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Appointly Overview

What is Appointly?

Appointly provides an appointment booking system for organizing in-person or online meetings, services, events, and more, offering a convenient way for businesses to manage their scheduling needs and for customers to book appointments seamlessly.

Welcome to our revolutionary app for Shopify, where you can easily implement scheduling for any product or service with just a few simple steps. Our goal is to provide a seamless booking experience for both merchants and customers, allowing you to effortlessly convert any product into a bookable service.
With our app, setting up scheduling is a breeze. Simply add the desired product to the app, assign team members, and configure availability schedules. Whether you're offering in-person appointments or online consultations, our platform functions similar to Calendly, streamlining the booking process for maximum efficiency.
One of the standout features of our app is its integration with Zoom, enabling you to seamlessly schedule appointments and conduct meetings online. This automated integration eliminates the need for manual coordination and ensures a smooth experience for both merchants and customers.
We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to scheduling, which is why our app offers a range of customization options. From calendar integrations to custom questions and group events, you have the freedom to tailor the booking process to suit your specific needs and preferences.
In addition, our app supports team member functionality, allowing you to add your staff as team members to handle multiple bookings and appointments. With features like Google and Outlook calendar integration, as well as two-way sync capabilities, you can stay organized and ensure accurate scheduling across all platforms.
Furthermore, our app provides robust support for appointment management, including features for cancellations, rescheduling, and deposit collection. With the ability to accept deposits or partial payments for appointments, you can minimize no-shows and maximize revenue while maintaining a seamless booking flow.
At our app, we're committed to revolutionizing the way merchants schedule appointments and manage bookings on Shopify. Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or running a team-based business, our platform provides the tools and support you need to streamline your scheduling process and enhance the customer experience. Try our app today and discover a new level of efficiency and convenience in appointment booking.

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Appointly Pricing Plans

  • One Service
  • Email Notifications
  • One Team Member
  • Admin Rescheduling and Cancellation
  • Block Unavailable Dates
  • Separate Team Member Dashboard

$5 / month
  • Unlimited Services
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Widget Customization
  • Customer Rescheduling & Cancellation
  • Custom Email Template
  • Reminder Alerts

$9 / month
  • Everything in Starter +
  • Group Appointments
  • Custom Questions
  • Calendar Integration
  • Zoom Integration
  • Deposits / Partial Payments

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To Appointly

What type of app is Appointly?

Appointly is an appointment booking app designed for Shopify stores. It allows businesses to manage in-person or online meetings, services, events, and more.

How does Appointly work?

Appointly allows you to easily convert any product into a bookable service. You can add products to the app, assign team members, configure availability schedules, and customize the booking process to suit your needs.

Does Appointly integrate with other platforms?

Yes, Appointly integrates with Zoom for online meetings and offers calendar integrations with Google and Outlook, ensuring seamless scheduling across platforms.

Can I customize the booking process with Appointly?

Absolutely! Appointly offers a range of customization options, including widget customization, custom email templates, custom questions for clients, and the ability to set up group appointments.

What are the pricing options for Appointly?

Appointly offers a free plan, a Starter plan for $5/month, and a Growth plan for $9/month. Each plan comes with different features and capabilities to cater to various business needs.

Can I try Appointly before I commit to a paid plan?

Yes, Appointly provides a demo app that allows you to explore its features and functionality before making a decision.


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