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GeoPro Overview

What is GeoPro?

GeoPro redirects customers based on geolocation, allowing businesses to customize their marketing strategies, block or redirect users from specific countries, and tailor regionalized content to enhance user experience and maximize conversions.

Enhance Your Global Sales Strategy with Geo:Pro
Integrating Geo:Pro with Shopify Markets opens up a world of opportunities for expanding your global sales reach. Our platform ensures that customers are presented with relevant products, prices, languages, and currencies based on their country of origin. With flexible geolocation redirect rules, you can tailor the customer experience to match their location, whether it's by region, country, or IP address.
Direct customers from specific countries to the appropriate Shopify Markets and languages seamlessly. Choose from instant redirection, display popup notifications, or banner alerts to guide visitors to their desired destination. Additionally, our platform offers the option to block access from certain countries or IP addresses, providing added security and control over your online store.
Customization is key with Geo:Pro. Our platform offers a range of flexible UI options, allowing you to customize colors and layouts to match your brand aesthetic effortlessly. With our intuitive visual layout editor, applying the perfect color scheme to your redirects has never been easier.
Protect your store from unwanted visitors by implementing country blocks or IP restrictions. By directing customers to local versions of your store based on their geolocation, you can ensure a personalized shopping experience that fosters trust and engagement.
Join the ranks of successful e-commerce businesses that have leveraged Geo:Pro to optimize their global sales strategy. Take the proactive step towards expanding your reach and driving revenue growth by integrating Geo:Pro with your Shopify store today.

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GeoPro Pricing Plans

$7.99 / month
  • Country redirect functionality for your store
  • Redirect or block visitors based on their region, country or IP

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To GeoPro

What are the key features of GeoPro?

GeoPro offers country redirect functionality, allowing you to redirect or block visitors based on their region, country, or IP address.

How does GeoPro enhance global sales strategies?

GeoPro integrates with Shopify Markets to present customers with relevant products, prices, languages, and currencies based on their location, optimizing the shopping experience and maximizing conversions.

What customization options does GeoPro provide?

GeoPro offers flexible UI options for customizing colors and layouts to match your brand, along with an intuitive visual layout editor for easy color scheme application.

How does GeoPro protect online stores from unwanted visitors?

GeoPro allows you to implement country blocks or IP restrictions to prevent access from specific locations, enhancing security and control.

What is the pricing for GeoPro?

GeoPro offers a plan priced at $7.99 per month, which includes country redirect functionality and the ability to redirect or block visitors based on location.


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