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Beae Overview

What is Beae?

BeAE is a powerful page builder that enables merchants to create and build up their online stores to grow sales. It offers a suite of design tools for crafting visually appealing web pages without requiring coding skills.

Create a high-converting online store effortlessly with our dynamic page builder. Our intuitive drag-and-drop editor ensures a swift setup, allowing you to craft captivating pages with ease. Access our extensive library of templates to kickstart your design journey or start from scratch, tailoring each page to perfection. Whether it's a homepage, landing page, product showcase, collection display, blog post, or pop-up, our versatile builder accommodates all your needs.
Boost your store's performance with our comprehensive suite of features, including SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, and multilingual support. Our all-in-one solution streamlines the process, eliminating the need for multiple apps. Experience seamless integration with over 95 popular applications, empowering you to expand your store's capabilities effortlessly.
Our page builder caters to every page type, ensuring consistency and coherence throughout your site. From the initial impression on your homepage to the detailed display of your collections, each page is optimized for maximum impact. Enjoy the flexibility of mobile responsiveness, ensuring a seamless browsing experience across all devices.
Dive into our vast library of templates, comprising over 400 designs and 65+ elements, curated to drive conversions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice entrepreneur, our templates provide the perfect foundation for your store's aesthetic. With endless customization options, you can effortlessly align your store with your brand identity.
Elevate your store's visibility with our robust SEO tools, ensuring optimal search engine rankings. Our platform empowers you to fine-tune your metadata, keywords, and content, enhancing your discoverability. Stay ahead of the competition with our comprehensive SEO support, guiding you every step of the way.
In addition to our premium features, enjoy round-the-clock support from our dedicated team. Whether you're on a free plan or a premium subscription, our 24/7 chat support is available to address any queries or concerns. We're committed to your success, providing unparalleled assistance at every stage of your journey.
Join thousands of satisfied merchants who have transformed their online presence with our powerful ecommerce solution. Experience the freedom to create, customize, and conquer the digital landscape with ease. From novice entrepreneurs to established brands, our platform caters to all, delivering unparalleled performance and results. Start your journey today and unlock the potential of your online store with our innovative platform.

Beae Features

Page types : About us pages, Blogs, Collections, Coming soon pages, Contact pages, Custom pages, FAQs, Forms, Home pages, Landing pages, Pop-ups, Press pages, Pricing pages, Product pages, Quick view, Theme sections

Managing pages : Editor tool, Global sections, Lazy loading, Localization, Mobile responsive, SEO, Templates

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Beae User Reviews

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User Reviews


Hyper Nails

June 2, 2024

This app is really straightforward and easy to use... once you finally figure out how things work! It definitely doesn't hold your hand in the beginning, but at least their help section is responsive.


Fitness Exchange

June 2, 2024

This app is so frustrating! There are hardly any settings to customize it. I can't even make a button that closes the window! The triggers and frequency options are super limited too. To top it off, it injects code into my website that I need special permissions to get rid of! And the tech support? Don't even get me started – they treat you like you're cl


My Store

June 2, 2024

This app has a lot going on, so it can be kind of confusing to navigate. Honestly, sometimes it takes me forever to find what I need! But, the support team is seriously the best - they always get back to me right away and are super helpful. Honestly, that makes a huge difference!



June 2, 2024

Beae is the best! Kian from support is a lifesaver, answered all my questions without breaking a sweat. The app itself is amazing - has cool features you won't find anywhere else. Loving it so far!


Interests at Heart

June 2, 2024

Shoutout to Kian for being a lifesaver! He helped me so much with building my website. Seriously, their customer service is unmatched!



June 2, 2024

This Shopify page builder is the best! It's got tons of options you won't find anywhere else, so you can really build whatever you want. Plus, their live support is super helpful!



June 2, 2024

This app is the BOMB for building out your store! Products, landing pages, collections, home page - you name it, it does it. The price is amazing for how much it does, plus they have tons of templates and it connects with all the other apps I use. It even works perfectly with image and text metafields, which is awesome. Their customer service is top-notch


Maleek Terrazzo

June 2, 2024

This app is a lifesaver! Beae Landing Page makes building landing pages, sections, and everything else SO easy. The tech is super user-friendly, and their customer support is amazing - always quick to help!


Electric Violet Nails

June 2, 2024

Shoutout to Sophie from customer support! They were amazing and helped me finally fix a problem I'd been struggling with for ages.


Rohma Motorsport

June 2, 2024

Their customer support is AMAZING! Figuring things out on the page is a bit tricky, but their help is awesome... Kian helped me out, and he was so patient and answered all my questions super fast. So glad I found this app!

Beae Pricing Plans


  • 3 Publish page
  • 30 Draft pages
  • 5 Save templates
  • All elements
  • All free templates
  • Image Optimization
  • Email support


  • EVERYTHING in Free, plus:
  • 10 Publish pages
  • 50 Draft pages
  • 50 Saved templates
  • Multi language support
  • All pro templates
  • Live Chat 24/7


  • EVERYTHING in Basic, plus:
  • 50 Publish pages
  • 100 Draft pages
  • 500 Save templates
  • Form & popup advanced
  • SEO Optimization
  • Priority support


  • EVERYTHING in Professional, plus:
  • Unlimited publish
  • Unlimited draft pages
  • Unlimited save templates
  • Share 1 store
  • High Priority support

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Beae

What types of pages can I create with Beae?

Beae allows you to create various page types including About Us, Blogs, Collections, Coming Soon, Contact, Custom, FAQs, Forms, Home, Landing, Pop-ups, Press, Pricing, Product, Quick View, and Theme sections.

How can I manage pages in Beae?

Beae provides tools like Editor, Global sections, Lazy loading, Localization, Mobile responsiveness, SEO, and Templates to manage your pages effectively.

What are the available pricing plans for Beae?

Beae offers four pricing plans: Free, Basic ($11.10/month), Professional ($23.99/month), and Premium ($99.99/month). Each plan comes with different features and limitations.

What features are included in the Free plan?

The Free plan includes 3 published pages, 30 draft pages, 5 saved templates, access to all elements and free templates, image optimization, and email support.

What additional features does the Basic plan offer?

The Basic plan provides everything in the Free plan, plus 10 published pages, 50 draft pages, 50 saved templates, multi-language support, access to all pro templates, and 24/7 live chat support.

What are the advantages of the Professional plan?

The Professional plan includes all features of the Basic plan, along with 50 published pages, 100 draft pages, 500 saved templates, advanced forms and popups, SEO optimization, and priority support.

What does the Premium plan offer?

The Premium plan provides everything in the Professional plan, plus unlimited published and draft pages, unlimited saved templates, the ability to share with 1 store, and high-priority support.

Does Beae offer a demo?

Yes, Beae offers a demo that you can access to explore its features and functionalities before subscribing.

What language is Beae available in?

Beae is currently available in English.

What are the benefits of using Beae?

Beae offers several benefits such as easy page creation with a drag-and-drop editor, a wide selection of templates, SEO optimization tools, mobile responsiveness, multilingual support, and seamless integration with popular apps.

What type of support does Beae provide?

Beae offers 24/7 chat support for all plans, with additional priority support for higher-tier plans.


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