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Audien Overview

What is Audien?

Audien is a product reviews app that helps merchants collect, import, and display reviews to build trust rapidly among potential customers by showcasing authentic customer feedback and experiences.

Audien Reviews streamlines the process of collecting, showcasing, and managing product reviews, elevating trust and driving sales for your online store. By leveraging review requests, you can effortlessly gather authentic product feedback, complete with compelling photos. Enhance credibility by prominently featuring both text and photo reviews through captivating widgets directly on your storefront. Harness the power of product reviews and ratings to instill confidence in potential customers, ultimately leading to higher conversions and increased revenue.
Our seamless integration with your store theme ensures a cohesive and harmonious user experience, seamlessly blending into the overall aesthetic of your online presence. Audien Reviews stands out as an exceptional solution, offering a robust alternative to popular apps like Loox, Judge.me, and Ali Reviews. Effortlessly collect and manage product reviews and ratings through automated email requests, empowering you to maintain a steady flow of valuable feedback.
With visually appealing product review widgets strategically placed across various pages and devices, you can bolster customer trust and drive sales effectively. Encourage customer engagement and loyalty by rewarding them with exclusive discounts, incentivizing not only product reviews but also repeat purchases. Our comprehensive suite of features includes all-in-one product review management, allowing for bulk review imports from AliExpress and CSV files.
Our multilingual product review widget seamlessly adapts to any theme and market, ensuring maximum reach and impact across diverse audiences. From badges and star ratings to photo and video reviews, our versatile display options cater to your specific needs and preferences. Take advantage of various methods to collect reviews, including email requests and seamless import and export functionalities.
In summary, Audien Reviews empowers you to harness the power of authentic customer feedback to build trust, drive conversions, and propel your online store to new heights of success. Join us today and unlock the full potential of your product reviews strategy.

Audien Features

Display options : Badges, Filtering, Grid layout, Photo reviews, Star ratings, Video reviews

Ways to collect reviews : Email requests, Import and export

Audien Screenshots


Frequently Asked Questions Related To Audien

What are the ways to collect reviews using Audien?

Audien offers multiple ways to collect reviews: Email requests, Import and export functionalities.

How does Audien help build trust with customers?

Audien helps build trust by showcasing authentic customer feedback and experiences through product reviews and ratings.

What types of media can be included in Audien reviews?

Audien supports text reviews, photo reviews, and video reviews.

Can I import existing reviews from other platforms into Audien?

Yes, Audien allows bulk import of reviews from AliExpress and CSV files.

Does Audien integrate with my Shopify store theme?

Yes, Audien seamlessly integrates with your store theme for a cohesive user experience.

What are some of the display options for reviews in Audien?

Audien offers various display options including badges, filtering, grid layout, photo reviews, star ratings, and video reviews.


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