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Gameball Overview

What is Gameball?

Gameball lets you design a loyalty, rewards, and referrals program that converts new buyers into loyal customers, enhancing customer engagement.

Say goodbye to concerns about losing customers and sluggish sales – welcome to Gameball, the ultimate solution for merchants seeking to enhance customer loyalty, drive referrals, and establish VIP reward programs that turbocharge sales, foster repeat purchases, and foster unwavering brand loyalty. Our Shopify-native app is brimming with features designed to delight both you and your customers: from points, cashback, and loyalty rewards to referral links, VIP tiers, and rule-based challenges. Plus, our commitment to customer support knows no bounds – our 24/7 email and live chat assistance is available to all, including free users.
At Gameball, we understand the value of loyalty tools that resonate with your customers. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of features, including points, referrals, cashback, and VIP tiers, designed to incentivize desired behaviors and keep your customers coming back for more. Reward your customers for a variety of actions, from frequent orders and sign-ups to leaving reviews and engaging on social media – the possibilities are endless.
Customization is key when it comes to building brand loyalty, which is why Gameball offers 100% customization options for your widgets and communications. Tailor your messages to match your brand identity and create a seamless, cohesive experience for your customers at every touchpoint.
Automate personalized messages across multiple channels – including email, push notifications, SMS, and web messages – to keep your customers engaged and informed every step of the way. With Gameball, you can effortlessly integrate with a variety of platforms, including POS systems, Klaviyo, Judge.me, Zapier, MailChimp, Omnisend, and more, to streamline your operations and maximize your impact.
Choose from a variety of program types – including cashback programs, referrals, reward programs, and VIP tiers – to tailor your loyalty strategy to your specific business goals and customer preferences. Offer a diverse array of rewards, such as badges, cashback, coupons, custom rewards, discounts, free products, free shipping, and POS rewards, to keep your customers excited and engaged.
Engage your customers with targeted pop-ups that drive action and conversions. Whether you're announcing new promotions, offering discounts, or highlighting rewards, our pop-up options – including announcements, discounts, and rewards – are fully customizable and equipped with powerful management features such as analytics, automations, campaigns, localization, segmentation, tagging, and triggers and rules.
With Gameball, you have everything you need to cultivate customer loyalty, drive referrals, and boost sales – all in one powerful, easy-to-use platform. Join the ranks of satisfied merchants who have transformed their businesses with Gameball, and experience the difference for yourself.

Gameball Features

Program types : Cash back programs, Custom programs, Referrals, Reward programs, VIP tiers

Rewards you can offer : Badges, Cash back, Coupons, Custom rewards, Discounts, Early access, Exclusive access, Free products, Free shipping, Membership perks, POS rewards, Points, Store credit

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Gameball Integrations

Shopify Flow
Shopify POS

Gameball Pricing Plans


Free to install
  • Basic challenges templates
  • 3 Active Challenges
  • Loyalty pointing system
  • Basic Customization
  • Referral program
  • Chat Support


  • All in FREE
  • Access to objective-based templates
  • 5 Active Challenges
  • Added Rewards Options
  • 2 VIP Tiers
  • Activate Shopify POS
  • Basic Analytics


  • All in STARTER
  • Custom Challenges
  • Unlimited VIP Tiers
  • Remove Gameball Branding
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer Communication
  • Automation

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Gameball

What types of loyalty programs can I create with Gameball?

Gameball offers various program types, including Cash back programs, Custom programs, Referrals, Reward programs, and VIP tiers. This allows you to tailor your loyalty strategy to your specific business goals and customer preferences.

What kind of rewards can I offer to my customers using Gameball?

Gameball provides a wide range of reward options such as Badges, Cash back, Coupons, Custom rewards, Discounts, Early access, Exclusive access, Free products, Free shipping, Membership perks, POS rewards, Points, and Store credit. This variety ensures you can keep your customers engaged and motivated.

Does Gameball offer a free plan?

Yes, Gameball has a free plan that includes basic features like challenges templates, 3 active challenges, a loyalty pointing system, basic customization, a referral program, and chat support.

What are the benefits of upgrading to the Starter plan?

The Starter plan, priced at $19/month, provides all the features of the free plan plus access to objective-based templates, 5 active challenges, additional rewards options, 2 VIP tiers, Shopify POS activation, and basic analytics.

What features does the Pro plan offer?

The Pro plan, at $159/month, includes everything from the Starter plan and adds custom challenges, unlimited VIP tiers, the ability to remove Gameball branding, customer segmentation, customer communication tools, and automation capabilities.

Can I try Gameball before committing to a paid plan?

Yes, Gameball offers a demo app that allows you to explore its features and functionalities before making a decision.

In what languages is Gameball available?

Gameball is currently available in English and French.

What are the key benefits of using Gameball?

Gameball helps you enhance customer loyalty, drive referrals, and boost sales through a comprehensive suite of features including points, referrals, cashback, VIP tiers, customizable widgets and communications, automated personalized messages, and integrations with various platforms.


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