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Ctx Overview

What is Ctx?

Ctx provides a WhatsApp Chat widget and automated WhatsApp messages for abandoned checkouts, order confirmation, and COD confirmation, enhancing communication and conversion rates.

Consolidate your customer support efforts with our all-in-one widget, offering a suite of features including WhatsApp support chat, FAQs, order tracking, and contact options. Seamlessly integrate manual and automated WhatsApp chat messages to streamline key touchpoints in the customer journey, from abandoned checkout recovery to order confirmation, COD verification, order fulfillment, and review request notifications.
Effortlessly engage with your customers through WhatsApp marketing, leveraging the WhatsApp Business API to send ready-to-use templates, customize messages with custom templates, and broadcast announcements to your audience. With our shared inbox and chat panel, you can efficiently manage customer inquiries and provide timely support across multiple channels.
Experience the convenience of a single widget button that combines WhatsApp chat, FAQs, order tracking, and contact options, simplifying navigation for your customers and enhancing their overall experience. Leverage automated WhatsApp messages to recover abandoned carts, confirm orders, and prompt review requests, all while utilizing your own WhatsApp number for added personalization.
Customize your chat widget with multiple support agent contacts, availability times, and more, ensuring that your customers receive prompt and efficient assistance whenever they need it. Plus, our Chrome extension for Web WhatsApp enables you to seamlessly transition between desktop and mobile platforms, facilitating smooth communication with your customers at all times.
Take control of your customer support strategy and optimize engagement with our comprehensive widget solution. From abandoned cart recovery to order confirmation and beyond, our platform empowers you to deliver exceptional service and build lasting relationships with your customers. Join the ranks of successful businesses that have leveraged our widget to streamline their support operations and enhance the customer experience. Experience the difference with our all-in-one widget and unlock the full potential of your customer support efforts.

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Ctx Pricing Plans

FREE Forever

  • ∞ WhatsApp Chats
  • ∞ Premium Button Designs
  • Multiple Support Agents
  • Online/Offline Hours
  • WhatsApp Share Button
  • FAQs
  • Contact Us
  • Order Tracking


  • All Features in FREE +
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery - Manual
  • Cash On Delivery Verification - Manual
  • Order Confirmation & Fulfillment - Manual


  • Advanced+
  • WhatsApp Business API
  • Automated WhatsApp Messages
  • Auto Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • COD Verification
  • Team Inbox
  • Schedule Broadcast

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Ctx

What are the key features of the Ctx app?

Ctx offers a suite of features including a WhatsApp support chat widget, FAQs, order tracking, contact options, automated WhatsApp messages for abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, COD verification, and more.

What are the available pricing plans for Ctx?

Ctx offers three pricing plans: FREE Forever, ADVANCED ($8.99/month), and PREMIUM ($19.99/month). The FREE plan includes basic features like unlimited WhatsApp chats and premium button designs, while the ADVANCED and PREMIUM plans offer additional features such as abandoned cart recovery, order confirmation, and WhatsApp Business API integration.

How does Ctx help with customer support?

Ctx consolidates customer support efforts by providing a single widget with WhatsApp chat, FAQs, order tracking, and contact options. It also offers manual and automated WhatsApp messages to streamline communication at key touchpoints in the customer journey.

Can I use Ctx for marketing purposes?

Yes, Ctx enables WhatsApp marketing through the WhatsApp Business API, allowing you to send pre-designed templates, customize messages, and broadcast announcements to your audience.

Does Ctx offer a shared inbox for managing customer inquiries?

Yes, the PREMIUM plan includes a team inbox feature that enables efficient management of customer inquiries across multiple channels.

Can I personalize the chat widget?

Absolutely, Ctx allows you to customize the chat widget with multiple support agent contacts, availability times, and more to ensure prompt and efficient customer assistance.

Is there a way to manage Ctx from my desktop?

Yes, Ctx offers a Chrome extension for Web WhatsApp, enabling seamless communication with customers across desktop and mobile platforms.


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