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COD King Overview

What is COD King?

COD King enhances cash on delivery (COD) orders with OTP verification and the ability to add COD fees, improving order security and customer trust.

Welcome to our comprehensive solution designed to streamline all your cash on delivery (COD) order requirements. Our app offers a wide range of features to enhance the efficiency and security of your COD transactions, ultimately saving you time and money.
With our order verification feature, you can rest assured that each COD order is legitimate. Our app verifies COD orders using OTP or links sent via SMS and WhatsApp, significantly reducing the risk of fake orders and saving merchants valuable shipping costs by minimizing Return to Origin (RTO) instances.
Tailor your COD payment method to meet your specific needs with our COD Show Hide functionality. Whether you need to show or hide the COD payment method based on country, zip code, product, or cart value, our app offers the flexibility and control you need to optimize your checkout process.
Take control of your revenue streams with our COD Fees feature, which allows you to add additional charges for COD orders. By charging extra fees for COD transactions, you can offset the associated costs and improve your bottom line.
Convert COD orders to prepaid transactions seamlessly with our built-in functionality. Send abandoned cart messages to customers who abandon their COD orders, encouraging them to complete their purchase as prepaid transactions, thereby increasing your sales and reducing the reliance on COD payments.
Ensure the security of your COD orders with our OTP confirmation feature, which allows customers to confirm their orders via OTP or links sent through SMS and WhatsApp. By implementing this additional layer of verification, you can further reduce the risk of fraudulent orders and enhance the trustworthiness of your transactions.
Streamline your communication process with automated messages for order confirmation and fulfillment. Our app supports branded SMS messages, allowing you to maintain a consistent brand image throughout the customer experience.
For merchants in India, our app offers the unique ability to convert COD orders to prepaid transactions by offering discounts. This feature provides an incentive for customers to switch to prepaid transactions, ultimately reducing the reliance on COD payments and improving cash flow management.
Experience the benefits of our comprehensive COD solution and take your ecommerce business to new heights. With our intuitive features and robust functionality, you can optimize your COD transactions and drive greater efficiency and profitability.

COD King Screenshots

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COD King Integrations

Easy sell
Proweb sms
Veevo tech
SMS share

COD King Pricing Plans

Free to install

Free to install
  • COD Order verification via OTP
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Unlimited Orders


  • Everything in free plan
  • COD Fees
  • Setup rules to Show or hide COD payment method
  • 15% Discount on Message Cost


  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • Branded SMS with custom template
  • Local SMS gateway integration
  • 35% Discount on Message cost

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To COD King

What are the key features of COD King?

COD King offers OTP verification for COD orders, abandoned cart recovery, the ability to add COD fees, show/hide COD payment methods based on rules, and convert COD orders to prepaid transactions.

How does COD King improve order security?

COD King uses OTP verification and links sent via SMS and WhatsApp to verify COD orders, reducing the risk of fake orders and RTO (Return to Origin) instances.

Can I control when the COD payment option is displayed?

Yes, COD King allows you to set up rules to show or hide the COD payment method based on factors like country, zip code, product, or cart value.

Can I charge additional fees for COD orders?

Absolutely! COD King's COD Fees feature lets you add extra charges to COD orders, helping you offset associated costs and improve profitability.

How can I encourage customers to choose prepaid options?

COD King enables you to send abandoned cart messages to customers who leave COD orders, nudging them to complete the purchase as a prepaid transaction.

Does COD King offer branded communication?

Yes, the app supports branded SMS messages, allowing you to maintain consistent brand identity throughout customer interactions.

Is there a way to incentivize prepaid transactions for customers in India?

Specifically for Indian merchants, COD King allows converting COD orders to prepaid by offering discounts, motivating customers to switch and improving cash flow.


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