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Areviews Overview

What is Areviews?

Areviews enables the importation of video and photo reviews from major platforms like Amazon and AliExpress, enriching your store with authentic social proof and increasing trust.

With Areviews, effortlessly import video and photo reviews from AliExpress and other platforms with just a few clicks, while seamlessly collecting customer photo reviews to enhance your online presence. Showcase your reviews in various styles that not only boost sales but also instill trust in your customers, maximizing their confidence in your brand.
Our platform offers versatile features to aid in conversion optimization, including visitor tracking and multiple display options such as happy customer pages. Additionally, leverage our email notification system to reach out to customers for each new order, fostering engagement and loyalty.
Utilize our bulk import capabilities with popular apps like Importify or Dsers, and seamlessly import reviews from supported websites like Amazon, AliExpress, or through CSV files. Keep your product listings dynamic and engaging by automatically syncing new reviews, ensuring your offerings appear active at all times.
Integrate Areviews with a multitude of apps and services, including Google Shopping and Google Snippet, to expand your reach and visibility. Our platform also offers a convenient messaging system for new orders, allowing you to communicate with customers and offer exclusive coupons, further enhancing the shopping experience.
Explore diverse display options such as sliders, popups, and badges to showcase your reviews in engaging formats that capture the attention of potential customers. Choose from an array of display features including carousels, media galleries, and review summaries to present your reviews in the most compelling manner.
With Areviews, collecting reviews is effortless and efficient. Explore various ways to gather reviews, including automations, custom requests, email requests, and more, ensuring a steady influx of valuable feedback to inform and improve your business strategies.
Unlock the full potential of customer feedback with Areviews. Elevate your online presence, build trust with your audience, and drive sales with our comprehensive review management platform. Experience the power of Areviews today and take your ecommerce business to new heights.

Areviews Features

Display options : All reviews page, Badges, Carousels, Filtering, Grid layout, Media galleries, Photo reviews, Product grouping, Q&A, Review highlights, Review summaries, Rich snippets, Star ratings, Tabs or sidebars, Testimonials, Video reviews

Ways to collect reviews : Automations, Custom requests, Email requests, Forms, Import and export, Review migration, Review syndication

Areviews Screenshots


Areviews Integrations


Areviews Pricing Plans


  • Import From Aliexpress Only
  • 6 Reviews Per Product
  • 100 Products Only
  • Manage All Reviews
  • Collection Rating widget
  • And More


  • Import From Aliexpress & Amazon & Shein..etc
  • Unlimited Reviews & Imports
  • Google Shopping & Rich snippet
  • Order Messages With Coupons
  • And More


  • All other plans features
  • Auto Sync ( check for new reviews automatically)
  • Import From Aliexpress & Amazon & Shein & Banggood & Wish &Etsy

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Areviews

What are the main features of Areviews?

Areviews allows you to import video and photo reviews from platforms like AliExpress, Amazon, and Shein. You can also collect customer photo reviews and display reviews in various formats like carousels, media galleries, and review summaries. Additionally, it offers features like visitor tracking, email notifications for new orders, and integration with Google Shopping and Google Snippet.

How can Areviews benefit my online store?

Areviews helps boost sales and build trust with customers by showcasing authentic social proof. The various display options and features help in conversion optimization, while the review collection methods ensure a steady stream of feedback to improve your business strategies.

What platforms does Areviews support for importing reviews?

Areviews supports importing reviews from AliExpress, Amazon, Shein, and more. The specific platforms available depend on the pricing plan you choose.

Can I import reviews in bulk?

Yes, you can import reviews in bulk using popular apps like Importify or Dsers, or directly from supported websites or CSV files.

Does Areviews offer different pricing plans?

Yes, Areviews offers a Free plan, a Premium plan for $6.99/month, and an Ultimate plan for $12.99/month. Each plan offers different features and import capabilities.

How can I collect reviews using Areviews?

Areviews provides multiple ways to collect reviews, including automations, custom requests, email requests, forms, and review syndication.


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