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Conversion Bear Overview

What is Conversion Bear?

Ultimate Sticky Add to Cart shows a sticky add to cart button on every product page, allowing customers to instantly checkout, significantly increasing conversion rates and enhancing the shopping experience.

Improve Your Conversion Rates with Our Sticky Add to Cart App!
Are you looking to enhance your online store's performance and boost your conversion rates? Look no further than our Sticky Add to Cart app! With our innovative solution, you can significantly improve the shopping experience for your customers and streamline the checkout process.
What does our app do? It's simple yet powerful. We add a floating Add to Cart button on every product page of your store, ensuring it's visible to your customers at all times, regardless of the screen size they're using. This makes it incredibly convenient for shoppers to select products and proceed to checkout with ease.
One of the key features of our app is the built-in countdown timer. This nifty tool creates a sense of urgency, prompting customers to make a purchase decision faster. By displaying a custom countdown timer that matches your brand's aesthetic, you can effectively increase the number of "Buy Now" clicks and drive more conversions.
Worried about compatibility with your store's theme? Fear not! Our app is designed to work seamlessly with any store theme, eliminating the need for any coding or technical expertise. With just one click, you can install Sticky Add to Cart and start optimizing your checkout process immediately.
But that's not all – our app goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results for your online store. Not only does the Sticky Add to Cart button remain visible on all product pages, but it also supports tracking pixels for better retargeting campaigns. This means you can leverage valuable data to create targeted marketing strategies and re-engage with potential customers who have shown interest in your products.
With our Sticky Add to Cart app, you can:
Send customers directly to checkout, bypassing the cart for a faster purchasing process.
Ensure that the Add to Cart button is always visible on all devices and screen sizes.
Create a sense of urgency with a custom countdown timer tailored to your brand.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to streamline your checkout process and maximize your conversion rates. Install Sticky Add to Cart now and take your online store to the next level!

Conversion Bear Screenshots

Conversion Bear-screenshot-0
Conversion Bear-screenshot-1
Conversion Bear-screenshot-2
Conversion Bear-screenshot-3
Conversion Bear-screenshot-4
Conversion Bear-screenshot-5
Conversion Bear-screenshot-6
Conversion Bear-screenshot-7
Conversion Bear-screenshot-8
Conversion Bear-screenshot-9
Conversion Bear-screenshot-10
Conversion Bear-screenshot-11

Conversion Bear Integrations

Facebook Pixel ID
Pinterest Tag
Google Analytics
TikTok Pixel
Snapchat Pixel

Conversion Bear Pricing Plans

Unlimited Plan

  • Sticky Add to Cart Bar
  • Buy Now Option
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Analytics and Pixel Tracking
  • Custom CSS & JS
  • Premium Support

View Conversion Bear Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Conversion Bear

What are the key features of the Conversion Bear app?

The Conversion Bear app offers several key features including a Sticky Add to Cart Bar, Buy Now Option, Unlimited Clicks, Mobile Responsiveness, Analytics and Pixel Tracking, Custom CSS & JS, and Premium Support.

How much does the Conversion Bear app cost?

The Conversion Bear app offers an Unlimited Plan for $9.99 per month.

Does the Conversion Bear app integrate with any other platforms?

Yes, the Conversion Bear app integrates with Facebook Pixel ID, Pinterest Tag, Google Analytics, TikTok Pixel, and Snapchat Pixel.

What problem does the Conversion Bear app solve?

The Conversion Bear app helps to increase conversion rates and improve the shopping experience by providing a sticky add to cart button, countdown timer, and other features.

Is there a demo available for the Conversion Bear app?

Yes, there is a demo available for the Conversion Bear app at https://shop.conversionbear.com/collections/frontpage/products/floral-white-top?_bt=BAh7BkkiC19yYWlscwY6BkVUewhJIglkYXRhBjsAVEkiHHNob3AuY29udmVyc2lvbmJlYXIuY29tBjsARkkiCGV4cAY7AFRJIh0yMDI0LTA0LTA5VDA5OjE4OjQyLjMxMFoGOwBUSSIIcHVyBjsAVEkiHnBlcm1hbmVudF9wYXNzd29yZF9ieXBhc3MGOwBG--b82c46d175497148dc2059f0a654d7edfcc97731


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