languages, and more.


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