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AfterShip Overview

What is AfterShip?

AfterShip offers proactive order tracking solutions that delight customers, reduce WISMO (Where Is My Order) inquiries, and optimize delivery experiences.

Welcome to our ecommerce platform, where we prioritize your shopping experience from the moment you place your order until it reaches your doorstep. We understand the importance of transparency and efficiency in the shipping process, which is why we offer a comprehensive suite of features to keep you informed and reassured every step of the way.
Upon placing your order, you'll gain access to our branded order tracking page and receive automated notifications, giving you real-time updates on the status of your shipment. No more guessing games or wondering where your package is – with our live shipment updates, you'll know exactly when to expect your delivery.
But we don't stop there. We know that peace of mind is paramount, especially when it comes to online shopping. That's why we've integrated an AI-powered delivery estimate widget into our product description and checkout pages. This handy tool provides you with accurate estimated delivery dates, so you can plan accordingly and alleviate any anxiety about when your order will arrive.
In addition to keeping you informed, we also strive to enhance your shopping experience through personalized recommendations. Our branded tracking pages not only display the status of your shipment but also offer tailored product suggestions based on your purchase history and preferences. It's like having your own personal shopper guiding you through our extensive inventory.
To further streamline the shipping process and address any potential issues, we provide a centralized shipment dashboard. Here, you can easily track the status of all your orders and identify any exceptions that may arise, ensuring smooth and efficient delivery every time.
But what sets us apart is our commitment to data-driven insights. Our built-in analytics allow you to monitor carrier transit times, on-time rates, and overall shipment performance. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions to optimize your shipping strategy and enhance customer satisfaction.
In a world where convenience and efficiency reign supreme, we understand the importance of delivering a seamless shopping experience. With our comprehensive suite of features, including live shipment updates, AI-powered delivery estimates, personalized recommendations, and robust analytics, we're dedicated to making your online shopping experience as effortless and enjoyable as possible. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest.

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AfterShip User Reviews

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User Reviews



June 2, 2024

This app is great! It's really helpful... I use it all the time.



June 2, 2024

Bueno, le doy un 3 de momento. La app tiene buena pinta y el soporte es de 10, pero la acabo de descargar. Ya veremos cuando la use más, de momento bien.


Bully Bunches

June 2, 2024

Total scam artists! They robbed us blind and then tried to play innocent - we even have the emails to prove it! Steer clear and find a different service.



June 2, 2024

This app is great for tracking orders - really happy with it! Customer service is super responsive too. Just one thing - it's a bit annoying that you have to pay for premium to get rid of the aftership branding at the bottom.



June 2, 2024

Shreyasi was a lifesaver! She really knew her stuff and got my shipment page hooked up to my store without a hitch.


Deluxe Galore Co.

June 2, 2024

Huge shoutout to Shreyasi! I was having a total meltdown trying to verify my email and update my settings for order tracking emails. Shreyasi swooped in and saved the day, fixing everything in a flash! This app has always been great, but their customer service is seriously top-notch. So glad I found this app!


Closet Heartz

June 2, 2024

Got the help I needed super quick! Deep and Ankit were awesome - really professional and easy to work with. Thanks again guys!



June 2, 2024

Shoutout to Aftership's support team - they're awesome! Pryia was a lifesaver, she really went above and beyond to help me out. I'm so glad I reached out to them!



June 2, 2024

Hey Nitin, great to connect with you! Thanks a bunch for getting my tracking page up and running on my dev site - you're a lifesaver! Really appreciate you taking the time to walk me through it. Cheers!


A/E Graphics

June 2, 2024

Finally found an app that ticks all the boxes! It took me ages to find a solution that gave my customers detailed shipment tracking AND text updates, but AfterShip does it all. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify, which is a huge plus. The pricing is reasonable considering the extra features we needed, and we even got some bonus features thrown in! Super

AfterShip Pricing Plans


Free to install
  • 1,100+ carriers integration
  • Service-level tracking updates
  • Order tracking dashboard
  • Branded tracking page
  • Carrier estimated delivery date


  • Everything in Free, plus
  • Klaviyo integrations
  • Basic performance analytic reports
  • Email & SMS notifications
  • Facebook notifications


  • Everything in Essential, plus
  • Product recommendation widget
  • Attentive integrations
  • Multilingual tracking pages & emails
  • API and webhooks


  • Everything in Pro, plus
  • AI product recommendation
  • Product/Checkout page EDD
  • Advanced analytic reports
  • Custom domain for tracking page
  • + more

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Frequently Asked Questions Related To AfterShip

What are the key features of AfterShip?

AfterShip offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance the post-purchase experience. Key features include: * **Branded order tracking page and automated notifications** for real-time shipment updates. * **AI-powered delivery estimate widget** for accurate delivery date predictions. * **Personalized product recommendations** based on purchase history. * **Centralized shipment dashboard** for efficient order management. * **Built-in analytics** for data-driven shipping optimization.

How does AfterShip benefit online shoppers?

AfterShip empowers online shoppers by providing transparency and convenience throughout the shipping process. Benefits include: * **Real-time shipment updates** eliminate guesswork and reduce "Where Is My Order?" inquiries. * **Accurate delivery estimates** help with planning and reduce anxiety. * **Personalized recommendations** enhance the shopping experience and product discovery.

What are the available pricing plans for AfterShip?

AfterShip offers a range of pricing plans to suit various business needs: * **Free:** Includes basic features like carrier integration, tracking updates, and a branded tracking page. * **Essentials:** Adds Klaviyo integration, performance reports, and email/SMS notifications. * **Pro:** Includes product recommendations, Attentive integration, multilingual support, and API access. * **Premium:** Offers AI-powered product recommendations, advanced analytics, custom domain, and more.

Can I try AfterShip before committing to a paid plan?

Yes, AfterShip offers a free plan with essential features to get you started. You can explore the platform and upgrade to a paid plan as your business grows and requires more advanced functionality.

Which languages does AfterShip support?

AfterShip supports multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian, ensuring a global reach and accessibility for your customers.


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