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BeSure Overview

What is BeSure?

Checkout Rules allows you to customize checkout behavior by displaying specific shipping or payment methods according to your business preferences, enhancing the checkout experience for customers.

Revamp your checkout experience with our cutting-edge ecommerce app. Seamlessly customize and optimize your shipping and payment methods to suit your business needs. Our intuitive interface empowers you to reorder, rename, or hide shipping/payment methods effortlessly, utilizing a myriad of conditions such as cart total, weight, address, items in the cart, and tags.
Tailor your checkout process precisely to your requirements with features like setting default pre-selected shipping or payment methods. No more hassle with unwanted options cluttering your checkout page – easily hide express payment buttons or move Collection/Store Pickup to the bottom, prioritizing shipping options at the top for enhanced user experience.
Flexibility is key, and our app delivers. Whether you need to block checkout for PO Box addresses or adjust shipping/payment method names to align with your brand, we've got you covered. Our comprehensive functionality extends to reordering and rearranging shipping/payment methods, giving you full control over your checkout page's layout and flow.
Don't let unnecessary options overwhelm your customers. With our app, you can strategically hide payment/shipping methods based on criteria such as cart total, product tags, or customer tags. Enhance usability by hiding express checkout payment buttons, ensuring a streamlined checkout process that keeps your customers focused and engaged.
Say goodbye to shipping headaches with our app's advanced features. Easily hide specific shipping methods like UPS or prevent checkout altogether if the address contains a PO box. Our goal is to simplify your ecommerce operations and provide you with the tools you need to optimize every step of the customer journey.
In today's competitive landscape, every aspect of your ecommerce platform matters. Give your business the edge it deserves with our ecommerce app's robust customization options for shipping and payment methods. From enhancing user experience to streamlining backend operations, we're dedicated to helping you succeed in the ever-evolving world of online retail.
Experience the difference firsthand – try our ecommerce app today and take control of your checkout process like never before. Unlock a world of possibilities and elevate your online store to new heights of efficiency and profitability. With our intuitive features and unparalleled support, the future of ecommerce is within your reach.

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BeSure Integrations


BeSure Pricing Plans


  • 1 free rename payment methods rule
  • Free to test rules in testing status
  • Free to test for Shopify development store


  • 2 rules of any type allowed


  • Hide express checkout buttons
  • Reorder or hide or rename shipping/payment methods
  • 5 shipping, 5 payment, 10 validation rules allowed

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To BeSure

What does the BeSure app do?

The BeSure app allows you to customize your Shopify checkout process by controlling the display of shipping and payment methods based on various conditions like cart total, weight, address, items, and tags.

What are some examples of checkout customizations I can make with BeSure?

You can reorder, rename, or hide shipping/payment methods, set default pre-selected options, hide express checkout buttons, and even block checkout for specific conditions like PO Box addresses.

How does BeSure improve the customer checkout experience?

By tailoring the checkout process and removing unnecessary options, BeSure creates a more streamlined and user-friendly experience for customers, leading to increased conversions and reduced cart abandonment.

Does BeSure offer a free plan?

Yes, BeSure offers a free plan with limited features, including one free rename payment methods rule and the ability to test rules in a testing environment or on a Shopify development store.

What are the paid plans offered by BeSure?

BeSure offers a Starter plan for $3.99/month, which allows 2 rules of any type, and an Advanced plan for $7.99/month with more extensive features like hiding express checkout buttons and allowing for more rules.


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