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Captain Insure Overview

What is Captain Insure?

Captain Shipping Protection provides a revenue-boosting shipping protection service to reduce the risk of damage, loss, and theft, securing your deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Empower yourself with complete control over your shipping protection program through the Captain Insurance App. With our solution, you retain 100% of the collected amount, directing shipping protection premiums directly to your account instead of relying on an intermediary shipping insurance provider. This ensures that what remains is pure profit for your business.
Explore new avenues for revenue generation with our versatile features. From upselling digital products to offering order protection and seamlessly integrating upsells into the cart checkout process, including subscriptions, the possibilities are endless. Experience the difference today by giving it a try!
Transition seamlessly from other apps to Captain Insurance App without any hassle. Enjoy the flexibility of customizing your cart and checkout pages, along with a checkout upsell insurance widget, tailored to suit your brand and preferences. Take advantage of exclusion options and insurance fulfillment settings, ensuring a personalized and efficient experience for both you and your customers.
With multi-currency conversion capabilities, you can cater to a diverse global audience, providing a seamless shopping experience regardless of location. Embrace environmental responsibility with our Carbon Neutral feature, allowing you to contribute additional revenue towards sustainability initiatives.
Rest assured that the Captain Insurance App is designed with user-friendliness in mind. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your store theme, which is why our app seamlessly integrates without adding any disruptive codes. Experience the ease and convenience of managing your shipping protection program with Captain Insurance App.

Captain Insure Screenshots

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Captain Insure Integrations

Checkout Extensibility
Checkout page
Cart page
Returns & Exchanges
Order tracking

Captain Insure Pricing Plans


  • All features & Unlimited orders
  • Customized checkout page widget
  • Customized cart page widget
  • VIP services experience
  • 24/7 Live support

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Captain Insure

What are the benefits of using Captain Insure for shipping protection?

Captain Insure allows you to retain 100% of the collected shipping protection premiums, leading to pure profit for your business. It also offers various revenue-generating features like upselling digital products, order protection, and seamless integration of upsells into the checkout process.

Can I customize the appearance of Captain Insure on my store?

Yes, Captain Insure provides flexibility in customizing your cart and checkout pages, including a checkout upsell insurance widget, to align with your brand and preferences.

Does Captain Insure support multiple currencies?

Absolutely! Captain Insure offers multi-currency conversion, enabling you to cater to a global audience and provide a seamless shopping experience regardless of location.

Is Captain Insure environmentally friendly?

Yes, Captain Insure includes a Carbon Neutral feature that allows you to contribute additional revenue towards sustainability initiatives.

Will Captain Insure interfere with my store's theme?

No, Captain Insure is designed for user-friendliness and seamless integration without adding any disruptive codes to your store theme.

What is the pricing for Captain Insure?

Captain Insure offers a 'Standard' plan priced at $11/month, which includes all features, unlimited orders, customized widgets, VIP services, and 24/7 live support.

What features are included in the Standard plan?

The Standard plan includes all features, unlimited orders, customized checkout page widget, customized cart page widget, VIP services experience, and 24/7 live support.


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